Summer Reading Guidelines Essay

During the summer of 2013, all students who are entering grades 9-12 will read the book Uglies. For their summer reading project, students should choose one project from the choices below. Projects will be due to their English teachers on Friday, August 30. Create a diary or journal in the voice of a character from your book. Follow the events of the novel and give your chosen character’s impressions and reflections on those events. Be sure to go beyond the obvious. Sure, she might have been worried about getting caught when she crossed the river, but how would she write about that in a journal? What thoughts are racing through her mind?

Pick this project if you feel like the book’s characters really came alive for you. You must write at least 12-15 journal entries. The project should be 250-800 words (2-4 typed pages, double spaced. ) Write letters between characters. This project can be done in two ways. You could write letters back and forth between two characters from your book. Or you could think outside the box a bit more and write letters between one character in your book and another person from literature or history. For example, say you read The Hunger Games and think its protagonist, Katniss, might be a good pen pal to Tally from Uglies.

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What would they say to each other? How would they get along? What stories might they share? Choose this project if you think interaction between characters is more interesting than introspection from one character. You may write as many letters as you would like. The project should be 250-800 words (2-4 typed pages, double spaced. ) Make sure your interactions are grounded in the books. Discover the book’s relevance for you. If you like to write personal essays, full of your own opinions, don’t limit yourself to a blase “I liked this book because… ” kind of review.

Think about what–aside from liking or not iking it– you got out of reading this novel. Did the plot help you in some way to become a better person? Select this project if you consider yourself opinionated and like to share your views. You must cite evidence from the text (specific quotations that you feel relate to your point of view. ) This option is strongly suggested for Honors and AP students. The essay should be 250-800 words (2-4 typed pages, double spaced. ) Get crafty with some cartography (that’s mapmaking, FYI). Look back closely at the places that were important in the book, and illustrate a map that shows where they all are in relation to one another.

Create a key in which you explain why each place is so important to the story. Select this project if you’re known for your close attention to detail. Your map should be posterboard size, must include at least 5 places, and must include paragraph-long explanations for the significance of each location. Make a movie trailer featuring your book. If you have Windows, chances are you have Movie Maker without even knowing about it. If it’s your first time making a movie on the computer, though, think about downloading Microsoft’s Photo Story.

It’s free and simple to use and has enough features (photo effects, neat transitions, the ability to add music) that you can create a pretty cool product. Choose this project if you dream about being the next Steven Spielberg or M. Night Shyamalan. Your final movie should be a professional-looking 8-10 minutes long. Write a pamphlet or handbook for people traveling to the place and time of your book. Introduce the culture and describe any differences in lifestyles and beliefs that travelers from your place and time should know about.

What do the people there eat? What kinds of jobs are available? What behaviors are considered polite or rude? What do the people think is most important in life? Your pamphlet should fully show your understanding of the book. Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot in one article, cover the weather in another, do a feature story on one of the more interesting characters in another. Include an editorial and collection of ads that would be pertinent to the story. Your newspaper must include at least 5 stories and should be laid out as a newspaper.