Stimuli and its results Essay

We were given the following stimuli: One song, newspaper clipping and a poem.

When we first got the stimulus we were quite happy with it as the subject of drugs is quite an easy, or wide subject as there are so many possibilities. We read the clipping a few times each, and it was about a girl who nearly died from taking an ecstasy pill which she asked a friend to supply her with. Her friend was then put in prison for supplying the drug to her friend. This stimulus seems quite negative and sad.

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The second stimulus is the song ‘Lust for Life’ by Iggy Pop It seems like a happy song and is about having a ‘lust for life’ and getting off drugs. This seems much more positive than the other stimulus.

The final stimulus is a poem, featured in the film ‘Trainspotting’ a film about drugs. It starts off positive, and carries on like that until near the end, where the poem gets a lot darker.

We thought about it and decided not to stray far from the subject of drugs. One of our first ideas was to devise our own piece on the subject of drugs, but we couldn’t really think what to do, so we decided to stick with the newspaper clipping and use that to base our play around. We used many explorative changes (drama conventions) in our performance, these were mime in the prison, to make sure the audience know that it is a prison, still images, so the audience know that the scene is over, narrating, In the bar scene, to explain to the audience what is happening in the scene, cross cutting/flashback in the bar scene, so the audience know what happened, and finally, marking the moment, in the last scene, to convey Kerry’s feelings.

Task Two

In role writing

On the 3rd July 2002, I, Mr A.J. Abbot, of Anselmo, Abbot and Morrison Solicitors, was called upon to represent the case of a girl who had supplied ecstasy to her friend, as a birthday present. The girl in question then fell into a deep coma and came very close to death. I believe that she was only trying to make her friend happy, and doing what her best friend asked of her. With this in mind, I accepted the case. I had met with the defendant and her family on several occasions before the trial, in order to compile all of the information and clear up all of the loose ends on the case. On the day of the trial, I arrived at the courtrooms, and met with the defendant and her family for a final time before we went into the courtrooms, I reassured them that everything would be fine. Shortly after that, we were taken into the courtroom. The case for the prosecution made their speech first, and I admit it was a good case. Then, it was the turn of the defence. I stood, and presented my case to the judge and the jury. I concentrated on the fact that my client was asked by her best friend to supply the drug for her birthday, and therefore, could not really refuse the request. All she wanted to do was make her friend happy on her birthday. I did well to convince the jury that she was simply doing a favour for her best friend, and therefore could not be blamed for the terrible consequences that were to follow.

Drama mediums

In our performance we used several drama mediums. We used:

Sound: We used the music stimulus, in the bar scene, so the audience are aware that the scene is taking place in a bar/club.

Lighting: We used bright lights in the courtroom and in the house in the last scene. We also used darker lights in the bar scene.

Space: In the courtroom scene, we were all spread out across the stage, and set it out as much like a courtroom as possible, for example, judge in the middle, the solicitors on either side, defendant standing at the side, and the jury in front.

Movement: We used movement well in the courtroom scene, as the solicitors are putting across their case, they are pacing up and down in-between the judge and the audience, who also act as a jury, as when I am saying my speech, I am looking at, and talking to them.

Mime: We used mime in the courtroom scene, as the case for the prosecution is talking, the opposition is taking down notes, and vice-versa. Also, in the bar scene, everyone in the background is acting as if they would in a bar, drinking and talking etc.

Scene 1

Courtroom. Kerry (Kerry T) is being charged with supplying a class A drug to her friend. In this scene, we hear the case for the prosecution (Bradley W) and the case for the defence (Me)

Conventions used: Mime, still image

Scene 2

Courtroom. Kerry is found guilty by the jury and sentenced to 9 months in prison by the judge (Michael C)

Conventions used: Mime, still image

Scene 3

Prison. Kerry enters prison for the first time. Her cell mate (Diane) asks her what she is in for.

Conventions used: Mime, still image

Scene 4

Flashback, Pub. Kerry and Joanne are talking and Joanne tells Kerry that she wants an ecstasy pill for her birthday. Kerry is reluctant, but then gets her one. Meanwhile, Joanne starts talking to someone at the bar (Me). Kerry gets back with the pill and then they both leave.

Conventions used: Mime, Narration, Music

Scene 5

Jail. Kerry finishes the explanation with cellmate and then the narrator freezes the reaction with a remote control and explains the position Kerry is in, e.g. stressed, traumatised, and just wishes that if her friend lives, she’ll forgive her.

Conventions used: Marking the moment, mime

Scene 6

Joanne’s house, 9 months later. Joanne has just recovered and is at home with her parents when there is a knock at the door. It is Kerry. She has come to see if her friend can forgive her for what she has done. Her father (Bradley W) is very angry with her and wants her out of the house, but gives her a chance to talk with Joanne. They chat and Kerry tells her that she is very sorry for giving her the pill. They make up again and the scene ends with Kerry and Joanne holding hands in a still image with ‘Perfect Day’ playing in the background.

Conventions used: Still image

Task 3


Overall, I think that we performed our piece well, having completed it with few or no mistakes.

I think that it was good, and it funny conveyed the story and it was easily understandable by the audience.

The scene I liked the most was the courtroom scene, because of the use of mime in the background, and also the use of movement, back and forth in between the judge and the jury/audience. I also liked the scene where Kerry visited Joanne’s house because of Bradley’s reaction to Kerry being there, and also, because they realise that they are best of friends again.

One point of improvement I will point out is that voices could’ve been raised a little. Everyone spoke quite quietly and I think that the play would’ve been improved if the actors spoke a little louder.

I think all the actors in our play did very well, especially Bradley and Kerry, as they really put character into the roles they were playing.

I think I also did well, but I could’ve spoke louder, especially during the courtroom scene.

However, I think that the way the production was put together, and the way that everyone pulled together and learned their lines in time.

All in all, I think we did a good show, and we improved our knowledge of putting together a play, and improved the way we use rehearsal time well.