The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

In “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator suffered symptoms of depression and anxiety. . She was not defeated or crushed by escaping her oppression. I think that she succeeded by it. The wallpapers really did represent the oppression that tortured her. She was able to get rid of any opponent or disagreement in the form of compassion and kindness. She, herself, did not believe that something was wrong with her. She thought she was perfectly fine. Her husband, who keeps her in the room in their rented summer house, forbids her to write or take part in any activities.

She tries to please her husband. While she tries to obey John’s needs, she secretly writes in her journal. She then finds comfort in the yellow wallpapers that cover up the walls of the nursery. She began to see a female figure trapped behind the bar-like patterns of the wallpaper and assumed that she and the figure are both suffering from oppression and being locked up. Throughout the story, she became more and more anxious with the patterns of the wallpapers. She forgot about pleasing her husband and the desire of becoming a perfect wife and mother.

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All that was in her head was the female figure who was trapped and how to set her free. Later in the story, her insanity grew and she lost all sense of reality by the end of the story. John would find her creeping around and following the never-ending patterns of the wallpaper. While she castoffs her desire in being a perfect wife and mother, the narrator finally triumphs in releasing the woman in the wallpaper by tearing off the wallpapers off the wall. I think that she felt free too after setting the women in the wallpaper free.