Web services and other technologies related to web services Essay

Web services and other engineerings related to net services

Web services are package constituents that communicate with the usage of standard web based engineerings such as HTTP and XML- based messaging. A Web service is used in this system to supply users with a installation to seek books in all the subscribed libraries. Since web services are based on unfastened criterions such as HTTP, XML based protocols including SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) and WSDL ( Web Services Description Language ) ; they are Hardware, programming linguistic communication and operating system independent. The chief advantage is that applications written in different linguistic communications and which run on different platforms can cleanly interchange informations over the cyberspace utilizing the web services. Apart from XML, web services are powered by three other engineerings ; WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI ( Universal Description Discovery and Integration ) .

XML is a World Wide Web Consortium specification that is used to depict informations. In XML, information is described by a set of text based tickets which has a hierarchal construction. XML can be read easy and application independent. XML is simple and interoperable.

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SOAP is a protocol specification for interchanging constructions information between the library systems and the web service over the HTTP. Since HTTP is supported by all web waiters and browsers, SOAP messages could be exchanged between the applications irrespective of the platform. This makes the web service interoperable.

WSDL is besides maintained by the W3C and it is an XML based format for depicting web services. WSDL enables the clients of a web service to larn where the service could be accessed, the communicating protocols supported by the web service and the right manner of directing messages to the web service.

A WSDL file is an XML papers and it describes a web service utilizing six elements which are ;

  • Port type
  • Port
  • Message
  • Types
  • Adhering
  • Service

Web services can non be viewed in a browser. Alternatively, client applications consume web services utilizing protocols such as SOAP over HTTP or HTTP GET/POST, SMTP. SOAP is more appropriate for waiter to break up communicating while HTTP GET/POST are often used to entree web pages. A web service which uses HTTP GET as a conveyance protocol can be accessed in the same as accessing a regular web page. By default, all.NET web services support HTTP GET, HTTP POST and SOAP. Web waiters communicate with each other by agencies of web services utilizing XML. The end product of the web service is an XML papers. If SOAP was used to entree the service, the messages would be in SOAP format.

A web service consists of three constituents: A hearer, a placeholder and the application codification.

A hearer is used to have a message, the placeholder takes the message and translates it into an action which is carried out and the application codification is used to implement the action.

The undermentioned diagram shows how the codification behind the web service is invoked.

Tools and other demands in developing Web services

  • Microsoft.NET SDK
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 Version or higher
  • Microsoft Data Access Components ( Version 2.6 or Higher ) installed
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server ( IIS ) installed.

Several tools are required to develop the web service. Ocular Studio 2005 provides a manner of developing the web service. To name the web service and return informations, the client application has to hold entree to SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) SOAP is XML based. The MSSOAP toolkit for Visual Studio 2005 is used. A WSDL describes all the methods and namespaces for the web service in an XML papers. This is like a library for the client application which determines the functionalities which are available in the web service. Ocular Studio.Net creates a web mention on the client side with the usage of WSDL.

The web service contains a web method that return a information set by questioning a database. It besides contains web methods which gets a dataset object and updates the database. Every dataset which is either being passed to a method or returned by a method update the database is saved as XML.

Connecting web services with SQL databases

Normally, the IIS web waiter case is used to advise database alterations via web services. Additionally, the SQLXML is used to host the web services.

Native XML Web Services can be created in SQL 2005. To make native XML web services, the full version of SQL 2005 is needed. Additionally, SQL should be installed on an operating system which includes meats manner HTTP hearer Http.sys. Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP SP2 could be used.

To make a Web Service, a HTTP end point should be created on the waiter. The end point can expose a stored process or a defined map as a web method. In order to make HTTP end points, the CREATE ENDPOINT statement is used. Each HTTP end point is links the consequence of a stored process to a web service. The support is provided through the Web Service Description Language and Simple Object Access Protocol for recovering informations form the stored process. SQL Server straight interfaces with the Windows HTTP hearer procedure and the SOAP sent straight to the SQL Server. In the same manner, SOAP petitions are straight sent to the bespeaking client.

Library mechanization criterions

Library mechanization criterions include Machine Readable Cataloging ( MARC ) and library record criterion Z39.50 and the interlibrary loan criterion ISO 10160/10161. Standard organisations which set the library mechanization criterions are National Information Standard Organization ( NISO ) , American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) and International Organization for Standardization ( ISO )


The Machine- Readable Cataloging, MARC is a standard format which is used in representation and communicating of bibliographic and other related information in machine clear signifier. Library records should be in MARC format if the records have to be moved from one system to another.


Z39.50 is a client waiter protocol used for accessing distant databases. This protocol is extensively used in library environments. Z39.50 is used in catalogs in library systems which are used to seek points.

Library system faculties


This faculty is associated with buying stuffs. Buying will include ordination, payment trailing and etc. the faculty is linked with the faculty of a buying system.

Cataloging/ bibliographic control:

This faculty includes making the library catalog. Adding/ canceling library stuff and members.


The faculty is used to track the circulation of the library stuff. This faculty includes maps for loaning and returning books.


OPAC is the on-line public entree interface. This is the public interface to the library catalog. This includes position and hunt functionalities

Authority control:

This faculty is concerned with automatizing activities associated with the confirmation.

Sending vitamin E mails from the system

Mail presentments can be sent utilizing System.Net.Mail namespace in C crisp. The System.Web.Mail namespace includes categories that enable constructing and sending of mail messages utilizing the CDOSYS message constituent. The mail is delivered through SMTP mail service. This is done in Visual Studio 2005. The method used here is the SmtpCilent.Send method.

Connecting a saloon codification reader to the library system, and to utilize barcode scanner package

There are two ways of linking a barcode reader to the Personal computer.

The most popular method is the keyboard cuneus method where the scanner is connected to the personal computer and the keyboard. Here the cardinal board is besides active and barcode reader package is non needed. The scanner is powered by the keyboard and the does non necessitate a separate power supply. The lone drawback of this method is if the scanner is connected to a laptop, the application might give unexpected consequences.

The 2nd method is to link the scanner to the consecutive port of the personal computer. End user merchandises such as Software Wedge are needed. A power supply for the scanner is besides needed.


Initial aims of the research papers were to happen solutions for the likely proficient issues and to understand some of the new engineerings. The solutions for the above countries were found. All of the solutions are feasible and I was able to acquire a clear thought of the countries which were new to me. In decision, the research was a success. I was able to happen the solutions for all the likely issues. The following action is to develop the system with the proficient cognition gathered.