The Effects on Migration of People Essay

To what extend does the migration of people have a positive effect? Human migration has been playing an essential role in ensuring the survivability of human spices. Early humans in Africa attempted and succeeded in moving out of Africa, this allows early humans to have more area to hunt for its prey. Modern human have the same intention as early humans, but instead of the search for food, we engage in the search for money. The search for money causes an increasing trend that humans are moving from lesser develop areas to a more develop areas, regardless it is within its own country, between countries or between continents.

Anyone living in a developed city can feel the negative effects of migration. While the positive effects are not felt by the developed city residents, however its impacts are wide ranging and profound in an international field. Despite a few social and political issue, human migration brings huge benefits to economy, education and technological sector. While overcrowding and employment issues are often blamed on migrant workers, they have been assisting major cities to build up a more powerful and mature city.

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Developed cities such as Singapore, Shen Zhen, Beijing and New Delhi have been receiving large number of migrant workers from rural area in the search for jobs. Migrant workers from rural areas tends to demand lesser pay than its residents, thus many employers decided to employ migrant workers instead of its residents. While it may not be beneficial to its middle and lower class residents, large businesses and the major cities have huge gains from the much needed migrant worker. Migrant worker is the source of energy to expand and develop the cities, some of the world best construction will never had been achieved without them.

Migration also promotes an exchange of ideas and cultures between the rural area and the urban area, this could bring the society to a whole new level by understanding, accepting and integrating with all race and all ideology. Human migration have been helping a few developing countries to boost its GDP, thus improving the overall living standard of the people in the country. Countries such as the Republic of China, Indonesia, India and Brazil have increasing amount of migrant workers from rural areas working in the cities, this not only increases the country productivity, it also increases the migrant workers salary.

An increase in salary allows migrant workers to be able to afford houses and cars in the urban area. Although the financial crisis in Greece caused many talented and young individual migrate overseas, they are working overseas to bring money back to their parents and relatives. The exchange of knowledge between world class talents have various huge benefits to mankind, some can only be made possible by human migration. The United States of America have a very special place called Silicon Valley, it is a place which houses talents from all over the world.

Though the exchange of knowledge from very diverse background, it had made awe-inspiring invention and huge breakthrough in science and technological fields. Another location that house talents from all the countries is a place between France and Poland named CERN. CERN have the biggest particle collider, it is known to be able to predict what happens after big bang occurs. Recently it had found the god particle, it is known to give mass to all of the object in the universe.

International space station is best example of pushing the boundaries of human exploration by migration. Human migration is the key to survival, regardless of time, nationality, race and religion. It proves collaboration is better than war mongering. Many lives have been recused from poverty. International projects have deemed to be both exciting and awe-inspiring. Human migration could bring forth the dawn of new age, where there is no boundaries between countries. Instead there will be worldwide cooperation and projects to push the boundaries of knowledge.