Unlike Father, Unlike Son Essay

Troy Maxson is a father who has a hard time connecting with his sons. Like most parents, he only wants the best for them, and for them to not repeat the same mistakes he made. Troy Maxson refuses to open his eyes to what is around him these day and that puts a barrier between him and his sons. Troy’s personal experience makes him reluctant to accept and recognize the way society is changing around him. The incomplete fence connects to Troy because of his past which makes him worried about the future, and this also makes connecting with his sons fairly impossible.

Troy can be seen as a bad person for multiple reasons. He stops his youngest son Cory from having a ride to college, and he kicks him out of the house because Cory starts to rebel against him. Lyons, the oldest son, is seen more a as a slacker in the eyes of his father because Lyons is always asking for money from Troy and never paying him back in some cases. In the end, he wants his son to learn the way he did in regards to living in a White Man’s world.

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Troy is always thinking back and comparing what he has experienced, and what he fails to realize is that the world is changing around him. This is because he spent decades in prison because he had turned to robbing people for a source of income. In other words, it can be seen that Troy is looking out for his sons by telling them to get a real job and stop chasing what he considers dreams that are impossible, so they can have an average life.

Troy sees himself as a man who fought with death and overcame obstacles that most people would have given up on. Troy thinks that if you just stay in your place in the world and strive to do what you can, then all will be well. The fact that Jackie Robinson is playing on “white” team makes Troy upset because he never got the acknowledgement that he thought he deserved. The Fences shows Troy as an incomplete man because when he was young, he was a talented baseball player, but he lost that part of his life when he made certain decisions.

He turned to crime once again to help support his first son and his first wife, and ended up killing a man which landed him in prison where he spent decades in. This makes Troy unable to move forward with his life and he is always battling with himself and everyone around him. Troy is trying to prevent his sons from making the same mistakes, but in the end, that did not work because his youngest son left Troy will never have a solid relationship with his sons because of his past.

He thinks he is doing right by his sons by telling them to get a “real” job and denying both of them their dreams. Most fathers support their son in sports or being a musician. But because of Troy being denied of his own dreams, he does not want the same thing to happen to his sons. This severs the ties that he had with his sons because of how Troy refuses to open his eyes to what is around him these day and by how he is still living in the past.