Returning Back to School Essay

Yes I am returning back to school, for many reasons. Graduated from associate of nursing degree in December 2000. My plan was to continue to BSN program immediately, but due to situation of things in my life, I was not able to continue. It has always been my dream to acquire a bachelor degree in nursing and even become a nurse practioner one day. There are many advantages of getting a higher degree especially in nursing. The job market is changing and so demand is high, with Bachelor of Science in nursing or higher.

I know that I would have an edge on strong competition. Obtaining BSN will arm me with the knowledge needed to stay ahead in the changing industry, more opportunity for higher learning and choices of higher career widens as my knowledge broadens and more career opportunities . I know that obtaining a bachelor of science degree in nursing will offer me a broad base scientific knowledge that is indispensable. Improved clinical skill and assessment skill are the basic requirement to practice in health care system in future.

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Now the hospital where I work and so many other hospitals in the region are pursuing the magnet statues. Most of the hospitals in my area do not hire registered nurses without BSN. The hospital where I work is encouraging the registered nurses without BSN to go back to school to get the BSN degree. I know that bachelor of nursing degree offer more flexibility and more opportunity to be able to handle the big challenge in the medical industry. BSN will allow me to move from technical nursing practice to level of professional practice.