Why Is Attending Class Important Essay

As usual, grandfather started telling a story to his grandsons every night. In a dark night, screaming came from next door, a little girl was bleeding and nobody around her. She was standing next trash bags, and her face told about her was suffering and how much she needed someone who can take care of her life and feed her. Suddenly, a guy showed up from other side of street, and he was wearing a black jacket and black hat. He was heading to a little girl in order to help her and take her to a safe place.

When he touched her trying to see her face, she turned her face around and started laugh with evil face. Unfortunately, she was a trap for people like him, people who tried to give a hand to help others, he started to feel fears, and he asked about her parents, but she didn’t say anything. He thought that he supposed to call cops but when he found out that he forgot his phone in the car that was parked a mile from the trash bags. He tried to see anyone around and called for help since he felt something went wrong but he still got nothing.

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Then the little girl pointed to trash bags without talking, he went there and kept asking her who is there. He approached to that point with careful steps and looking for something that he didn’t even know what he was looking for, just trying to do something for the little girl. He found a dead body, was covering with trash bags, he got heart attach about he saw and fell in the ground next that body and the little girl started to scream again.