Weapon storage module Essay



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A Weapon Storage Module has a malfunction and is in demand of atomic fuel required to power the Cooling Facility. This Nuclear fuel has to be carried across 400 stat mis across a rugged terrain of the Crotone metropolis.It is decided that the lone vehicle capable of lasting this terrain are the armed forces ‘s E7 vehicles. But the bundle has to be delivered within 1 hr 4 proceedingss or else the Weapon Storage faculty would overheat and detonate rendering the mission useless.

In Detail:

The XNFL ( EXPERIMENTAL NUCLEAR FISSION LABORATORY ) is a atomic defence installation located 450 stat mis from the metropolis of Crotone. This atomic installation has 7 atomic reactors. These atomic reactors are cooled by two chilling units. But a mistake in one of chilling units forces the defence installation to close it down. Thus the 7 atomic reactors have to be cooled by a individual chilling unit until the 2nd chilling unit is ready. But the atomic coolant in the chilling unit is consuming quickly and has to be refueled within 1 hr and 4 proceedingss to avoid overheating which would jeopardize the lives of people of the metropolis. The nearest refuel faculty is 400 stat mis off, but no vehicle can go through as the terrain is really rugged.

Therefore it is decided that the lone vehicle which can excel the terrain and is nimble plenty to present the coolant compartment within the specified clip is the armed forces ‘s E7. The E7 has a really advanced terrain monitoring system and is wireless controlled from the base.

The participant in this game has to command the E7 and make the finish every bit shortly as possible.

The E7 has to track across an abandoned explosive leftovers country as it would shorten the operation by 50 stat mis but the centre has landmines and claymores that have non been deactivated as yet.


Natrium is a individual participant 3D Personal computer game. The game revolves around a atomic reactor that has a coolant leak and requires the job to be fixed every bit shortly as possible. Hence the participant in the game has to drive the E7 to the finish within the specified clip bound.

The game implements realistic natural philosophies to heighten game drama.

    Aim of the game

    Reach the atomic reactor before you run out of clip.

    Key characteristics

    Realistic off-road behaviour that gives the participant the ability to prove the vehicle to its bounds.

    Bumpy Camera that gives the esthesis of off-road drive

    Minimal control keys that simplify the game controls.

    Onboard HUD that describes exact location of vehicle and finish.

    Impressive sound effects that immerse the participant in the game.

    Target Audience

    This game is targeted on childs ( 16+ )


  • ‘UAZ 4X4 Racing ‘ , ‘NFS Most Wanted ‘ , ‘Monster Truck Madness 2 ‘ , etc.
  • Software ‘s and Technology
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • DirectX SDK
  • Photoshop CS2
  • PhysX Library 2.7.1
  • Autodesk Maya 8.5
  • XBOX 360 control stick – accountant