The Last Day Essay

My story starts with a woman named Merry. She is my mother’s best friend from high school, and has been in my life since I was very young. I chose Merry because she was instrumental in helping me pursue my dream of getting my degree in mortuary science. She is a selfless, kind, determined, strong woman with a brilliant mind and a big heart. She brings an infectious sense of joy and a warm smile wherever she goes, and is always there in a time of need for both me and my mother. She is the aunt I never really had, and regardless of the lack of genetic ties, I still consider her family.

She has been a treasured part of my life for quite some time, and continues to be to this very day. I would start my last day with her by catching a redeye flight to San Diego where she lives. I would greet her with a big smile and a strong hug, and inform her of my intentions of preparing her a breakfast quite befitting of a last day. I would make her Crepes Suzette filled with a freshly prepared creme fraiche and a mixed berry compote while she relaxed in a comfy chair and we chatted about the play she just saw with her boyfriend Kevin.

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Merry loves a flare for the dramatic, so I would then serve the crepes in the traditional fashion with a healthy portion of Grand Marnier set ablaze to let all the alcohol in the liqueur evaporate, creating a warm, caramelized citrus sauce. The dish would be accompanied by a homemade vanilla bean gelato, and a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino. We would then eat breakfast on the balcony overlooking the ocean. After breakfast I would wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while letting her prepare for a fun and relaxing day out in her wonderful city.

After she got ready, I would accompany her on a tranquil stroll through Balboa Park on our way to Grape Street Dog Park to play with her cute little dogs Mac and Murphy. She loves her dogs like they are her children, and watching them have a great time together is something we could both heartily enjoy. When Mac and Murphy had their fill of fun, we would head to back to her home to drop them off so we could go out to lunch at one of her favorite dining establishments. Merry’s favorite restaurant is The Fish Market located in the heart of San Diego.

Although I am rather opposed to imbibing most kinds of seafood, this day is not about me, and seeing Merry happy would be far more important than my general distaste for oceanic edibles. Anything and everything on the menu would be fair game for her to order, and I would also let her choose which dish I would get, and I would eat it with a smile on my face. Lunch would be accompanied with a fine bottle of wine of her choosing, and enjoyed leisurely as I caught up on current events and changes in her life.

After Lunch, I would have us meet up with her boyfriend Kevin and venture back towards Balboa Park to enjoy an afternoon at SeaWorld. In her early college days Merry majored in marine biology, so spending an afternoon at one of the greatest aquatic animal attractions in the world is something she would most assuredly enjoy. While in the park, I would procure tickets to the One Ocean show featuring the majestic and beautiful orcas (killer whales), and make sure to get the best seats in the house. Kevin and I would also purchase backstage passes so Merry could enjoy a hands-on experience with the orcas.

After an exciting afternoon at SeaWorld, Kevin and I would take Merry to the beach in La Jolla to watch the sun begin to set, and to be entertained by the antics of the wild sea lions and seals cavorting with each other. When the sun completely set below the horizon we would drive to Pomodoro’s in the historic district of Point Loma and have a final seafood extravaganza. After the festivities of dinner, we would conclude the day with a barefoot stroll along the moonlit beach. I would let Merry and Kevin walk in front of me to allow them a private moment. Kevin and I would then take Merry home after this fun-filled day.

I would gather Merry up in a big, tight, hug and tell her that I love her very much, and that she would never be truly gone from my life because she will always be in my heart. Debriefing questions: 1. This was a rather fun and enjoyable experience for me. I could imagine doing all of the things I wrote about, and the continuous smile Merry would have on her face knowing that I did all of it just to show her how much she means to me. 2. It was actually very easy for me to design a day for Merry because I have known her for so long. I just had to conjure up every memory I had with her and put them down on paper. . I planned all sorts of activities. It wasn’t hard for me to plan a day for her despite having to do some things I don’t necessarily enjoy because she means so much to me. If it was truly the last time I would see her, I would have no regard for myself, and would make sure she had the best time possible. 4. This exercise left me feeling a little closer to Merry than I was before I wrote it. It also made me truly realize just how much I would miss her if she was no longer here. It also made me consider the relationships I have with the few other people in my life I hold dear.