What Would You Choose to Be If You Were Turned Into a Household Object? Essay

There is always a strong association between every person and the place he lives. Day by day everything becomes so familiar that sometimes he may have a feeling that even a household object is somehow similar to his personality. What if a witch suddenly appeared and made him choose a household object to be turned into? In my case, I would choose to be a knife. The explanation for my choice is divided into 2 parts: the first one is about spending time getting used to something or someone, and the second one is about discovering the internal side of people.

First of all, it always takes time to get used to using knives. The time for people to practice using knives is usually a few days, but in my case, I needed 3 months to successfully peel an apple. No one can use it proficiently at the first time, and many of us even hurt ourselves. However, when we finally know clearly how to use a knife, nobody can deny how useful and important it is. The same thing happened to me when I was always worried about how people judge me, how they think about what I did and what I said.

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For example, I felt guilty when I could not answer 1 in the 50 questions that my teacher gave me as homework, although the lesson just started in the morning. Even unintentionally stepping on a stranger’s food made me feel stressful all day. After a long frustrating time, I finally realized that an individual cannot be judged based on some first impressions and that all I was worried about was nonsense. It takes us a whole process to get to know someone well, just like learning how to use a knife. We may find it difficult to treat a person right, or we may find him a little bit unpleasant.

However, he may be an interesting friend if we try to understand him better. The most important point is putting the effort in getting to know that one. We cannot expect a knife not to cut our fingers if we do not try to get used to it, just like we cannot expect someone to treat us well if we do not try to understand him. Penetrating all of these made me realize that I cannot expect people to immediately have a good impression about me and that everyone needs time not only to learn a simple thing like using a knife but also to get to know a person better.

Secondly, my favorite thing about a knife is that we use it to peel away the outer layer of everything so that we can see the internal side, just like how curious I am about how people around me really are. The only difference is that a knife can do it without being accused of interfering with anyone’s privacy. However, there are some differences between the inside and the outside of an individual which are always full of surprise and excitement to be discovered.

Sometimes we do not know that an apple is wormy until it is peeled, as well as many of us do not know that a CIA agent who was called Osama bin Laden became the instigator of the September 11 attacks. I have no idea how it is like in Singapore since I just moved here 3 weeks ago. In Vietnam, however, it is not hard to read about a student who murders, a business man who robs, etc. Regardless of any judgment for the above examples, the most important thing is that I will have my own experience in categorizing any kind of people and in treating them based on who they really are.

Moreover, trying to understand people helps me enrich the way of looking at life. Since everyone is trying to be integrated into the society, it seems like each of us is not different at all from the others. Finding out the differences in many personalities helps me to see life from many aspects in many different positions. In a word, I like discovering the internal side of people, and it makes me feel much like a knife which is used to peel away the cover of everything to see what is really inside.

To be frank, I find it kind of difficult to be related to a household object. However, I think a knife would be a pretty good choice if a witch suddenly appeared and made me choose one to be turned into. In brief, a knife is somehow related to the very first lesson of my life which is “everyone needs time not only to learn a simple thing but also to get to know a person better”. Moreover, a knife is also symbolic of my interest in discovering the inner side of people.