What is Statement of Purpose? Essay

This statement of purpose is in regards to my study permit application for Canada. I have received an offer from St. Clair College, for International Trade Management graduate certificate program which will commence in May 2012. The quest for knowledge and having a significant career is my ultimate goal and hence, pursuing a postgraduate program is a stepping stone towards this future.

Engineering equipped me with good problem solving skills and project-based planning while International Trade Management would provide me a big picture perspective & better ability to perform management analysis in trade. Today looking at Globalization era, the world needs creative leadership and technological entrepreneurship. I believe engineers who want to become good managers – both inside or outside of productions/technical related fields – should go through International Trade Management.

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My Engineering degree has given a strong foundation to my analytical skills since computer engineering involves a lot of complex and intricate calculations and the application of basic math skills. Instead of just understanding the detail of each member’s job to appreciate the role they play in a team, engineer-manager has the capacity to coach in on-the-job training of team members; can dissect the job into its minute details, or task elements, and make improvements and can plan, lead, organize, and control the tasks on hand.

Most decisions made by engineer-managers are backed up with good engineering theory. International Trade Management would introduce me to the real-world examples of ethical and legal considerations in various cultural and business settings. The topics involved will help me in my personal growth as well. I will be able to master skills such as analytical and strategic thinking to avoid crisis situation, problem solving and decision making, planning, organizing, self-management, time management, team management etc.

Taking up International Trade management and that too on an International level is something which is quite lucrative for me and the employer. I will get a wonderful chance to lay a very strong foundation for my career with focus on diversity and multicultural concerns and gaining knowledge in traditional business topics with global mindset. And coming to the employer, it would be beneficial to hire a competent person who can develop more “commercial “solutions to the problems and manage his business considering all the legal aspects.

I am sure that having this diploma would ensure better employment opportunities and a successful career back home. According to me, International Trade Management course offers a way to avoid the frustration of missed deadlines, unclear expectations and budget overruns. By clearly defining responsibilities, focusing resources on specific objectives and providing a structure for communicating within and across organizational boundaries, a strong project management methodology can help anyone, from any industry, achieve their project goals successfully.

My sole purpose is to study from International College and equip myself with managerial skills . While searching, Canada came out as clear winner and I wish to become part of a diverse, welcoming and vibrant society that offers me a unique cultural experience in a safe and beautiful environment. Pursuing further studies in Canada could enable me to grasp the most advanced knowledge of management in trade, have a direct contact with western culture, concepts and way of thinking, and widen my breadth of vision.