The Idea of Beauty Is Different for All of Us Essay

Everybody has different experiences, skills and knowledge therefore it is the case that the idea beauty is different for all of us. Different people have different view on what is and what is not beautiful; this is evident through the diverse interpretations people receive from creations that we make, in particular the form of art known as graffiti. Another way through which we can contemplate on the perspectives of beauty, is to consider the fact that it might be the case that different people value different aspects of beauty.

For example people may respect the point that through graffiti people are enabled to express themselves and demonstrate their opinions and beliefs in collaboration with the modernized environment in which they live in; while not damaging themselves, others and the environment. The opinion of someone who lives in an Aristocratic and ‘polished’ environment may be contrary to someone who lives with a lower-socio economic status and in a ‘thread bare’ environment. Dissidents claim that graffiti in public areas disrupts and visually pollutes communities.

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People may detest graffiti as they believe that it only expresses violence and ill intention. So, it is the case that the idea of beauty is different for all of us, as it should be. Beauty is the same for all of us; it is the case that we can identify common threads which we all respect and perceive as beautiful. This is demonstrated through the common link of new life. Babies and young animals have a high value in every community all over the world regardless of race and culture.

Even though we may have different experiences and understandings it may be the case we still value the same features of beauty as everybody else. It could be argued that we all form our views on beauty based on common instincts. Every human being has natural instincts with which they demonstrate when in the presence of babies and young animals. We can show the instinct to love and cherish them. This may be because they demonstrate the hope of new generation and life which everybody may find beautiful. Therefore, it is the case that the idea of beauty is the same for all of us.