The Conflicts: Dead Poet Society Essay

Explain why the conflict was important to the text(s) as a whole, supporting your points with examples of visual and/or language features. Tradition, honour, discipline, excellence is what Wellton Academy pursues. John Keating the new English teacher has a new way of teaching. Peter Weir has shown in the film that Keating makes the boys look at a new perspective of life, “ Carpe Diem,” “seize the day” making the boys think out of the tradition and encouraging free thinking.

In this essay I’m going to describe two conflicts that are essential to this theme within the film. “Rip them all out boys, I don’t want any of the introduction pages left,” Mr Keating say. “What the hell is going on? ” the Latin teacher yells as he barges in the door, not realising that Keating was in the class room. This is the prime example of the main conflict throughout the movie. Mr Keating’s teaching style is remarkably different to the traditional teaching of Wellton.

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Poetry has no boundaries; there are no rights and no wrongs. By ripping out the introduction, Mr Keating is teaching them to write poetry in their own expressive way. He’s showing a path to where they inspired to think for themselves and not be restricted from the traditional ways of writing poetry. This conflict of Keatings outrageous teaching style is leaving him with a bad impression as he is not following the four pillars.

The most important lesson Keating teaches is Carpe Diem, which means Seize the Day. Standing up on the desk in the class room, far from Weltons conventional system. Keating is getting them to gain a different perspective, thinking for themselves, living life on the edge, not being stuck in conformity. This is causing major conflict as the boys are now stepping out instead of following the crowd. Which is all reflecting back to Mr Keatings teaching of “Carpe Diem, seizing the day” through self-expression.

This is causing conflict with the other teachers at Welton and also with all of the boys’ parents as tradition in Carpe Diem isn’t exactly used. In conclusion Peter Weir has shown the conflicts strong through this film Dead Poet Society with Crape Diem and not teaching traditionally to what Weltons four pillars are. Tradition, honour, discipline, excellence. It stood out very clearly that Welton Accademy does not stand for free thinking, you have to follow the rules and never to step out of line.