The Industry Analysis On Business Bridge Commerce Essay

The industry analysis on Business Bridge focusses on internal factors every bit good as the external factors. Through the micro analysis, the study highlights the alone organizational construction of Business Bridge, the relationship between the spouse administrations and Business Bridge. The micro analysis examines the scheme presently employed by Business Bridge ; through the value concatenation analysis the study highlights all the procedures involved in presenting the Business Bridge concluding merchandise. The employment of the SWOT analysis is directed at placing the strengths and failings of the theoretical account and menaces and chances that the external environment nowadayss to the theoretical account and scheme.

Marco analysis looks at all the elements of the external environment and the effects that they have on Business Bridge. The Political factor looks at unemployment as a authorities issue in South Africa and hence concern preparation as something that the authorities is taking involvement in as a ways to develop entrepreneurship in South Africa, in hopes that the accomplishments will assist develop little concerns, for them to be able to make employment chances. The economic factor examines entrepreneurship as agencies of economic development for South Africa and concern preparation as agencies to develop entrepreneurship ; this ties in together because in order for enterprisers to be in place to develop the economic system, they need accomplishments to develop their concerns into profitable entities. The societal factor expression at the societal issues environing entrepreneurship and how the concern span can relieve these issues through supplying accomplishments development to little concern enterprisers.

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Technology is one manner companies develop their services, within this factor lies chances of invention and development and this is something that Business Bridge is looking at, developing their service and go market-leaders. Environmental factor is examined as one of the ways that the concern Budge can give penetration to enterprisers, by learning them about the effects of the existent alterations in the environment, the chances and menaces that this represents in their concerns. Legal factor

The fiscal analysis merely focuses on past events to reexamine the current province and this information is so used to be after for the hereafter. The study presents information about the existent undertaking the pupil was involved in, function played, duties, and it besides


This study looks at the company Business Bridge. This industry analysis focuses on all the facets of the concern operations, the micro environment, macro environment, market environment and market challenges and leading. The analysis contains factual information obtained from the company and other beginnings, such as the web and interviews, etc. Then it provides a return on the effects of the different environmental factors, furthermore it gives recommendations on how the company can counter the bad effects of the different environments and develop strengths to go market leaders.

1.1. Capable

This is an industry study focussed on the company called The Business Bridge Initiative. It is aimed at developing penetration on the company beyond the normal observation ; the author has done a thorough probe on the company through disbursement clip at the company and devised a study that contains the findings, sentiment of the analyst on the findings and their recommendations.

1.2. Background

This study is developed to foreground the findings that have been established through an analysis done on The Business Bridge Initiative. This analysis served as a developmental acquisition for a concern pupil, in order for them to prosecute with the concern environment on a more practical degree.

1.3. Scope and restrictions

The chance to pass clip in the existent concern environment that was being analysed opened the range of information handiness and its truth but reduced the restrictions. There were some confidentiality and some facts that needed to be concealed to the general populace but this did non restrict the cognition of the author on their ability to organize sentiment or do recommendations.

1.4. Aims

To develop an sentiment on the analysis of the concern environment of Business Bridge.

To show the findings on Business Bridge.

To give recommendations on the findings.

The overall object of this study is to give an chance to derive practical experience to concern pupil to develop an analysis on a developed concern.


2.1. Micro analysis Company background

This micro analysis looks at the Business Bridge enterprise construction and behavior. It besides focuses on the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the company, the spouse administration ‘s functions and influences. There is a usage of the SWOT analysis to look at the internal and external chances and menaces to see how the company can better its construction to be more competitory.

2.1.1. Company background

The Business Bridge was initiated in 2008 by Professor Michael Hay. Professor Hay is a professor at the London Business School one of the taking concern schools in the universe harmonizing to Expansion, Mexico ‘s taking concern magazine. Professor Hay realised the chance missed by those people that can non afford formal preparation to develop their concern accomplishments. The Business Bridge was initiated to afford the less fortunate an chance at high quality preparation at virtually no cost. The pilots of the preparation were launched in South Africa and Ghana.

2.1.2. Company activity

Business Bridge enterprise is a company that provides concern preparation to entrepreneurs at low cost. The preparation that they offer is designed by the London Business School. The preparation is designed to give accomplishments to entrepreneurs that can help them in developing their concerns and increases the success rate of SME ‘s, the step of success is the addition in occupation chances that these SME ‘S provide after holding gone through the Business Bridge preparation. The offer skills developing on the undermentioned countries:

How to win gross revenues

Pull offing concern fundss


The concern preparation Sessionss are conducted by experient concern professionals, they besides provide the enterprisers with a platform to larn from those around them, an online acquisition session that gives an chance to entrepreneurs to pattern what they learnt in category and develop it through practical preparation within their concerns.

2.1.3. Vision and Mission

“ Our vision is to supply high quality concern instruction for virtually no fee on a planetary graduated table to those persons who would profit. ”

This vision is realised through the aid of many support systems, some of the talks that take portion in tutoring in the classs that TBB provides are making it on voluntary footing.

“ Business Bridge aims to widen entree to concern instruction for enterprisers across the universe. It has a scalable theoretical account for presenting high quality, low cost concern instruction to 10s of 1000s of people worldwide for whom entree is otherwise denied by virtuousness of cost or deficiency of local proviso. “ ( )

2.1.4. Organizational Structure

The Business Bridge does non hold a physical construction or company edifice. “ Business Bridge we do n’t hold a set in rock theoretical account this means that we adapt to alter easy and we are presently revaluating our scheme to set about those schemes that work best and seem to demo better consequences, we invariably looking at bettering. ” ( Janine Van Tonder, Manager )

Their concern activities take topographic point largely at the spouse companies ; these are the preparations and enrollments to the preparations. These activities are those that are straight linked to the clients ( enterprisers ) , meetings and other activities that involve the running of the company by the direction take topographic point at assorted topographic points that suit the juncture at a given minute. This means the relationship between The Business Bridge and their umbrella companies is really of import because the spouse companies are the face of Business Bridge outside what the individual gets from the cyberspace. The administration Team

Figure: The Business Bridge organizational construction

2.1.5. Partnerships

The companies that house the Business Bridge preparations are companies that are in the same industry significance that they besides work with enterprisers and that is, for the most portion, the footing of the relation with the Business Bridge. In the Macro analysis we traveling to look at the wide influence of these companies to the Business Bridge but for this micro analysis we are merely traveling to concentrate on the influence of the one company that I have been able to detect and that is The Business Place. The Business Place partnership

The Business Place is a support construction for enterprisers they provide services such as free cyberspace to all enterprisers for concern research, aid to entrepreneurs in acquiring their concerns registered, free audience with a attorney sing concern issues and many more. They are one of the companies that house The Business Bridge Initiative. They have a database of clients which are portion of the Business Bridge Initiative ‘s mark market, and through this relationship concern Bridge has in great portion benefited by being able to link with that mark market.

So how does The Business Place codification of behavior or organizational civilization influence the civilization of Business Bridge in covering or working with the same clients? Because The Business Bridge conducts its concerns at The Business Place premises and besides in the most portion trade with the same clients as The Business Place, they have had to follow the same behavior in covering with their clients as The Business Place. The Business Place clients have certain apprehension of how The Business Place plants and these outlooks are conveyed to the Business Bridge regardless of the fact there are two companies.

So it ‘s safe to presume that with all the other companies Business Bridge has a different behavior that is influenced by the behavior of the company that it ‘s housed by in each subdivision?

During an interview with Janine Van Tonder, Manager of Business Bridge, 5 September 2012 she said, “ In footings of our Research Administrators in this current undertaking, who are non formal employees of TBB but contracted employees, there is a difference in the manner they approach their work within these different institutes, and some subdivision directors have shown more commitment in steering the Research Administers, the Business Bridge employees, and some have been left to happen their manner, which has been the disadvantage as their director holding to pull off people in different subdivisions it ‘s hard to be pay attending to everyone equally and still carry on my ain work this where the support of the subdivisions would come in ready to hand, but this in no manner affects our behavior of towards our employees, but we have observed the respect in how they conduct or approach their work. ”

2.1.6. Value concatenation analysis

In order to develop a service that would appeal or necessitate the client needs Business Bridge needs to develop a value concatenation analysis, to set up the procedure that they need to use in order for their service to run into the client efficaciously and expeditiously. Based on the position of the company scheme and activity, their value concatenation would resemble the undermentioned construction:

Figure: Business Bridge ‘s value concatenation

2.1.7. SWOT analysis

The focal point of this swot analysis is to analyze positives and negatives of holding such a construction for company like Business Bridge.

Figure: Swot analysis Strengths

Easy entree to bing informations of mark market

Because they are in partnership with companies that work with enterprisers they have entree to the informations.

Because the Business Bridge has such a theoretical account, they can revise and reconstitute without upsetting a whole batch of constructions, this means they can chop and alter to continuously better their offering. Failing

Particularly in the instance of Business Place, because they besides have Sessionss for concern preparation, this might impede the growing of the Business Bridge trade name as clients may confound Business Bridge with Business Place.

This may be turned into an chance because of the fact that concern topographic point is good exposed and has many platform that range enterprisers and therefore The Business Bridge can utilize these platforms to do themselves more seeable, skiping on the already traveling waggon instead than holding to construct one from abrasion. Opportunities

Bing portion of a monolithic undertaking that involves the support of The World Bank, this give acknowledgment to the work that the Business Bridge does and therefore may open doors in footings of fiscal support. Menaces

Because they are associated by other companies so much specially to their clients they could fall victim to indirect harm, if possibly one of the umbrella organic structures is overshadowed by a dirt, so that would besides impact the image of TBB

This so goes back to the peculiarity of the trade name, the trade name “ The Business Bridge ” needs to be so loud that it screams beyond their Umbrella Bodies.

2.1.8. Decision

The organizational construction and the internal operations and contribute to the overall success of the administration but non in isolation. The internal construction besides affects other environmental factors. How other environmental factors influence the overall scheme of the company is driven by the internal environment. In kernel the effects of the macro environment can be defined by the micro environment to some extent, for case alterations can be made to procure the company from the bad effects through altering the scheme, or due the current internal environment at that place they can be evaded. What happens in the micro environment hence needs to be linked to the macro and market environment, to fix the company of unanticipated alterations.

2.2. Macro analysis: The Business Bridge Initiative

This macro environment analysis focal points on the effects of the external environment on Business Bridge. This is the environment that Business Bridge has no control over, the elements of the macro environment can impact the scheme of Business Bridge and hence the alterations that they need to implement internally.

Figure: PESTILE analysis

This diagram merely highlights the nexus of all the macro environment factors to the Business Bridge internal environment.

2.2.1. Political Factors

The political factors in this analysis, relate to how they affect the chances of Business Bridge to develop. Political issues are issues that straight affect the authorities and one of those issues is the Government Policy Priorities, this is the list that the authorities provides with the list of top precedences and a clip frame of the their strategic program. The current list contains:

More inclusive economic growing, nice work and sustainable supports

Economic and societal substructure

Rural development, nutrient security and land reform

Entree to quality instruction

Improved wellness attention

The battle against offense and corruptness

Cohesive and sustainable communities

Bettering public service bringing

Sustainable resource direction and usage

Support for the creative activity of a better Africa.

(, September 2012 )

Some of the factors above speak of economic development and community development and sustainability. These factors are by and large in support of helping communities through making chances and one of the ways that the authorities programs to use to accomplish this, is accomplishments development (, 2012 ) . This thought so presents an chance to administrations such as Business Bridge

2.2.2. Economic factors

The economic factors feature in all industries, although the impact varies. In some industries the economic upturn is the lone chance that exists for them and every bit shortly as the economic system takes a down bend, these industries experience a immense hit. The environment, in which Business Bridge exist, does nevertheless differ in this facet, the entrepreneurship preparation industry is sing great acknowledgment particularly in recession period. Economist anticipations are a directed towards economic development through entrepreneurship. This so gives an chance to companies such as the Business Bridge, which provide accomplishments developing to entrepreneurs, the end is to develop enterprisers and one of the ways to that is through developing their accomplishments. Entrepreneurship impact on the economic development.

It ‘s hard to see any positive impact in any sector when there is an economic down autumn or recession. The focal point does nevertheless switch to the sectors that show positive consequences in footings of growing, in recent old ages that sector has been the entrepreneurial sector. Experts predict that the entrepreneurial sector will be the sector that supports economic development traveling frontward “ Academics, concern leaders and authorities determination shapers are mostly in understanding that entrepreneurship plays a critical function in an economic system ‘s well-being and its ability to vie on a planetary graduated table ” ( Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011 South Africa ) . The theoretical account below demonstrates the effects of entrepreneurship to the economic system, on all degrees.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Figure: The Wennekers and Thrunk theoretical account

3.1.3. Social Factors

Beyond deficiency of employment there is a greater issue in South Africa and that is the accomplishments deficit in all sectors. As a underdeveloped state the deficiency of accomplishments has made it really hard to develop at improved rate for South Africa. This is besides a societal issue because even if there are sectors that have employment chances, the accomplishments deficit makes it hard to use people for those functions, which mean service bringing besides falls, go forthing some basic and otherwise needs unmet, “ Merely 0.32 % of South Africa ‘s working grownup population is involved in entrepreneurial activities within their administrations. This compares with Sweden, the highest graded state, with 13.5 % ; the lowest was Bangladesh with 0.09 % . South Africa is besides the lowest among its take parting BRICS opposite numbers, with China holding an EEA rate of 1.73 % , Brazil and Russia each with a rate of 0.84 % and 0.44 % severally. ” ( )

2.2.3. Social Factors

Beyond deficiency of employment there is a greater issue in South Africa and that is the accomplishments deficit in all sectors. As a underdeveloped state the deficiency of accomplishments has made it really hard for South Africa to develop at an improved rate, this is due chiefly to the hapless instruction rate from the primary degree, and that being the profile educational profile of many little concern proprietors in South Africa, “ The quality of South Africa ‘s instruction system ranked 131st for primary instruction out of 141 states. ” ( Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011 South Africa ) . This is besides a societal issue because even if there are sectors that have employment chances, the accomplishments deficit makes it hard to use people for those functions, which mean service bringing besides falls, go forthing some basic demands unmet. This besides affects the development of little concerns, because the enterprisers that engage in most of these concerns are antecedently untrained, they do non hold the accomplishments to put to death equal schemes to development to their concerns. Skills development

Business Bridge has identified the demand that exists within the entrepreneurial universe to develop the accomplishments in order to hold the cognition and ability to develop their concerns. The accomplishments developing that they provide is non specific to any industry, the programme is designed to be cosmopolitan and in that manner it can be broad spread, and reach an even wider market. The accomplishments shortage that exists within all industries is an chance for Business Bridge to be the chief suppliers of these accomplishments preparation, and fact that they offer high quality preparation at low cost is a their competitory advantage. Their part to this societal issue is beyond the fact that they designed these classs, but they offer the classs that are low-cost cost, this allows them to truly make the people that are in existent demand of these accomplishments development programmes.

2.2.4. Technological Factors

Technology is the driver of development in all sectors and all industries. Companies that show marks of developing show marks of improved engineering. Through improved engineering they are able to make a wider market, present their merchandises and services faster and take the lead in invention, this is supported by the undermentioned quotation mark, “ Nowadays, the development of assorted inventions in town brings about a batch of alterations in the industry. These auspicious devices deliver first-class services to new coevals clients by replying their demands for greater convenience. On top of it all, with the usage of engineerings, several industries have increased their income, gross revenues and grosss in a 1000 crease. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //ezinearticles.com1, 2012 ) Competing engineering development

Business Bridge does non hold a physical construction, in carry oning their preparations. They are housed by assorted companies that have similar operations as offered by Business Bridge. The companies that house Business Bridge ( SEDA, TSiBA and The Business Place ) offer similar services therefore are besides direct rivals of the Business Bridge. They use the same installations and resources that they offer to the Business Bridge. This means that the Business has no competitory border over its competition in footings of faster procedures and improved engineering.

The Business Bridge offers online learning resources as portion of their preparation bundle, this allows enterprisers that are taking the preparation an excess clip to travel online and farther familiarise themselves with the lessons learnt in category, this improves the compact offering of merely go toing categories at a specified locale and clip, but it ‘s by no agencies innovative. They can farther develop this offering to do it much easier, accessible by using the turning engineering of societal webs that are available to the people that they are aiming.

2.2.5. Legal Factors

The legal factors via media of legal issues between parties, legal constrains from legal enforcement constructions. This so examines the factors that exist in the concern environment that could convey about challenges for the development of Business Bridge, some these possible challenges include, partnerships contracts.

The Business Bridge theoretical account is designed around the usage of bing organizational constructions of spouse administrations as their preparation Centres, in doing usage of these installations Business Bridge can cut their cost and this contributes to their ability to supply their quality preparation at low cost. The fact that Business Bridge is in contract with so many administrations, TSiBA instruction, SEDA and The Business Place presents tonss of duties for them. Dependence on other administrations may impede their bringing of their services, because the administrations that they are in partnership with have their ain policies they clash with Business Bridge ‘s policies.

2.2.6. Environmental Factors

All industries are presently affected by the environment straight and indirectly. This has led to great transmutations for many companies and industries ; they have diversified to accommodate the current environment of planetary heating and Climate alteration. Traveling green, recycling, cut downing C pes print, etc. these are merely some of the alterations that many companies have set abouting to better place themselves in the current environment. Environmental Impact

It ‘s truly difficult to believe of any environmental impact that straight affects the Business Bridge, but the environment has influenced many industries and many industries are developed by many enterprisers which in term affects the bringing of the Business Bridge. In presenting their services they need to be cognizant of the environmental alterations that affect the different sectors and industries, as enterprisers are a pool of people that will or hold ventured in all sorts of concerns which are affected otherwise by these environmental alterations. Business Bridge needs to hold the ability to rede or fit enterprisers in covering with all signifiers of alteration, including the environmental alteration which is one of the twenty-first century ‘s most demanding tendencies.

2.2.7. Decision

The macro environment extends chances and menaces for a company. The development of an internal construction demands to be revised based on what the external environment can let. To guarantee a company has solid formed scheme, it has to cognize how the external environment expressions and what challenges will hold to contend against in future and equip ego for that, or the chances that might be presented. Business Bridge exist in an environment that is enabling, the factors that have been discussed in the macro environment provide an chance to Business Bridge by opening a spread. The function of Business Bridge is to explicate a competitory scheme, because as demand increases many companies will develop to provide to turning demand and work towards being industry leaders. Through the micro analysis it has been established that the current external environment allows for the development of Business preparation establishments.

2.3. Market analysis

The market analysis examines the administrations schemes to develop their market portion. It looks at assorted subdivisions such as the market growing to see the possible growing that is represented to the company. In looking at the market analysis, some thoughts are developed to explicate the best schemes that can be employed to guarantee the organizational growing, the external environment is one time once more a challenge in the development of this scheme or an chance, inventing a selling scheme requires the cognition of the market and rivals. The throwers five forces employed here examine the five factors that influence the result of the selling scheme which Business Bridge choses to develop.

2.3.1. Specifying the Market

The Business Bridge enterprise offers concern preparation to entrepreneurs. Their mark market is little concern enterprisers and people that want to get down their ain concerns but do non hold much cognition or former preparation in footings of how to run good concern. These are the people that have passion for concern and want to prosecute entrepreneurship but can non afford the sort of preparation that is offered in top universities and other topographic points that offer developing at low cost or no cost at all offer unequal preparation, which does little to lend to the development of these companies. The Business Bridge has packaged the really best preparation to do it accessible to these sorts of people.

2.3.2. Porters Five forces

In developing a selling scheme a company needs to measure the elements that affect them in footings of making their clients with the merchandise. The Porters fives forces theoretical account identifies these factors as:

The menace of the new entrants by possible entrants this component examines the easiness of new rivals to come in the market within an industry. The dickering power of purchasers, this component examines the power that the purchasers have over the marketer to dicker for a better monetary value. The menace of replacement merchandises, this component examines the being of replacement merchandises to what the company offers and how much better or how much they are preferred by the clients. The dickering power of the provider examines the power that the provider has to negociate for a better monetary value through fight in quality and efficiency and monetary value. The last is Industry rivals ; this component examines the fight amongst the bing administrations.

Figure: The Porters Five Forces theoretical account Potential entryway

In the concern preparation industry and in the current province, where

2.3.3. The Market Attractiveness and Growth

The market is made up of people that seek to develop their concern accomplishments, people that want to turn their accomplishments for future escapades, people that need aid in explicating their concern papers, people that are looking for advice, etc. This market is turning quickly due to factors that include deficiency of employment, improved support from the authorities for enterprisers and BBBEE. These factors have increased the rate of people that seek to get down their ain concerns through motive, deficiency of options and broaden chances. In most instances and for all of the three types of people that seek to get down their ain concern, the component of accomplishment development is important factor and they can sometimes act upon the success of a concern.

The undermentioned quotation mark testifies to the great demand for entrepreneurial development and hence the accomplishments development for enterprisers.

“ Global development is come ining a stage where entrepreneurship will progressively play a more of import function ” ( Published by University World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2011 March ) , the belongingss of this development were highlighted in the macro analysis

2.3.4. Business Bridge competiveness

The Business Bridge ‘s preparation is developed by the professors from the London Business School, one of the universe ‘s prima concern schools ; this presents their clients with an chance to acquire information that is normally accessible to merely people that can afford to analyze at The London Business School. The component of international influence gives substance to the degree of the preparations, because this means that they have experience in the international environment through assorted surveies of the macro environment in the international competition and can supply information that some of their rivals do non necessary have.

Business Bridge Quality step

The Business Bridge offers concern preparation to enterprisers. They provide larning to all little concern enterprisers and people that want to get down their ain concerns. The preparation that they provide is a really low cost so that they reach the people that truly need the accomplishments development preparation. The classs that they provided are designed by processors from the London Business School in coaction with UCT professors. The Business span market base is Africa, so in planing their preparation they non did merely utilize the London influence but besides used the cognition of South African professors, this means that they can offer a merchandise which has been designed and based on the step of the international criterion but besides on the cognition on the demands of the local market that being the burgeoning enterprisers that have ne’er been afforded chances to develop their accomplishments.

International bridgehead

Companies are looking to derive international chances, like supplying international services. These chances are specialised and offered merely to those companies that can present on services and international concern accomplishments, so companies are fiting themselves and developing to vie on the international degree. This provides an chance to companies that provide developing to entrepreneurs to develop their service offering by supplying international based preparation and merely concentrate on the local degree.

2.3.5. Business Bridge Growth Strategy

The Business Bridge growing scheme is focussed on three factors, “ We have developed an advanced theoretical account for making and presenting concern instruction classs uniting three elements: first e-learning content, face-to-face Sessionss led by a trained concern school alumna ( or other professional ) working pro-bono and bringing through a national web of 3rd party operated physical hubs. ” (, 2011 ) . They have identified these factors as agencies to turning their trade name, market portion, their visibleness and their support construction. Not merely is Business Bridge looking for enterprisers to take portion in the preparation but they besides want support from relevant interest holders, coachs that will put their clip to giving the preparation to the enterprisers and administrations that will set in fiscal support. The undermentioned mediums are targeted the assorted stakeholders of the Business Bridge to function a suited intent. Reaching the market through low costing of high quality instruction.

The Business Bridge offers quality concern preparation and they are aiming the African market, because their proviso of the services is non based on doing maximal net incomes through supplying the services but to supply really needful accomplishments to the people that need them the most at really low cost.

“ Our vision is to supply high quality concern instruction for virtually no fee on a planetary graduated table to those persons who would profit ”

This component of societal impact means that the concern span exceeds the “ basic proviso at no cost ” to offer choice instruction at limited cost, the quality of their instruction guarantee that the clients get more value out of it.

Cost construction

These are the countries that the Business Bridge gets to cut costs and hence be able to offer the high quality preparation at every bit small as R150. The Business Bridge cost construction is based on the three things:

The coachs largely offer the preparation pro-bono ; this eliminates the cost of engaging coachs who would be really expensive.

They offer their preparation at spouse administration which in most instances is at no charge.

The support from other administrations which support the Business Bridge financially. Without the support from these administrations it would be impossible for concern to convey the sort of preparation, which is valued at R15000 per individual, at merely R150. Selling

The concern Bridge uses assorted platforms to market them and to market their services

Web sites: The web site provides a face to the company ; it speaks of who they are ( vision and mission ) and what they do and the services that they offer. This communicating is largely directed to the coachs and patrons.

They feature in web sites such as the Activa web site ; Activa connects administrations that support enterprisers and enterprisers. Such administrations offer their services at low or no cost, which besides limits the cost involved in the selling for Business Bridge but with maximal benefit. This communicating is designed to make the bing database of clients that within those administrations

Local wireless Stationss and local newspapers: They use the local media to make the sort of clients that they want, traveling to local wireless Stationss and speak about the services that reach local people Handiness

Business Bridge provides their preparations at spouse administrations, these administrations have a database of clients that they offer to the Business Bridge to link with and offer their services to them, and this provides the Business Bridge with precisely the sort of market that they seek the people that are in demand of support and accomplishments development.

2.3.6. Decision

The market analysis does non finally concentrate on the selling schemes of the administrations, it besides review the macro environment that being the external factors, like what the industry leaders are making, the market opportunities that are developing. These factors are so used to develop the selling scheme of the administration, so that they can develop their market portion.

2.4. Market Leaders in Business Training and Skills development Industry

This subdivision focuses on the market challenges and the market leaders in the concern preparation and accomplishments development industry. We traveling to detect the Business Bridge ‘s scheme. We zoom in on the challenges that The Business Bridge face with the scheme that they employ in mounting the leather of developing their market base. We will be looking at what Business Bridge is presently making in relation to the industry leaders. We besides looked at the industry life cycling and The Business Bridge lifecycle non needfully to compare the two but see where Business Bridge in footings of development and bringing aboard the industry leaders,

The market leaders have near the spread of merely supplying the Business preparation, because they have revolutionised the industry by offering a more diverse service pool. The Skills development industry is really diverse industry as there are different types of enterprisers and in demand of really diverse accomplishments. This is one of the industries that really tap in the assorted industries because it provides preparation to people that offer services in the different sectors. So market leaders would be those companies the can supply accomplishments developing to this really diverse group, provide more than merely the preparation but besides offer some sort of support to entrepreneurs, counsel in footings of development. How they reach their market would hold an influence on how far they get in footings of market portion so the different methods they employ in pass oning with the market would find how much market of the market they tap into. Resources can find the strength that the company has in making farther than the competition, so the resources such as engineering give an added ability provide a better or even faster serves to the client.

2.4.1. Industry leaders in the concern preparation industry and why?

In visible radiation of the definition of what it takes to be the market leaders in this industry, this means that this company provides diverse service which includes:

Business Training classs ( Diversified )

Consultation and advice

Free services such as audiences with Lawyers

Business to concern networking chances

Consultations with fiscal establishments

Resources like concern enrollment, concern program development, etc.

List of competitory companies that offer more or less similar merchandises

Name of administration

Merchandise definition

TSiBA ignition Centre

They provide mentorship and micro MBA preparations to enterprisers. They besides offer free resources to enterprisers like usage of cyberspace.


The Business Topographic point

The have free services that they offer to entrepreneurs, like usage of cyberspace, developing infinite, workshops, mentorship.

The Raymond Ackerman Academy, GSB

They offer developing to entrepreneur and draw a bead oning enterprisers in a signifier of micro MBA and they besides provide free services like usage of their installations for meetings to their former trainees.

Table: List of competitory administrations The Business Topographic point as market leaders

“ The Business Place aims to advance enterprisers and the creative activity of sustainable concern in making so it contributes to occupation creative activity, wealth creative activity and the publicity of economic equality in Southern Africa. ” (, 2012 )

They are a one of the companies that provides a more diverse offering to enterprisers, they are little concern support Centre for people that ant to get down their concerns, people that are running little concern and want to turn, they assist by supplying information, referrals, preparation, workshops, networking and concern chances to call merely a few. Most of the services that proved are at no cost at all and some are at a basic of R20. The concern Place has branches across the state and has an unfastened door policy to all enterprisers. They have over five subdivisions merely in Cape Town ; this means that they can make rather a figure of enterprisers merely based on multiple locations.

Some of their properties include maintaining a record of all the clients that enter the edifice, until clients request to be removed from their system, this allows them to make and pass on with their clients whenever chances arise that match a peculiar clients profile.

2.4.2. Industry Leader ‘s competitory border over Business Bridge?

If you compare the services that Business Bridge offers and the services that The Business Place offers you will detect that the Business Place ‘s exceed what the concern Bridge offers but Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s non concentrate on the services but let ‘s look at all the elements that make these two companies rivals and one would be better than the other. Business Bridge ‘s offer

Business Bridge offers concern preparation to little concern enterprisers in a packaged signifier, in sense that they have two basic classs that they offer to a whole pool of enterprisers. Their classs are designed by professors from the London Business School ( Top concern school in the universe ) . They work in coaction with other entrepreneurial Centres, in pass oning with the clients ( besides their web site ) , making the clients and carry oning their preparation Sessionss. This means that their agenda with the clients is designed around their spouse administrations and non the client ‘s penchant. The Business Bridge has made an impact in some little concerns, position impact appraisal, (, March 2011 ) , but we need look at the graduated table of the impact in relation to size of the market and impact of the market leaders. The Business Topographic point offer

The concern topographic point offers assorted serves that include the followers:

Free entree to TBP Navigators who provide one-on-one audiences to assist entrepreneurs work out their following stairss towards get downing or turning their concerns.

Access to concern chances and linkages.

Relevant concern information and resources.

Referrals to quality concern development service suppliers, authorities resources and fiscal establishments.

Free cyberspace entree for concern research and thought coevals.

Legal advice, by assignment.

Micro-MBA practical preparation programme.

Business-to-business networking chances.

Regular concern and information workshops on a broad scope of business-related subjects.

Free usage of meeting and preparation suites.

Unlike the Business Bridge, The Business Place identifies the difference between the enterprisers, their concerns, the degree of apprehension and the different demands of enterpriser. “ Our attack is to maintain it simple. Each client is alone, has an single acquisition manner and is at a different phase of their concern development. Anyone is welcome at any phase of development ; each measure frontward is a mensural success. “ ( )

2.4.3. Impact appraisal

The Business Bridge

The Business Topographic point

Has delivered preparation to over two hundred little concern enterprisers in the past two old ages in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Has helped to make employment, 22 occupations have been created to day of the month.

Is presently developing 500 enterprisers in five locations around Cape Town

Has delivered a scope of services to 1000s of enterprisers across South Africa.

Has assisted 1000s of enterprisers to develop their concern and created employment chances to 100s of enterprisers, E.g. Silulo Ulutho engineerings were initiated at The Business Place installations.

TBP Is presently supplying, preparation, facilitation, mentorship, free services to 100s of enterprisers across South Africa on day-to-day footing.

Table: impact appraisal on Business Bridge and The Business Topographic point

2.4.4. The Business Bridge ‘s Development program

The Business Bridge identifies the Growth of engineering and the function that it might hold on the hereafter of their development but this does non take away from the benefits of direct acquisition. The hereafter of Business Bridge Course bringing will follow closely the engineering development or whatever beginnings that delivers the best consequences.

Developing their offering: They are presently offering a packaged acquisition and this does non give them much spread with the market because is limited and the demand of the market are so huge.

Developing their Image: The Business Bridge as a company is non that good known and their concern theoretical account, non holding a physical construction, makes clients doubting of the echt nature of Business Bridge and this led to them fring tonss of client that would hold been otherwise interested ( Personal observation during the period of working with Business Bridge )

Making usage of the spouse administrations: The Business Bridge has been afforded an chance by the spouse administration to utilize installations and besides make usage of their database of clients.

2.4.5. Business Bridge ‘s life Cycle in relation to the industry leaders life rhythm

The Business Bridge as a company may look to be turning or developing, but in relation to the rate of growing of the industry it will look that the Business Bridge has non rather done that much, to really be in the competitory degree with the industry leaders.

The concern preparation and accomplishments development industry is turning at rapid gait but due to the rapid growing of enterprisers ( market ) who do non needfully have old accomplishments, non exposed to resources like engineering and who still need to be thought the rudimentss in footings of the concern accomplishments, it is hence impossible for this industry to speed up its growing. If the industry moved fast in implementing new engineerings, like utilizing on-line instruction, they could stop up estranging a large ball of their mark market. The Industry remains in the Growth Stage in footings of development, but due to the rapid growing of the market, they need to travel faster in using new resources ( engineering being at the head ) and do them available the market that cant accesses the resources on its ain. This will help them in run intoing the turning demand.

In relation to the industry The Business Bridge is still in the induction phase in footings of growing, when concern Bridge was foremost initiated they plan was to offer on-line acquisition in concern preparation, but they shortly realised that they overestimated the usage of engineering by their mark market and so they have had to travel back to the pulling board and improvize their scheme, they kept their mark market, as it is the largest, but revised the manner in which they deliver their service to the mark market.

Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

Customer Demand


Figure: The BB lifecycle and industry lifecycle

2.4.6. Emerging tendency in the industry

There is a great nexus between engineering developments of all industry ; engineering will hold a great influence of the bringing of concern preparation. The increasing growing of enterprisers ‘ agencies that information should besides be easy accessible and attending categories is ever the most convenient manner to entree cognition for busy enterprisers ; these are some of the tendencies that will emerge with the growing of this Industry.

Networking, entrepreneurs rely of each other to larn ways to develop their concerns, they hold seminars to give each other thoughts and support.

Online acquisition, online acquisition may take a piece to be accessible to all enterprisers because of the different profiles of the enterprisers but the growing in demand for concern preparation will motivate the usage of more accessible agencies and this means this should be a proviso by the establishments that offer these preparation, they should do available the necessary resource that is non available to most enterprisers.

Social media, plays a immense function in platform for concern proprietors and concern preparation companies to run into and interact ( )

The development of these tendencies will make farther chances for BB, in placing the tendencies that are developing Business Bridge can originate schemes doing usage of the tendencies to their developmental advantage.

2.4.7. Decision

The market leaders and challenges analysis high spots all the things that the Business Bridge has to get the better of to be market leaders and besides all the things that the current market leaders are making to be market leaders. Along with utilizing the internal environment analysis ( micro ) and external environment analysis ( macro ) they can develop their growing scheme. The analysis so serves to develop the programs that are implemented in the micro environment, these are program within the internal environment to battle the negative factors of the external environment and but besides expecting the chances in inventing the schemes.

2.5. Fiscal Analysis


The Business Bridge late undertook a monolithic undertaking working together with the London concern School and the World Bank. This undertaking was develop to see the effects of the 8 hebdomad preparation class, whether or non it works in developing the little concerns, do they develop to increase their gross and employment capacity. The nature of the undertaking required high degrees of confidentiality from all parties involved. The Research Administrators and Assistants played a important function, conveying on board the enterprisers that were signed up to take the preparation.

3.1 Project description

The undertaking was about subscribing on over 3000 little concern enterprisers to take portion in a concern preparation offered by Business Bridge as portion of a survey to try whether the concern preparation theoretical account works or non. They required figure of Research decision makers and their aids to travel out and subscribe up the needed figure of enterprisers. The undertaking resumed on the in first hebdomad of July 2012 and with 18 month overall continuance. Over 2000 enterprisers were signed up. 1500 enterprisers were selected to take portion in concern preparation in two back-to-back preparations, one in 2012 and the following in 2013. The enterprisers received preparation in five different locations in Cape Town on two deferent classs, the one group got “ how to win gross revenues ” and the other got “ pull offing money ”

3.1.1. Undertaking deliverables

This undertaking had specific deliverables that had to be met in order for it to be a success, because it ‘s portion of a survey, that meant that all the deliverables had either clip or measure specifications.

Over 2000 enterprisers had to be signed up by the 7th of September 2012.

Over a 1000 enterpriser had to be selected and registered by the first hebdomad of October.

First developing graduation at terminal of November 2012 for 500 Entrepreneurs.

At least 450 enterprisers expected to graduate.

Second preparation will take topographic point following twelvemonth, day of the month non specified yet, for the 2nd group of enterprisers.

3.2. Acceptance Criteria

The credence standards differed in every degree of the undertaking. Each phase was different from the last and the RAs played a new function in each phase. The step of in each degree was besides different.

3.2.1. Role of Research administrator/assistant

The research decision maker and the helpers had assorted functions which included the followers:


Acceptance Criteria

Signing up enterprisers

Initially he entrepreneurs had a meet the profile identified:

The enterpriser is in operation for more than six months.

The enterpriser has at least one employee.

The profile was subsequently revised as agencies to do certain that the targeted figure of enterprisers was met ;

Entrepreneurs who were runing and had no employees were besides registered.

Marketing the work that Business Bridge and its spouse administrations does.

While on the procedure of subscribing up enterprisers RA ‘s were tasked to besides market the channel spouses through talking about their work.

Naming enterprisers that have been selected for the preparation in for the enrollment session.

The enterpriser had to present a message harmonizing to the book that was provided, at the terminal of the phone name the followers had to be achieved:

The enterpriser is booked for enrollment at one of the five locales.

The enterpriser is clear on the following inside informations: Time, Day and locale.

Conducting the enrollment session.

The Assistant functions were:

Welcome the enterprisers.

Have them subscribe the attending registry.

Brief them about the twenty-four hours proceedings.

Have them experience in the first portion of the enrollment signifier.

The function of the RA included:

Welcoming the enterprisers on the 2nd portion of the enrollment.

Stating them about the manner frontward in the plan, supplying the information on the choice, the competitions, stating them about the who BB is and what they do

Showing them the picture, on past trainees testimonies.

Having the remainder of the enrollment signifier.

Name enterprisers to state them when the acquiring their preparation, this twelvemonth or following twelvemonth, and book those that are acquiring their preparation this twelvemonth into their categories.

Naming the enterprisers and presenting the massage harmonizing to the book.

Table 3.2.1: Functions and Acceptance Criteria

3.3. Initial Risks and Risk Management Plan




Management Plan

Not adequate enterprisers were walking in the spouse administrations to subscribe up for the preparation.

Not adequate enterprisers signed up at the terminal of three months=project failed

The Sponsor sent out invitation via local media to entrepreneurs to come and subscribe up at the spouse administrations.

The enterprisers made phone calls to enterprisers, from the informations provided by the spouse administrations.

The patrons revised the initial program and decided to allow the RAs travel out with the enrollment signifiers and subscribe up enterprisers at their topographic point of concerns.

Not run intoing the targeted sum of enterprisers

Not adequate enterprisers signed up at the terminal of three months=project failed

It was the RAs responsibility to happen and convert enterprisers to subscribe up: This needed clip committedness, going and showing information.

It ‘s was the patrons duty to actuate the RAs.

The Sponsor offered inducements to actuate RAs to travel out at that place and acquire as many enterprisers to subscribe up.

Traveling allowance was offered so that RAs can go to finishs that were far.

Notices were sent out to RAs that were underperforming ; those who failed to make a lower limit of five mark ups a hebdomad.

Entrepreneurs happening out that, the undertaking is really a survey

Entrepreneurs were non meant to happen out that the plan was the survey as this might act upon their response to the plan, and garbage to take portion =Project failed

The RAs had to hide the some facts about the plan, all the purposes are realistic and honest but the information was for research intents

The RAs had to subscribe a confidentiality contract, which prevented them from unwraping some facts about the undertaking to anyone.

Not holding the needed sum of enterprisers complete the class.

If enterprisers fail to finish the class that means the undertaking fails because there will non be adequate enterprisers to make sample analyze on.

RAs had to do certain that enterprisers were motivated to finish the class through invariably naming to remind them about category.

Management made certain that the RA ‘s had adequate airtime to do the phone calls on day-to-day footing.

Table 3.3.1: initial hazard and Management Plan

3.4. Scope

This undertaking was about subscribing up enterprisers to take portion in a concern preparation class offered by Business Bridge. The basicss of this undertaking were to make a survey on the concern preparation theoretical account this probe is conducted by the London Business School. The procedure of carry oning this research was designed as a usual sign language up of enterprisers, on a practical preparation, and so offering them the preparation at the cost that they would pay on normal footing. The graduated table of the undertaking was really high, this was one of the most of import basicss of the undertaking, the figure of enterprisers signed up.

3.5. Project lay out and timeline

The full undertaking is 18 months ( 01 July 2012- December 2013 )

01 July 2012 undertaking resumed.

01 July 2012-07 September 2012 mark up procedure by Research Administrators and their helpers.

10-12 September 2012, Research decision makers and their helpers name selected enterprisers for the enrollment session.

13-20 September enrollment procedure by RA ‘s.

24-28 call Sessionss by RA to state enterprisers about their preparation day of the months.

01 October 2012-November 2012 preparation.

End of November first group enterprisers graduate from the preparation.

3.4.1.. Stakeholders

There assorted stakeholders involved in this undertaking:

The Business Bridge, they are a company that provides high quality concern preparation at low cost to enterprisers and were selected to carry on the preparation in this undertaking. Their functions were developing the faculties for the preparation, employ and pull off the RAs, pull off the preparations, assign coachs for the assorted preparation Sessionss, manage refreshments for the preparation Sessionss, find locations for the preparations.

The London Business School, they are the 1s carry oning the survey, they employed the concern span to offer the preparation to the enterprisers, they manage the undertaking, do certain that the survey is non polluted in any manner.

The World Bank, they funded the survey.

The enterprisers, they are capable of the undertaking and they are the 1s that are traveling to profit from the result of this undertaking.

The Business Partner administrations, they provided installations to the Business Bridge, provided informations of the enterpriser information, for the Business Bridge to enroll their enterprisers from their list of enterprisers.

The RA ‘s, they are the 1s that went out at that place

3.5. Cost




Air clip

R 350 per twenty-four hours

RAs ab initio were loaded with R200 per call session, but more airtime was loaded if more airtime was needed.


R20 a twenty-four hours per 7 enterprisers signed up

For the 1st three hebdomads no conveyance money was granted to RAs and this restricted them in footings of acquiring to other country and so it was requested that conveyance menu be issued. Then the consensus was that RAs will be refunded transport money for every twenty-four hours they work, provided they managed to subscribe up & A ; entrepreneurs a twenty-four hours.

Table 3.5.1: Budget

Learning ‘s from the Research helper ‘s position


In this study three things have been highlighted, the industry analysis which is based on research and observation, the undertaking definition which by the pupil who took portion N working in the company environment and the fiscal analysis which is based on the


The recommendations are devised into two subdivisions ; the one subdivision is focused on giving recommendations to the company based on the findings on the industry analysis. These recommendations are developed to assist the company in its developmental scheme. The findings approximately illustrate that Business Bridge has an advantage through its high quality and low costing theoretical account and at a clip when the environment is enabling of the

Business Bridge needs to concentrate of developing their image:

Because they depends on the support of other administrations to finance their classs while offering them at low cost to entrepreneurs= , they need to be a well-known and trusted company to derive the sort of support that they need and that can be achieved through a strong trade name.

They need to be identifiable/set apart from their spouse administrations