The Advantage and Disadvantages of Online Education Essay

Online education has become a popular channel for many students to pursue their degree. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of online education? These questions are faced by students deciding to take online classes. Often students work full or part time jobs while going to college so their time is valuable. These students want to make the right decisions in choosing classes so knowing the pro and cons of choosing it is much important.

There are the many advantages of taking online education such as the flexibility that given by online education, it’s helping students to save more money and time and so on. However, there are disadvantages to taking online classes such as the lack of supervision, and the problems with procrastination,etc. First of all, a student can usually take the course any time during the day or week. Students who work are able to take the class based on their schedules.

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With a proper time management, students can easily plan their online learning sessions to fit into their busy schedule and follow their own pace of study to complete their degree program. One of the best advantages of online education is it’s able to provide the students with a flexible learning environment from any location as long as they are offered with internet connection. They can attend the online classes from their comfort home or any location that they find convenient to them.

This also means that the students can enroll into any online degree program offered by any universities around the world as long as they make their degree program online. In general, you can complete a degree online in shorter period of time if compare to the same courses offer in campus-based programs. Unless you purposely delay your courses due to fail to proper manage your time. Other than that, online degree programs cost less then campus-based degree programs as most of learning materials are in downloadable format and the credit hours required to complete an online degree program is comparatively less.

Hence, you could save some money by taking your degree online. One of the disadvantage of online education is the complete lack of supervision. If a person is not motivated to finish what they start, then it is probably not a good idea to take an online course. While there may be deadlines and expectations from the online course instructor, there is no one there to remind them to do the assignments or to take the tests. Another mportant disadvantage of taking an online course is found in students who have the tendency to procrastinate. Some of the students will procrastinate when it comes to completing their writing assignments and failed to finish their goals. It is probably not a wise idea for this kind of student to take an online education. As most of online learning materials are in text format, if they are not comfortable with this format and prefer to listen to the lecture instead of reading it.

Then, it will become the disadvantage for them and they need to reconsider their decision before they choose online education to be their degree pursuing channel. A student who does not have Internet skills cannot expect to do well with an online course. A student taking an online course must have access to a computer. These are two requirements that need to be considered before taking an online course. By way of the conclusion, the advantages of online education can become the disadvantages if students are not the right candidate for online education.