What is A Haunted House And What Its Causes Essay

A haunted house is nothing but a house with disembodied spirits who were the former residents of that particular building. A person can get an idea of a haunted house when they hear some noises or any kind of dreams which makes them wake up at night. There are different haunted houses which are expensive and it looks scary from outside sometimes. It is not necessary that haunted houses will be always big, it can be small as well. Some houses are castles or mansions which only wealthy people can afford it.

There are some British, American and Canadian people who in recent years also, believe in haunted houses having ghost inside it. It is not necessary for people to explain them about haunted houses as they have seen in movies and television shows that how haunted houses look and what are the real causes behind it. However, if it is to be explained then, it can be said that some noises from the house, the sound of footsteps, cold spots, etc. are the real causes to be said as the house as haunted.

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The house where these kind of odd noises and other such things are found are to be believed as a haunted house with ghosts in it. There are many such places in America where these kind of houses are found and which remain vacant till today. There are different tips which can help someone to get rid of the haunted houses. If a person feels that where he lives is a haunted house and place then, go with somebody close to you when you need to go outside, stay in reality and go in a group, if any party plan is there, plan it afterwards and enjoy yourself.

Hence, it is not necessary to fear from a haunted house but can take these steps to get rid of any kind of circumstances happening in the house. Some people are afraid by looking the outside of the house and so that kind of people must not enter into the house and can go anywhere else to stay. There is one house in America which is said to be haunted where a husband and wife was staying. A servant girl was also there who was working in the house.

The husband was having an affair with a maid but the maid was angry and she killed that person and chopped off his wife’s head. After 20 long years that house was renovated and some railroad workers came to live. However, they were not happy at that house and were too much scared so they left the house very soon. In this way, the house becomes vacant again. There are other different places as well in America which are called as haunted. In ancient times, people used to believe it but now there are only few who believe in such things.