Race and Culture in the US Essay

Race and Culture


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Culture is of import and is considered as river that runs through the relationships and the life of every person. It gives messages that on the other manus forms ascriptions, perceptual experience and judgements. It is non easy for person to go forth his civilization or individuality. Culture and race are two different nomenclatures. Culture referred to the categorization of people harmonizing to values, norms and beliefs related to faith, spiritualty, part and supports while the term race is all about differences among people on the footing of visual aspect, hereditary and heritable features and characteristics ( Maureen. 2011 ) .

Furthermore, race is familial and dependent on cistrons. For illustration, if one’s parents are black so decidedly the kid will be black excessively. In add-on, if parents are from Asiatic state or their beginning is Asiatic so the kids will besides be from same beginning. Children’s physical features are ever derived from their parents in instance of race. While civilization is wholly different thing. Culture depends on traits, norms and values which are non familial or dependent on cistrons. It is wholly based on symbols made by persons who gave intending to these symbols ( Park 1950 ) .

There is ever a struggle related to civilization and race of people. For illustration many people discriminate other on the footing of their civilization and race. One party may handle other with bad words and it is termed as racism. In instance of civilization there may originate a war between people holding different civilizations. For illustration, Americans have wholly different civilization while Pakistan or India has different. As civilization is about the good or bad things or norm associated with a peculiar civilization. In add-on, the civilization in America is based on equity in instance of adult females and work forces employment but on the same side civilization is biased towards African Americans. The research paper in manus is about to research qualitatively in order to happen out the relationship between civilization and race. Furthermore, it will besides include favoritism on the footing of race and civilization among different societies.

Literature Review

Culture, race and category, all have impact on every facet of life. Though, it is really cold but such struggles arise related to different affairs. For illustration civilization and race is impacting leading. Harmonizing to Northouse ( 2009 ) , the procedure of leading can be understood by sing some factors like accomplishment attack, trail attack, manner and situational attack. These attacks mentioned above showed that leading is no based on civilizations or race. It is skill that anybody can possess. Harmonizing to writer, leading accomplishments and patterns are beyond the so called barriers of race and cultural differences.

However, researches demonstrated that adult females were more effectual in leading accomplishments so work forces but they were rated below and less effectual as compared to work forces on the footing of biasness in category and race. Leaderships involved preparation and it is right of every person to develop himself or acquire desired accomplishments to govern and this showed that category, race and civilization has no impact and leading patterns are related to personal traits of an person. Furthermore, leading is one which required preparation and development, interpersonal accomplishments and it is non the procedure or quality one can purchase on the footing of race or civilization.

Not merely African American agony due to biasness of condemnable justness system but besides suffer in all Fieldss of life including, wellness, employment and instruction. The overall rate of underemployment and unemployment is continuously diminishing in instance off American Africans without indicant of betterment in close hereafter. A big figure of population consisting American Africans are unskilled and unemployed ; they ne’er get any chance to go a productive citizen of the U.S. there is a immense difference between the Black and White male based on pay rate, promotional chances and others conditions of the employment and this spread continue to widen.

An article by Floyd D. Weatherspoon counted figure of factors which cause disparities between white and black males. These factors may lend straight or indirectly. For illustration, it is reported that more occupation chances are given to white people than black males populating in urban countries. In add-on, factors include in this civil unfairness are deficiency of accomplishments, instruction and besides employment favoritism. Number of federal Torahs and ordinances have promulgated by Congress to forbid this favoritism related to African American males and besides other minority groups but the chief issue is enforcement of these Torahs to guarantee and assist black males to acquire equal employment chance.

The favoritism related to employment is in all phases, from enlisting and questioning to preparation and occupation demands. The favoritism is widely dispersed and particularly at initial phases it is maximal. Different examiners related to employment showed that employers use different patterns to know apart minorities, peculiarly black males. It is besides reported that black males are matched with white males holding similar instruction and experience. This trial consequences revealed that employers treated white work forces favourably and encouraged them to use for occupations and besides awarded them a higher topographic point in their organisation. These employment audits illustrated that employers rely on engaging white Americans even if they found qualified African American male due to the biasness of civil justness system. This biasness depends on justness system ; how justness system treats black people.

Problem Statement

Culture and race both nomenclatures are one of the hot subject presents. In the United States, it is believed that white males or females have more precedence and installations over black males and females in every walk of life. Whether it is field of instruction, wellness or employment, the biasness is at extremum and black people are treated with biasness and they suffered a batch as compared to others. The given survey is conducted to happen out the relationship between race and civilization and their impact on society as whole and on traits like leading, instruction and wellness. Furthermore, this is taken to happen out whether the above mentioned traits are effected by race and civilization. This will be done utilizing a methodological analysis of qualitative research utilizing already reviewed literature and informations will be compared to reason the consequence.


As discussed earlier, the given survey is taken to happen out the impact of race and civilization and whether these two constructs have negative impact on different facets of life or non. To look into the given hypothesis, it was decided to execute exploratory research or qualitative content analysis by sing the information provided by old researches and besides with the aid of penetrations by theoreticians including Aarseth, Juul or Kucklich. Technique of qualitative research analysis is considered as an option to the quantitative research analysis. Berelson ( 1952 ) defined the technique of qualitative content analysis as an aim, quantitative and systematic description of apparent based content.

Kracauer ( 1952 ) provided another prospective by valuing debate over the quantification every bit good as reading over objectiveness ( Kracauer, 1952 ) . In order to carry on the qualitative content analysis of the given survey, the first measure was to judge the quality of the content. For this intent, two points of position were observed. The first point of position was to use steps on content which are correspondent to the impression of dependability or generalizability and cogency that are required and used in quantitative research analysis. The 2nd consideration was to used techniques or impressions that are required in qualitative research.

After this measure, strategy of involvement was developed sing factors like consequence of race and civilization on different factors like leading, workplace environment. In add-on, research was conducted to happen out the impact of these factors like race and civilization on instruction and life of African American or black people ; as racism and civilization biasness is at its extremum in the United States. Furthermore, instance surveies by other research workers were besides analyzed to travel through their surveies and results to happen the norm every bit good as ways how selected factors like category, race and civilization consequence the traits like leading, instruction, wellness and so on.


The cardinal findings of this research were that in the United States there is greater impact of the race and civilization. Even the justness system of the United States is biased towards black people and black people have to confront more rough and terrible penalties as compared to white males. Furthermore, this biasness can be seen in instruction, employment and in leading. As conducted research showed that leading is trait that is something which is related to personal trait which should non be biased as this is wholly independent of race and civilization but survey besides depicted that this type of biasness is seen in America where black people are enduring.

Furthermore, survey besides showed that adult females besides suffered from the effects of this distinction based on civilization and race. Now the lone manner which can be used to avoid struggles at workplace every bit good as at other walk of life by esteeming the civilization and race of every other person without know aparting on the footing of these two nomenclatures. In add-on, one thing should be taken into consideration that race is defined on the footing of physical visual aspect like tegument colour, hair colour and so on while civilization is wholly based on norms and values every bit good as life symbols. Peoples are different from each other. Some may portion same race but different civilization while some holding same civilization can portion different race. The point is to esteem all the race and civilizations to populate a peaceable life in a peaceable universe.


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