The Firm Choice Solutions In Nigeria Commerce Essay

Firm Choice Solutions, late signed a contract with the Nigerian Agency for News to supply audio ocular show equipment nationwide that would expose content controlled by NAN. The first stage in the capital Abuja has already being completed and commissioned. Following the highly positive feedback from this first stage and the attendant rush in demand for the engineering by other sectors of the economic system, the province capitals and the parastatals, there is now the demand accelerate programs to implement a countrywide stage.

As portion of the contract FCS working in partnership with IGNL a Nigerian IT pool will market the AV engineering to the intended clients with the NAN content and services as an inducement. Taking awareness of the fact the Nigeria Government, the banking industry and the multinationals, being the largest employer of labor in the state, are the largest possible clients for this engineering, the Nigerian Laws are structured purely to guarantee an ethical codification of behavior hence the demand for equal advice that screen for case signifiers of dialogues employed in the selling run and other applicable country to avoid corporate gestures and gifts being deemed as payoffs.

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The stigma of corruptness looms big over authorities patterns and concern in Nigeria and as a consequence the Nigerian Government have now taken a though base on the issue of graft and corruptness with terrible effects for both culprits and confederates likewise. FCS besides operates an ethical policy of transparence that reflects in wherever they conduct concern worldwide.

The immediate job that is now anticipated is due to new Torahs on deregulating, the intended clients are non obliged to come in into a contract with FCS because the Torahs allow for the intended clients to contract with any other seller foreign or autochthonal that can supply the same substructure and service for NAN and other stakeholders to expose their content and as a consequence the overseas telegram companies already domiciled and autochthonal exclusive enterpriser likewise are already pitching up for this challenge.

As an emerging hardworking state with an impressive one-year economic growing, it is of import for FCS to carve a niche in this market to hike her planetary concern outreach which it urgently needs to endure the storm of the recession that the western universe is merely now retrieving from.

Consequently, this briefing paper if adopted will organize an built-in portion of the selling squad ‘s policy for the proposed countrywide stage of the undertaking.


The analysis put frontward will affect, from a cultural position, a reappraisal of the construct of gifts, payoffs, dialogue, persuasion, perchance applicable cultural models to be employed in the procedure, and a elaborate consideration of macro and micro economical factors that are abound to efficaciously entree the state of affairss. The analysis from the macro-economic position point will have factors like: Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Environmental and Legal while the micro-economic will have factors like: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats

The construct of gifts and payoffs in authorities and concern circles was analysed by Judy Nadler, a senior chap at the Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley, California United States, who identified the separating factor between both constructs as the purpose of the giver. She proposed that they are both a thing of value that the giver gives, in the instance of a gift, freely devoid of outlooks, but in the instance of payoffs ( Egun’je or Cron’je in local Nigerian idiom ) in expectancy of a return of some kind ( Nadler 2010 ) . Based on this analogy, the trouble in be aftering this selling scheme can be appreciated. How does the selling squad present inducements without holding their purposes misread as unduly biasing the opinion of the possible clients? Negotiations, it has been proposed, features normally, the procedure where different parties holding differing and similar places interact to make a consensual agreement ( Smart 2010 ) . Persuasion is merely the ability to convert the other to understand, follow or accept a similar place.

There are many different cultural models for measuring national civilization notably those put frontward by renown research workers like Edward Hall, Alfons Trompenaar and most popularly by Geert Hofstede all of whom identified basic dimensions of low and high context ; universalism and particularism ; individuality and Bolshevism ; masculine and feminine, weak and strong uncertainness turning away, long and short term orientation and little and big power distance. The Nigerian cultural model reflects dimensions of high context, leftist, masculine, high uncertainness turning away, big power distance and short term orientation ( Smart 2010 ) . The undertaking therefore, is how does one relate with possible clients in such a cultural model as that which Nigeria possesses to make an apprehension without giving out inducements that would be lawfully questionable?

The political ambiance is extremely sensitised against graft and corruptness and as a consequence each successive democratically elective authorities ever puts a programme in topographic point to undertake the issue. With a altering universe order and civil order, there is a demand for each state to demo transparence in all of her traffics internally and externally to be able to command a pride of topographic point among states and Nigeria is no exclusion in this planetary attempt regardless of what step of success it really attains. The leftist, big power distance and strong uncertainness turning away nature of her civilization heightened by a one dominant political party bulk will come to bear on the transparence of dialogues with authorities who is the largest employer of labor and the other cardinal sectors of the economic system filtrating down to big and little graduated table concerns.

The economic ambiance is besides significantly poised for investing by foreign or autochthonal parties that will hike economic growing. To this terminal, the authorities, contrary to certain sentiments strives to make an enabling environment for investing to turn. Nigeria and the African part boast some of the most impressive economic sector growing in planetary economic system today in countries like telecommunications ( Lambo and Onyuike 2008 ) . The demographics of the state holding a population of over 150 million people with a important proportion holding basic instruction places her to be a taking planetary market force for the hereafter ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) . The collectivized nature of the economic system will necessitate dialogues structured to be effectual in a big power distant, high context and strong uncertainness turning away

The sociological ambiance is strongly motivated towards progresss in engineering and invention for new and better ways of making things in an ethical manner that will further harmoniousness. This is borne out of the rapid growing of other cardinal sector of the economic system a extremely skilled professional on the job category. Besides, the authorities has besides been advancing steps to revamp the operating model of cardinal sectors of the economic system and her assorted parastatals to enable the state map more efficaciously as a developing state agitating off the decadent bond of the past brought about by misdirected political orientations.

The technological ambiance in encompassing the sort of engineering FCS proposes speaks aloud of the desire to quickly encompass new engineering that will profit the turning economic system, the freshly emerging working force and the public in general. Information airing is one of the cardinal factors to advancing and prolonging economic growing of any underdeveloped state and promotion in engineering such as these solutions are ever good received. Therefore, crystalline selling inducements are practically executable.

The environmental impact are virtually non existent because the solution and the substructure that leaves no C footmark is virtually green with no demand to fire any fossil fuel like by merchandises of rough oil or release CFC ( CFC ) gases into the ambiance. Apart from the demand that the screens need to be situated in a cool temperature that the client provides, there are no other indirect links to the substructure that can hold any signifier of consequence on the environment. To this terminal, the selling squad do non necessitate any clearance from the environmental bureaus like the National Environmental Standards Agency and the Regulation Enforcement Agency but will cover with them transparently as possible clients for their merchandises.

The legal ambiance with the passage of Torahs on deregulating is suited for marketing this engineering nevertheless competitory the market may be as a consequence of these Torahs. It is important to indicate out that deregulating has now opened up the market for concern of this nature to boom. The unwritten regulation that foreign companies meaning to be domiciled in Nigeria should hold a important part of its market portion held by Nigerians or should run in coaction with an autochthonal company, where the former demand can non readily be met allows for this venture to run. Anti-corruption Torahs demand all concern traffics must be conducted transparently.

Consequently, the strengths of FCS selling squad ‘s purposes within the coveted model or scope of transparence are in the initial success of winning the contract for the first stage and the deploring and commissioning of the undertaking in coaction with the autochthonal company IGNL in Abuja the capital metropolis with an extension in the commercial capital and in footings of the nature of the merchandise being marketed and the nature of her operations in Nigeria. The merchandise being an AV solution is an intangible point that can be marketed with crystalline strategy that are by and large acceptable. For case, giving presentations on possible client ‘s substructure that is already in topographic point for other intents. The partnership with IGNL in operating in Nigeria is another important strength because it ability to run in a locally acceptable manner to perforate more cardinal sectors of the economic system, parastatals, big and little graduated table concerns will be boosted with the autochthonal ally that has an impressive piece of land record of crystalline public presentation.

However there are certain failings of the enterprise which are off shoots from the strengths of the enterprise. The nature of the merchandise and services is non curious to FCS entirely and other foreign sellers with local coaction can offer the same merchandise or more competitively with greater inducements. The mode of operating through an autochthonal confederate can besides restrict FCS abilities to that of her spouses because she is unable to do originative raids into countries that her spouses are unable to back up or prolong due to old records or experience. These may do anxiousness that may take to offering despairing inducements that may be deemed payoffs.

There are several chances that can originate as a consequence of this experience. The most important of these will be the first manus experience the squad will derive in measuring if there is the possibility of FCS, runing transparently, at some ulterior day of the month in future set uping a lasting presence in Nigeria based on the feasibleness of possible rapid growing of the concern chances.

The dainty of transporting out this enterprise nevertheless, is that it may take the selling squad to try to develop working relationship with other possible spouses that may travel against the contractual understanding with the autochthonal spouse, a point of concern that will oppugn their ethical base of transparence. The activities of the selling squad in this regard may estrange the IGNL FCS partnership working apprehension in a manner that would halter the smooth operation of this and future selling procedures.


The basic solution to the selling squads undertakings of how does it present inducements without holding their purposes misread as unduly biasing the opinion of the possible clients and how does one relate with possible clients in such a cultural model as that which Nigeria possesses to make an apprehension without giving out inducements that would be lawfully questionable is merely – effectual dialogue. To negociate efficaciously FCS selling squad must adhere to certain recognized regulations of international dialogue identified by Gary P Ferraro ( 2002, p. 125- 140 ) which include utilizing confederates as translators and in so making working the advantage of their acquaintance of the other parties imposts and patterns, puting focal point on the involvement behind your place, staying flexible at all times, avoiding trust on cultural generalization, being sensitive to clocking, fixing carefully every bit is being done with this brief, listening attentively and encouraging traditional interaction to increase warm acquaintance amongst the participants.

Effective dialogue in a leftist construction demands skilled negotiants that the squad must construct itself into. Amongst the many required accomplishments they should possess it is recommended that they include: intelligence, readiness, creativeness, flexibleness, forbearance, rational, and analytical. As a squad those factors they must be prepared to extenuate against are the anxiousness and uncertainness that negotiants exude when faced with: an unfamiliar puting – different cultural groups, different spiritual strong beliefs ; different organizational constructions, outside intervention, volatile unpredictable geo-political worlds, natural catastrophes, terrorist act, civilization daze, location, host advantage, clip force per unit area, exhaustion, conditions ( Ferraro 2002, p. 139 ) .

Nigeria, being of a collectivized civilization where the dialogue manner is in contra differentiation to that of the individualist civilization that FCS is more familiar with, will be more favorably disposed to rivals from other leftist civilizations that are competing for the same contract because their dialogue and persuasion manners are similar. Hence it is recommended that a dynamic scheme of persuasive presentation that is more analogical instead than quasilogical be implemented during the dialogue procedure. Besides a holistic dialogue manner that is suited for leftist civilizations should be adopted over the consecutive individualist manner that FCS is used to implementing in past dialogue enterprises ( Guirdham 2002, p.335 ) . When offering inducements it is recommended that these should be projected toward the administration as a group instead than an person at the helm of personal businesss and the squad must ever run as a squad attempt, with the local spouses originating the presentation, that depict leftist civilizations and non as persons in a group. The manner of bringing should non be preponderantly conversational that is used in presentations of low context civilizations but should creatively affect proverbial quotation marks gestures and re-enactments and non verbal cues that can transport the same consequence in high context civilizations. These inducements should non be unduly complicated to make anxiousnesss about the hereafter and should turn to normally held outlooks and integrate locally acceptable patterns. Emphasis on clip and promptness should be handled with forbearance and cautiousness ( Ferraro 2002, p 125 – 140 ) .

The selling squad should ever bear in head that the manner to carry on dialogues in a leftist civil order will differ from what the squad is used to in that of an individualist civil order. The prevailing influence of the one opinion political party construction with autochthonal lobbyist skilled in dialogues of this nature fielding other foreign rivals can non be underestimated. To successfully negociate new procurance and installing of the merchandise at the current market cost that may hold challenges from other rivals on monetary value without inducements offered being branded as payoffs will necessitate both rational and passionate entreaties to the clients that are crystalline and defined. It is recommended that the joint squad ab initio approach those clients whose operating and organizational policy reflects shared rules, ends, involvement and values of intent for the merchandise they are marketing.

The squad should let their autochthonal spouses set the gait for the populace or general presentation perchance utilizing local performing artists, societal and aggregate media where applicable to appeal socially to all clients and intended clients. As a consequence, the FCS articulation selling squad will be able to develop and keep collaborative, friendly relationship devoid of any struggle but marked by transparence when dialogue with possible clients.

The joint selling squad should capitalize on the turning economic system to present presentation in association with other programmes being run by authorities, Bankss, multinationals, telecoms, parastatals, hotel ironss to market merchandises with characteristic presentation in topographic points of concern for such presentation with particular agreements made with these reputable concern locations and organizing organic structures to separate their scheme of marketing presentation from other rivals to pull clients transparently.

Last, based on the strength, weaknesses chances and dainties to FCS joint transparent selling procedure with IGNL it is recommended that simple qualitative points can be given out as keepsakes that may subtly market the merchandise without being considered as significantly act uponing the client or meaning to favorably bias clients judgement towards FCS during dialogues A strategy whereby test versions of the merchandise are installed for a specific clip frame to give the client or meaning client a alone experience to carry the client commit to buying the merchandise could be applied. This will function to develop a long permanent transparent relationship with the client or client.


Judging by the solution and recommendation that were born out of the analysis of the undertaking of implementing a crystalline selling strategy devoid of questionable patterns, it is forecasted that FCS in coaction with any autochthonal company will construct long standing relationships with clients that will pave the manner for advancing concern minutess that serve as a benchmark for transparence in the Nigerian concern environment.

The eventful result of this prognosis is the possible constitution of Firm Solutions Nigeria Limited in the hereafter to go on to advance and reflect transparent concern patterns in Nigeria.