Time Management Essay

No, steer away from daring for daring’s sake. But… do dare yourself to step outside of your comfort zone just enough to shake things up. To do, be and gain more from your current circumstances. To follow your heart. To chase your dreams like you’re running a high-stakes race. To do those little and big things you’ve always wanted to do. To not settle. To try, just one more time. To never give up, even if you have to do a “work-around. ” 3. Be Unique. One of the hardest things about being an individual is… learning what is individual about you.

You have to first understand that you are unique, that no one else is like you. In fact, every, single, little (and big) thing about you is what makes you individual by design. While you’re peering in the mirror long enough to understand what is different about you from – say – your mailman… or your sister… or your boss… pay particular attention to those things that make you smile. The things that make you feel proud. The things that, if observed in another person, would make you say, “Dang. S/he’s pretty together! No, don’t focus on your great bone structure (though you may be a knock-out! ) or your perfectly-plucked brows. Look a little deeper. Notice your ability to connect with people. Or your sensitivity. Or your energy. Really notice those natural skills and talents that – if nurtured – will soon define you. Not only will outcomes and events in your life start to reflect your focus on your finer points, you’ll also start to notice, as Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization, points out… “Like people” attract.

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In other words, as you become your best self – good, positive, quality, successful people who are unique, themselves – in all kinds of wonderful ways – will want to be around you. A mistake a lot of people make is focusing on personal weaknesses, then trying hard to improve in those areas. It’s true. We should appreciate our weaknesses, recognizing we are all fallible dudes and dudettes, but don’t focus on them. Focus on your strengths. If you are aware of an area in which you’re not the best, delegate when and where you can.

Then, mosey back to that mirror to remind yourself of all of the wonderful strengths that see you through each day. 4. Innovate. You’ve heard the cliches… Think outside the box. March to the beat of your own drum. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. These words all call a person to do the same thing: Have the confidence and creativity to steer yourself through your days, versus counting on someone else to advise you. Innovating is not a license to buck every system, shun every person of authority, or to “go rogue” whenever and wherever you choose.

Innovating, on the contrary, often involves thinking and acting creatively (within the confines of the necessary rules and guidelines found in everyday life)! Innovating in business (as well as personal) affairs can be accomplished (among other ways) using the 180 degree technique. Challenge yourself to try it for a week. You’ll likely be amazed at the changes you’ll see. 5. Improve Time Management Skills. You have dreams. Everybody does. Or at least you did.

Sometimes, dreams get buried under the details of everyday life, along with some of the bills and our favorite pair of jeans in the laundry pile. Slow down to again consider them. What are your dreams? How much time, if any, do you dedicate to advancing your dreams? Be honest. If you’re like many people, you might have to think for a few minutes to even come up with those goals that don’t include the hustle and bustle of everyday life – the “to do” list items that seem to quickly fill in most of the minutes in our days.

Time Management guru, Brian Tracy, suggests the A-B-C-D-E method of time management. This method involves determining your major goals or objectives and setting priorities in list form (from A to E). 6. Yelp for Help. For some, it’s hard to draw the line between being responsible and independent, and trying to act as a single entity – utilizing only one’s own resources, energy and ideas to accomplish things. It’s true, however, that “no man is an island. ” If you ne