Real Age Assesment Essay

As I completed this assignment I couldn’t grasp on how this realage test has made an impact in my life. I was overwhelmed by all the questions they were asking me. Why because to some questions I had a hard time answering, not because I didn’t know the answer but because I didn’t think they had an effect on my health. This test has allowed me to see what made me happy, what made me Mad. , Other ways to learn how to control my emotions and learn how to maintain a healthy life. It wasn’t until now that I realized that i was not on the right track.

For example there was a question that I was asked which was do I stay in touch with my friends. When i thought about this question i didn’t think it had anything to do with my health or me being younger. I just thought it was just important to just stay in touch with people that you’re close to. The test showed me that staying in touch with my friends has an effect on me. Having Strong ties with other people keeps me younger and healthier by acting as a cushion against stress, taming inflammation, making my blood less likely to clot when I’m tense, and lowering your risk of a heart attack.

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What did I learn from this assignment, I learned how to maintain my health, stay positive so that my blood pressure can stay normal at all times. Who to keep in my company and who not to keep, what food to eat what not to eat, and also how to keep a healthy diet. The results that were surprising to me were my health results. One result in particular was my blood pressure it showed me that was average. I was surprise because I thought in one aspect in my life that was one area that thought I had in control was my blood pressure.

I’m glad that I was aware about it and I learned some new ways to keep it on track. This assignment was a fun and also a learning experiment I took in a lot, which I never thought would have happened. I am satisfied with my results and with the age that it gave me. I plan to stay healthy and also look healthy. I will not just keep these tips that I learned to myself but, I will share it with people that I know that will benefit from it also. This is an assignment that everyone should be giving the chance to do.