Sustainable Marketing Within A South African Retailers Supply Chain Essay


This paper demonstrates practically how a major South African retail merchant promotes new venture creative activity within its supply concatenation as it implements its sustainable selling schemes. A qualitative instance survey attack, utilizing content analysis of this concatenation ‘s 2008, 2009 and 2010 public communications was used in this survey. The subjects under the new venture creative activity class were coded utilizing merchandise life rhythm variables identified by Fuller ( 1999:52-56 ) . The consequences obtained demonstrate that retail merchants can advance new venture creative activity within their supply ironss as they implement sustainable selling schemes.

Cardinal Wordss: sustainable selling, new venture creative activity, retailing, retail supply ironss

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The execution of sustainable selling schemes by a major South African retail concatenation facilitates and encourages new venture creative activity when these new ventures supply this retail merchant with merchandises that enable it to accomplish its sustainability aims. Dixon and Clifford ( 2007:327 ) suggest that enterprisers can stay economically feasible and prosecute environmentally sustainable concern patterns by developing mutualist relationships with corporate administrations wishing to heighten their corporate societal duty profile. This paper demonstrates that in add-on to the usual patterns mentioned by Schaper ( 2002:29 ) to promote environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship, retail ironss can besides advance these types of ventures within their supply concatenation peculiarly when they facilitate the retail merchant ‘s execution of sustainable selling patterns.

The benefits that accrue to retail merchants as a consequence of new venture creative activity within its supply ironss include an enhanced image amongst local communities since employment chances exist for persons within local communities ; an enhanced trade name image in the market place due to its improved societal duty profile ; a local beginning of supply that reduces its C footmark as merchandises are transported shorter distances, and enhanced image within authorities circles since it assists deprived communities and it co-operates with authorities in developing holistic solutions to its sustainable concern patterns for illustration waste direction ( Sustainability Report, 2008:8 ) . This retail concatenation has besides found that a sustainable attack to its concern encourages it to introduce and in so making, distinguish itself from its rivals ( Annual Report, 2009:13 ) .Other benefits that have accrued to this retail merchant as a consequence of its sustainable selling schemes include chances to salvage costs, better its operational efficiencies and heighten its trade name image ( Annual study, 2009:17 ) while at the same time cut downing its impact on the natural environment. The new venture that is created benefits from this relationship in that it has a formal and dependable market for its merchandises which reduces its hazard of making concern ; it is given discriminatory intervention in footings of shorter payment footings, entree to loans and limited fiscal grants every bit good as aid in the development of appropriate concern accomplishments ( Sustainability study, 2008:21 ) . An extra benefit that accrues to the created new venture is an enhanced trade name image and trust since this provider is partnering with a retail merchant that has a strong ethical repute in the market place. Parrish and Foxon ( 2009:55 ) suggest that selling to and partnering with established companies with strong ethical reputes can help enterprisers to make trade name consciousness and trust.


Sustainable selling for the intents of this paper is defined as “ the procedure of planning, implementing, and commanding the development, pricing, publicity, and distribution of merchandises in a mode that satisfies the undermentioned three standards: ( 1 ) client demands are met, ( 2 ) organizational ends are attained, and ( 3 ) the procedure is compatible with ecosystems ” ( Fuller, 1999: 4 ) . In order to develop appropriate sustainable selling schemes, this retail concatenation works with its supply concatenation members in placing what is taken from the environment, what is manufactured and what is wasted throughout the whole supply procedure. It does this, since it does non fabricate in the conventional sense of the term, it merely produces repasts for its in-store cafes. This retail concatenation does nevertheless lend straight to the whole supply concatenation ‘s negative impact on the environment by merely bing, selling merchandises produced by its providers and utilising stuffs in its operations that finally are derived from the natural environment and which may stop in landfills or foul the environment. This retail merchant works with its providers because it has found that it can non work out environmental jobs on its ain ( Annual Report, 2010:36 ) and it besides works with concern spouses, non-governmental administrations ( NGOs ) and their ain clients in order to accomplish their sustainability aims ( Sustainability Report, 2008:14 ) . New venture creative activity within the retail merchant ‘s supply concatenation occurs as portion of its thrust to be a sustainable concern that benefits this planet and its people.

Sustainable selling is going progressively important as planetary heating and its negative impact on society and the natural environment is discussed by authoritiess, concerns, consumers and the mass media. Lorenzoni & A ; Hulme ( 2009:383 ) province that the scientific community is now certain that clime alteration is go oning and that human activity is changing the planetary clime while Heath and Gifford ( 2006:49 ) suggest that there are still pockets of uncertainness amongst scientists as to whether planetary heating is really go oning. The South African authorities provinces ( The Presidency: Internet ) :

“ The scientific discipline is really clear – there is no “ silver slug ” – clime alteration is a immense planetary challenge which will take a combination of the full scope of available intercessions, engineerings, policies and behavior alterations to decide the clime job ”

“ South Africa, being a responsible planetary citizen and in line with its duties under article 4.1 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change acknowledges its duty to set about national action that will lend to the planetary attempt to cut down nursery gas emanations ” ( Office of the Presidency, 6th December 2009 )

A canvass conducted in the United States and quoted by Cordero et Al. ( 2006: 865 ) indicated that 83 % of Americans agree that worlds are at least partly responsible for the recent heating of the planet while Whitmash ( 2009:402 ) provinces that in the United Kingdom, there is general credence by people that climate alteration is a human caused job. In South Africa, consumer research conducted by retail merchant discussed in this article has shown that consumers progressively want to understand where merchandises come from and they want to be certain that these merchandises are sourced ethically and without injury to the environment ( Annual study, 2010:34 ) . As consumer consciousness about the negative impact of human activity on the planet additions, more force per unit area will be placed on concerns to develop more sustainable selling patterns. This statement is supported by Moroke ( 2009:3 ) who states that people have realised that irresponsible private and public ingestion is non good for anyone and there is an emerging tendency in the market place where people believe that what is good for the pocket needs to be good for the planet. Schaefer ( 2005:46 ) suggests that sustainable selling systems need to be flexible, decentralized and unfastened to larning from environmental cues such as decreasing natural resources, discernible environmental alterations such as decreased wood screen, dirt birthrate, air and H2O quality and planetary environmental alterations such as planetary heating, clime alteration and limited natural C dioxide sinks that absorb emanations from the combustion of fossil fuels ( Lewis and Harvey, 2001:201 ) .

Sustainable selling schemes that encourage new venture creative activity are of import in the South African context since the South African authorities sees entrepreneurship as a manner of cut downing unemployment, accomplishing more just income distribution amongst all population groups and as a agency of exciting the economic system ( Pretorius & A ; Wlodarczyk, 2007: 504 ) . From an international position, entrepreneurship is besides seen as lending to higher economic growing, easing regeneration, heightening productiveness and helping in occupation creative activity ( Harding, 2003 & A ; Davies, 2002: quoted by Tilley and Young, 2009:81 ) .

South Africa is a state that is non seen as being really entrepreneurial amongst its equals even though it has made immense investings in entrepreneurial support and preparation in the SMME sector ( Pretorius & A ; Wlodarczyk, 2007: 504 ) . Statisticss provided by Pretoriaus & A ; Wlodarczyk ( 2007:504 ) indicate that in 2004, South Africa was estimated to hold an mean entrepreneurial activity of 5.4 % compared to other developing states which were found to hold an mean entrepreneurial activity of 21 % . Entrepreneurship for the intent of this article ‘s is defined as developing and puting resources in something new, hazard pickings, and harvesting the wagess for making so ( Hisrich et al. 2008: 8 )

Opportunities for new venture creative activity occur during the execution of sustainable selling schemes when there is a demand for sustainably produced merchandises and bing providers are unable to fulfill that demand. Gaps within the supply concatenation can be identified by analyzing what members of the supply concatenation return from the natural environment, what they make to fulfill client demands and what they waste and pollute as a consequence of the devising and taking. Each phase within the supply concatenation demands to be evaluated in relation to its eco-friendliness and long term environmental sustainability. Fuller ( 1999:52 ) suggests that in order to acquire a comprehensive position of the cachexia, taking, and doing, the whole supply concatenation demands to be examined since restricting the analysis to a individual phase or concern can supply a deformed position. For illustration, it may be said that retail merchants are non responsible for the waste and pollution associated with the merchandises that they sell since they are non the makers. However, if there was no market for the merchandise, it merely would non be.

Fuller ( 1999: 50 ) suggests that a diagnostic tool that can be used to place all the relevant variables involved in the pickings, blowing and doing is the merchandise system life rhythm theoretical account. Ryan ( 2003: 258-259 ) states that life rhythm appraisals of providers facilitates the designation of weak links that “ import ” environmental jobs for retail merchants. Harmonizing to Ryan, Business to Business partnerships or value concatenation schemes that utilise green confederations support enviropreneurship which is defined as:

“ The preparation and execution of ecologically good corporate policies that protect market place while making gross for the participants ” ( Ryan, 2003:259 )

Pesonen ( 2001: 45 ) provinces that heightening the environmental public presentation of merchandises requires life rhythm believing which stimulates and encourages co-operation within the supply concatenation. Harmonizing to Pesonen ( 2001: 46 ) , the chief contractor ( in this case the retail merchant ) , in an industrial value concatenation really frequently puts force per unit area on other members to better their merchandises ‘ environmental public presentation. Pesonen ( 2001: 46 ) provinces that environmental public presentation demands are besides coercing concerns to progressively concentrate on what is go oning upstream in footings of the impact of natural stuffs and constituents on the natural environment. This retail merchant states in its one-year study ( 2010:36 ) that it works with its providers because it has found that it can non work out environmental jobs on its ain.


The primary aim of this survey is to show how the execution of sustainable selling schemes by a major South African retail merchant promotes new venture creative activity within its supply concatenation.

The secondary aims for this survey include:

Proposing that the planetary heating phenomenon is doing stakeholders more cognizant of the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment.

Commenting on the importance of entrepreneurship in a South African context in order to put the foundation for this survey.

Discoursing sustainable selling and the merchandise system life rhythm in order to show how it can be used to place countries within this retail merchant ‘s supply concatenation that have a negative impact on the natural environment

Showing the nexus between sustainable selling and new venture creative activity within a retailing context.

Describing and associating the retail merchant ‘s sustainable selling schemes to the publicity of new venture creative activity within its supply concatenation


An exploratory, qualitative instance survey attack that utilised content analysis ( Krippendorff, 2004 ; Tengblad & A ; Ohlsson, 2010: 657 ) was used to analyze this retail merchant ‘s 2008, 2009 and 2010 imperativeness releases and their one-year fiscal and sustainability studies. Contented analysis was selected because these paperss contain a wealth of information that could profit faculty members and practicians who were interested in the types of new ventures that could be created through the execution of sustainable selling schemes. The appropriate content of these paperss was ab initio categorised as reflecting new venture creative activity and it was so coded based on the Fuller ‘s ( 1999:94 ) merchandise life rhythm sectors that include upstream, midstream, downstream and concurrent sector classs. These codifications identify the different types of new ventures created within this retail merchant ‘s supply concatenation as it implements its sustainable selling schemes.

The four merchandise life rhythm sectors utilised in this survey are described as follows:

The Upstream Sector – which consists of natural stuff and material-component channel webs including all associated makers and industrial distributers that operate in this sector.

The Mid-Stream Sector – includes the retail merchant being discussed and all the relevant makers and jobbers who supply it.

The Downstream sector – is the consumer mark market and is concerned with placing the client ‘s demands and wants in order to plan, develop and market merchandises that satisfy clients.

Coincident Operationss in all Sectors ( Waste, Pollution and Reverse Waste Channel Networks ) – Each sector in the merchandise system life rhythm produces waste and pollutes the environment. Most of the waste that is produced by each sector tends to either terminal up in landfills or is disposed in rivers, watercourses or the sea. This sector is considered in the merchandise system life rhythm in order to develop methods to either cut down or recycle these wastes in a manner that does non harm the natural environment ( Fuller: 1999:55 ) . An illustration that demonstrates this rule is the retail merchant ‘s usage of a biodiesel mix that is manufactured from the waste cookery oils generated in its in-store cafes and used to fuel their truck fleet ( Annual Sustainability Report, 2008: 41 ) .

Fuller ( 1999:50 ) provinces that the merchandise system life rhythm is a utile tool for placing all relevant concerns, procedures and resultant wastes that are involved in the supply concatenation ; from the sourcing of natural stuffs needed to develop the merchandise for the mark market right through to the existent ingestion and disposal of that merchandise by the client. ( It should nevertheless be noted, that the illustrations selected for this paper merely reflect the diverseness of new ventures that have been created in the different sectors of the merchandise life rhythm and they do non reflect all the new ventures promoted by this retail merchant ) .

This retail concatenation was selected due to the fact that it operates internationally ( Annual Report, 2009 ) , and it is good known in the market place for its multipronged, advanced attack to profitable sustainable selling pattern ( Please refer to Postpone 1 below ) .

Table 1 Retailer ‘s fiscal statistics, market portion and figure of shops


Employee turnover Rbn

Net income before revenue enhancement Rbn

Market portion dressing

Market portion nutrient

Entire figure of shops



















Contented Analysis for the intents of this survey is defined as “ a research method that detects, records and analyses the presence of specified words or constructs in a sample of signifiers of communicating ” ( Sproule, 2008:115 ) . In add-on, personal e-mail communications with the Manager: The Good Business Journey at this retail merchant ‘s caput office was carried out when lucidity sing certain issues in the survey was required. The Good Business Journey mentioned in this retail merchant ‘s communications refers to a comprehensive 5 twelvemonth program launched in 2007 that is designed to assist society and the planet. This program incorporates a series of marks and committednesss that are designed to accomplish the followers: accelerate transmutation within the retail merchant ; drive societal development by assisting to relieve poorness ; heighten this retail merchant ‘s environmental focal point and reference planetary heating and clime alteration issues ( Press release, 1st June 2008 ) . Each twelvemonth this retail merchant ‘s public presentation is measured comparative to its 2012 marks and so far it has achieved 71 % of its declared aims for 2012 ( Annual Report, 2010: 15 )

As this survey is based on a retail merchant ‘s sustainable selling patterns and there is no fabricating activity in the conventional sense of the term, this retail merchant is perceived as being both straight and indirectly involved in the pickings, doing and blowing within its supply concatenation. This is due to the fact that it uses resources that are finally derived from the natural environment in order to fulfill its client ‘s demands by bing, bring forthing nutrient in its in-store cafes, and by buying merchandises from its supply concatenation which it makes available to its mark market.


The retail concatenation being discussed has participated in the creative activity of a figure of new ventures within its supply concatenation. For this retail merchant, take parting new venture creative activity enables it to show to its stakeholders, its committedness towards the planet and its people. Consumer research by this retail merchant has shown that consumers are now more cognizant of its sustainable selling patterns and they show high degrees of support for its enterprises. In add-on, this study states that consumers progressively want to understand where the merchandises they purchase come from and they want to be certain that these merchandises are sourced ethically and without injury to the environment ( Annual Report, 2010:34 ) .

The new ventures that have been created as a consequence of this retail merchant ‘s sustainable selling schemes are discussed below taking into history the different sectors of the merchandise life rhythm proposed by Fuller ( 1999: 94 ) . As stated earlier in this paper, Schaefer ( 2005:46 ) suggests that sustainable marketing systems should be flexible, decentralized and unfastened to larning from environmental cues, such as the emerging grounds of impending natural stuff deficits, discernible environmental alterations such as decreased wood screen, dirt birthrate, and air and H2O quality every bit good as clime alteration. The retail merchant being discussed demonstrates this by being cognizant of alterations in the natural environment, by join forcesing with its supply concatenation to happen ways to cut down their impact on the natural environment and by helping in the creative activity of new ventures that help it to accomplish it sustainability aims.

New Venture creative activity in the Upstream Sector ( Raw Materials Channel Networks )

The concerns that operate in the upstream sector act as providers to the midstream sector discussed in below. This retail merchant has a strong influence on this sector since it straight and indirectly provides a market for this sector ‘s merchandises and it acts as the channel captain. The new ventures that have been created in this sector include:

Spearheading organic cotton production in South Africa ( Sustainability Report, 2008:31 )

This retail merchant is the 3rd largest consumer of organic cotton in the universe and all the organic cotton that was antecedently used to fabricate merchandises for this retail merchant had to be imported. In order to guarantee that it had an equal supply of locally grown organic cotton, this retail merchant worked with a figure of interested stakeholders including their supply concatenation to fly organic cotton turning tests on a figure of farms in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo ( Press release, 2008, 3rd January 2008 ) . In 2009, this retail merchant was able to offer its clients the first 100 % South African organic cotton scope of jerseies in both their adult females ‘s and menswear sections. Not merely was the organic cotton for these jerseies grown locally but these jerseies were made in South Africa every bit good ( Sustainability Report, 2009: 34 ) .

By promoting the production of 100 % organically adult cotton in South Africa, this retail merchant is be aftering to accomplish the following with the aid of all relevant stakeholders ( Press release, 3rd January 2008 ) :

Develop organic cotton farming on a commercial graduated table in South Africa

Introduce organic cotton as a rotational harvest for its organic nutrient husbandmans

Create an empowerment theoretical account for little graduated table organic agriculture for antecedently disadvantaged husbandmans

Develop local substructure for proficient support, preparation and development

Make a benchmark theoretical account for other African states

Organic cotton farming benefits the natural environment in that no unreal insect powders, pesticides and fertilizers are used. This agrarian method does non foul the environment with toxic residues from pesticides and insect powders, and azotic oxides ( nursery gases ) are non released into the ambiance from the unreal fertilizers. Harmonizing to this retail merchant ‘s imperativeness release dated 3rd of January 2008, conventionally adult cotton consumes about 25 % of the insect powders and 10 % of the pesticides used in the universe. A benefit that accrues to this retail merchant and its relevant stakeholders by bring forthing and fabricating local 100 % organic cotton merchandises, is a decrease in costs, increased employment in the state, and a decreased C footmark since local organic cotton does non go the same distances as imported organic cotton.

Provides a formal market for Rooibos Tea grown in the Overberg part and indirectly aids in the protection of biodiversity in the country ( Press Release, 1st May 2010 ) .

This venture was initiated when an alternate beginning for Aspalathus linearis tea was needed after a serious drouth in the Cederberg country affected its production. At the clip, the Cederberg was virtually the lone part in the universe where Aspalathus linearis teas was grown. After an initial test in the Standveld country of the Overberg demonstrated that Aspalathus linearis tea could successfully be grown in this country, this retail merchant in partnership with an international foundation commissioned a survey to find the impact of Aspalathus linearis tea production on the autochthonal vegetations in the country. The consequences of this survey suggested a figure of ways that rooibos tea production could reconstruct biodiversity in countries where foreign flora was holding a negative impact on the fynbos.

Rooibos tea husbandmans assist in the protection of the local vegetation by taking foreign flora that inhibits the growing of autochthonal fynbos ; the Aspalathus linearis that they works inhibits the growing of foreigners and allows the fynbos to boom. In order to continue the fynbos ; planting, weeding and harvest home of the harvest is done by manus. In add-on to cultivating Aspalathus lineariss, local disadvantaged husbandmans have found extra employment by helping a nearby husbandman to reap fynbos for export. This retail merchant continues to back up this enterprise by supplying a formal market for this merchandise. The Aspalathus linearis tea that is produced in this country is sold in this retail merchant ‘s mercantile establishments around the state in uncolored filter tea bags that are kinder to the environment.

New Venture Creation in the Mid-Stream Sector ( Finished Products Channel Networks )

Introduced reclaimable shopping bags which cut down the sum of plastic manufactured and come ining landfills ( Sustainability Report, 2008: 16 ) .

The debut of reclaimable shopping bags in 2004 enabled this retail merchant to protect the environment by cut downing the sum of plastic being manufactured and disposed of in landfills. This is peculiarly important since harmonizing to an anon. beginning in the Camaro Chronicle ( 2010: 3 ) , landfills are rapidly running out of infinite and the development of new landfill sites is hard, peculiarly around the Johannesburg country. With the debut of reclaimable fabric shopping bags, this retail merchant assisted in the formation of the Greater Uitenhage Sewing Co-operative ( Gusco ) by supplying a formal market for the cloth bags produced by this co-operative. Gusco has been providing this retail merchant with reclaimable shopping bags since September 2005.

Gusco was formed through an merger of three informal community run uping groups in order to sell reclaimable cloth shopping bags to this retail merchant ( Press release, 31st July 2008 ) . In 2008, this co-operative sold 260 000 reclaimable shopping bags to this retail merchant, it employed 27 full-time mechanic and a figure of seasonal employees ( Sustainability study, 2008: 16 ) .

New Venture Creation in the Downstream Sector ( Consumer Target Markets )

Aids South African schools to develop nutrient gardens utilizing permaculture

In order to help South African schools in supplying sustainable nutrient through their school gardens to their communities, this retail merchant patrons and facilitates the development of permaculture nutrient gardens. The veggies, herbs, fruit and medicative workss that are grown are used to feed hungry school kids, better their nutrition and promote self trust. Any excess green goods that is grown by the school is sold and used to hike the school ‘s income ( Press release, 19th May 2009 ) . This undertaking besides provides schools with a life, larning research lab that delivers results based instruction in all learning countries. Schools with permaculture nutrient gardens play an of import function in helping South Africa to eliminate poorness through sustainable nutrient production ( Press release, 19th May 2009 ) . In extra, communities benefit from these undertakings in that permaculture pedagogues frequently show fellow instructors how to set up their ain nutrient gardens. This in bend enables them to go nutrient security title-holders in their ain communities. A state whose schools have peculiarly embraced this undertaking is Limpopo ( Press release, 19th May 2009 ) .

Permaculture benefits the natural environment in that it is a system of horticulture and agriculture that combines workss, animate beings, edifices, H2O, landscapes and people in a manner that produces more energy than it uses, recycles all waste and foods, and closely imitates nature where possible. The kids take parting in this programme learn a figure of accomplishments that include how to ( Press release, 19th May 2009 ) :

brew natural pesticides

interplant harvests and pull utile birds and insects

do their ain compost

collect rainwater

create horticulture tools and decorations from waste merchandises

New Venture Creation in Concurrent Operations Sectors ( Waste, Pollution and Reverse Waste Channel Networks )

Supports tree-entrepreneurs ( Press Release, 2nd September 2010 )

This retail merchant supports over 2500 ‘tree-preneurs ‘ who works, turn and sell autochthonal trees in countries with small or no entree to formal employment. They achieve this by back uping the Wildlands Conservation Trust ‘s: Autochthonal Trees for Life programme. This trust provides the seeds and preparation needed by the mini-entrepreneurs to turn their trees. Once these trees have reached a specific tallness, the mini-entrepreneurs so merchandise or sell these trees to the Trust who so workss them in re-afforestation undertakings around the state. In 2010, in acknowledgment of South Africa ‘s 11th Annual Arbour Week, this retail merchant supported the planting of 3000 autochthonal trees in the Vosloorus ( Gauteng ) country. In a imperativeness release dated the 2nd of September 2010, the retail merchant ‘s Good Business Journey director stated that they support this programme “ because of its alone ability to make employment, develop enterprisers and conserve autochthonal workss and trees. ” This undertaking is peculiarly important in a universe confronting planetary heating since trees and workss take C dioxide ( a nursery ) from the ambiance and utilize it in the procedure of photosynthesis to bring forth glucose that the trees and workss need for their growing.

Provides a formal market for plastic bags incorporating 35 % recycled content derived from post-industrial waste ( Sustainability Report, 2008:44, Press Release, 31st July 2008 ) .

Isikhwama was ab initio established to supply this retail merchant with reclaimable plastic bags that contain 35 % recycled content from post-industrial waste. It was besides established to supply employment for semi-skilled and unskilled persons who antecedently were out of work in Maitland, Cape Town. In 2008, this provider had sold over a million of these bags to this retail merchant and it employed over 70 people. Harmonizing to the proprietor of Isikhwama, this close partnership with the retail merchant has enabled it to continually turn and transcend its most optimistic projections. Using harvested post-industrial waste in recycled plastic bags benefits the environment by cut downing the sum non-renewable resources in the industry of the bags and it besides reduces the sum of plastic come ining landfills and fouling the environment.

The instances given above for each phase of the merchandise life rhythm show practically how a major South African retail merchant ‘s execution of sustainable selling has assisted in new venture creative activity within its supply concatenation. The new ventures that were created have assisted the retail merchant in guaranting a local supply of more sustainably produced merchandise ; have assisted it to countervail its C footmark and enabled it to cut down its negative impact on the environment either straight or indirectly. For illustration, the planting of trees in countries being reforested aids to cut down the C footmark associated with the retail merchant since trees absorb C dioxide from the ambiance while the societal ventures that encourage permaculture throughout the state aid to countervail the negative impact that this retail merchant has on the environment through the purchase of conventionally produced and manufactured merchandises. By helping deprived school communities to bring forth their ain nutrient in an environmentally sustainable mode, this retail merchant is heightening its trade name image amongst these communities, its mark market and in authorities circles since it promotes and informs its stakeholders about its sustainable selling patterns.

Sustainable selling is going progressively important as concerns, authoritiess and consumers become progressively cognizant of the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment. Fraj-Andres et Al. ( 2009:263 ) province that the progressive debasement in the measure and quality of the environmental resources has encouraged societies to see their duty and part to current environmental jobs. One of the jobs presently confronting concerns is that environmental issues are frequently seen as a menace to a house ‘s profitableness due to big investings that need to be made in bar engineerings. This is now altering as concerns are now get downing to see the natural environment as a possible beginning of competitory advantage ( Fraj-Andres et al. 2009:263 ) . Similarly from a new venture creative activity position, environmental issues are now seen supplying legion niches for enterprising persons and houses to successfully place and service ( Schaper, 2002:26 ) . This survey has demonstrated that successful new venture creative activity can happen when new concerns spouses enable a major retail merchant to implement its sustainable selling schemes.


This instance survey focuses on merely one of the major South African retail merchants and it is based chiefly on what is stated in its 2008, 2009 and 2010 one-year fiscal and sustainability studies and media portfolio releases. These two informations beginnings were found to be comprehensive and elaborate plenty to give a good indicant of what this retail concatenation has and is making in footings of its sustainable selling schemes. There was personal e-mail communications with this retail merchant ‘s Director: The Good Business Journey but merely when there was an issue that needed to be clarified. The public paperss provided by this retail merchant are detailed, expressed and easy understood.


This survey has demonstrated that concerns can productively go more sustainable in footings of their selling schemes and they can profit from these in a figure of ways that include:

An enhanced trade name image amongst all its stakeholders since it is seen to be socially responsible while keeping its profitableness.

Cost nest eggs within its operations enable it to put in more sustainable options and inventions that facilitate the accomplishment of its sustainability aims

A collaborative relationship is developed with members of its supply concatenation which facilitates the execution of its sustainable selling schemes.

Competitive advantage and distinction in the market place is facilitated and achieved.

These benefits that accrue to the retail merchant being discussed are peculiarly important in a universe that is confronting an environmental crises that includes planetary heating and clime alteration, that can hold a annihilating negative impact on human societies and the natural environment ; decreasing natural resources that an impact on the quality of life on the planet and increased pollution that negatively impacts on the wellness of human society and the planet. As society becomes progressively concerned about these issues, increased force per unit area will be placed on authoritiess and concerns to extenuate these negative influences. This retail merchant will be in a strong place in the market place as these force per unit areas begin to be felt by concerns holding a negative impact on the environment.