Sugar the Bitter Truth –After Watching Lecture of Dr. Lustig Essay

At first, Dr. Lustig provides us the facts of sugar and obesity in our country. Fructose has increased in the past 30 years, coinciding with the obesity epidemic. Nowadays, no matter children or adults, we all eat more than 20 years ago. And Dr. Lustig points out that there is something wrong with our body feedback system and makes us keep eating more and more. And they are not in fat but Carbs. The secular trend in fructose keeps increasing every single year. For example, people consume more soft drink through 20 years and what contained in soft drinks are more and more sugar, high fructose corn syrup, ect.

What causes obesity in the society is fructose; the fructose is poison, Dr. Lustig says. And the fructose corn syrup and sugar are exactly the same. Secondly, he explains that the causes of our HFCS consuming today are the perfect storm from three political winds: 1. Food should never be an issue in a presidential election. (To make food cheaper);2. The advent of high fructose corn syrup in 1966 in Japan and been introduced to America in 1975; 3. The USDA, AMA and AHA call for dietary fat reduction.

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During 1992, the low fat craze spread in the USA; it called that the content of low-fat home-cooked food can be controlled but low-fat processed food means substitution with Carbs. This concept of Carbs includes high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, which were all contain high fructose. Since the adulteration of our food supply includes addition of fructose, removal of fiber, and substitution of trans-fats. Thirdly, Dr. Lustig explains the differences between fructose and glucose. He says that a calorie is not a calorie, and fructose is not glucose; it’s more likely to form AGE’s, doesn’t suppress ghrelin and stimulate insulin.

Glucose can be used by any cells in our body and any living things on the surface of Earth. It can produce energy of life and VLDL, which can cause obesity and heart diseases. In addition, ethanol is a Carbs and toxin as well. It can hurt organs especially liver. Hepatic fructose metabolism leads to all the manifestations of the metabolic syndrome. Fructose consumptions increase risk of glut in adults. It produces energy faster than glucose and that’s the reason why sport drink companies put high fructose in their products, but now who’s drinking them is the kids.

Fructose increases de novo lipogenesis in normal adults. Therefore, Dr. Lustig points out that when we consume fructose, we are actually consuming fat. And so we can see that chronic fructose exposure produces many diseases like ethanol dose because they do the same thing in our body. Fourthly, Dr. Lustig says, we are not what we eat, we are what we do with what we eat. According to the UCSF WATCH clinic lifestyle intervention, we should get rid of all sugared liquids, eat carbs with fiber, wait 20 minutes for second potions, and buy screen time minute for minute with physical activity.

These methods work. And the exercise and fiber are really important in obesity. Finally, Dr. Lustig shows the fructosification of America to us. He lists seven foodstuffs that don’t have HFCS or sucrose in McDonald’s, sport drink, school milk, WIC and baby milkshake, to tell us the HFCS and high sugar food are surrounding us in our life. The calories reaching liver from cola and beer is almost the same. So in conclusion, fructose is an Carbs, and it also a toxin that is metabolized like fat. However, the fact is even though Fructose is an chronic hepatotoxin, FDA can’t and won’t regulate it.