Research Paper on Fixing Today’s Educational System Essay

Today’s educational system is one of the most looked upon subject in many different ways. In our world, education is priority, and some students have a better opportunity than others so some subject are being more focused on like High School emancipation act, Removal of the “D” grades for credit, and the Student Evaluations of Teachers. All of these are to be looked at differently because the technology we have, we can practically teach our selves, and get the help that we need so that there’s no need for teachers.

But if the need for teachers is strong, then why not have the students evaluate them. Topic 1: High School Emancipation Act Summary/Analysis: Until you turn 18 you are considered a minor (and or under the control of your parents), and Emancipation meaning, freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent’s relinquishing authority and control over a minor child. That means you have the option of living your own life if you are financially capable and or to be able to support your own self and well being.

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To be legally emancipated you would have a show that you are independent and have dealt with responsibilities, and understand once you get emancipated you will have a GREAT deal of responsibilities, such as a Job, taxes, bills, insurance, housing, clothing, and a lot more. Evaluation: Today the High School Emancipation Act option should only be available to the highly educated and well prepared Teen and or minors. To be emancipated, according to ( Dcbar. org) , you are going to have HUGE responsibilities that you are going to need to have done or shown to a judge to be legally emancipated.

The Pro of being emancipated are the rules that you have as a legal minor (Under 18) are no longer included in your life once you become emancipated. According to the rules found in (Dcbars. org), you get to Stay out past the curfew, enter into contracts (e. g. sign a lease for your apartment, buy a car, etc. ), consent to your own medical care, sue someone (and be sued), control your own $$ and earnings, own stock, buy your own house, and etc. The free will and act of the minor laws that are eliminated in emancipation act from normal teen life, is what every teen wants when they are still emancipated.

If you pay close attention Cons are just as bad, going off of the Pros, you as a teen have to be well educated and to find a job to support yourself like that. Because you are a teen or minor, people and or business might not look at you the same as a fully grown, College graduate man. So the odds of you getting a well paid job with benefits are slim to none, unless you know a lot and have studied to do what you want. Topic 2: Removal of ‘D’ Graded for Credit Summary/Analysis: The removal of the ‘D’ grade would have a positive and negative impact on the student community.

The removal of the letter grade would mean not only higher academic goals and grades, but better students. But also it could have an impact on the student, because the letter ‘D’ grade is a passing grade, but still a low grade, it shows the student that even though you didn’t do so well, they as a person still did it and passed. As for an RSP or ELL child and or teen, it could impact them the most, being already the student has a learning disability and or new to the language, it might make the student feel unsuccessful and down because of the unsuccessful passing of the subject. Evaluation:

Removing the ‘D’ letter grade from the grade schematics wouldn’t be good, but wouldn’t be bad. According to USC article ( USC Department of Grades), to pass with the minimal grade possible, to pass the class, is not good. Getting a grade a student thinks he or she deserves it what it all comes down to. The Pros of it are that grades would be a lot higher but the Cons of it are that it would affect RSP and ELL kids. If a student doesn’t try or want to succeed then why does he or she deserve a passing grade, but if a student is trying the best he or she could possibly do then why does he or she deserve a minimal passing grade?

The letter ‘D’ grade should be approved to those who are trying and don’t fully understand the subject but are at least trying to understand it. Topic 3: Student Evaluation of teachers. Summary/Analysis: The subject of students evaluating their teachers is a subject that is avoided the most. But it is one topic that would make the most sense. The Pros and Cons of this subject are very good and bad The Pros of it is that it could push teachers to improve their teaching skill, but the cons of it are that if the students just don’t like the teacher they could falsify a report and fire a good teacher fired.

Most teachers today, get evaluated, but have the principle and another staff member come in. Then teacher would be essentially ‘Evaluated’ by the way they teach, talk to their students, and to see if they are doing a good job. Due to the fact teachers only get evaluated once a year the higher staff members don’t truly see the real teaching and what is going on in the class room when they are not present. When a higher ranking of the ‘Evaluating staff’ comes in to evaluate the teacher, it makes its intimidating which would cause the teacher to show, professionalism.

The evaluating staff doesn’t see the teaching every day like the students so, so why not have the teachers secretly evaluated by the students? Evaluation: Having the Students Evaluate the teachers could have its benefits and its doubts. According to the Article (Student Evaluation of Teaching) by the University of North Carolina, it says “Moreover, student feedback is an important tool for individual instructors who wish to improve their teaching. ” In this article text/and or brief sentence of short explanation, it shows that the student feedback is a key piece to improve the educational system.

When the students reply with the feedback of the teacher, the school districts depend on the students to respond with a understandable, and logical response to help with the Higher staff to keep their higher staff in order and make sure they are doing their job. As the budgets cuts and money loss toward the educational system, the state and school districts are trusting and depending on the teachers and staff to do their job and to give the best teachings possible. October 27th 2012. Conclusion: With these topics starting to grown and come to people’s perspective, he advocating growth and development of the education is coming to be the most important. The High School Emancipation Act, Removal of ‘D’ Grades for credit, and the Student Evaluations of Teachers are all topics that all have the positive and negative acts toward the Education of the students. With all of these starting to become notice by students as well at their parents it brings a question, that why can’t the Education board all across America have an option like these but meet somewhere in the middle where it doesn’t start to affect the education of all students.