Product and Services of Dutch Lady Essay

Dutch Lady’s main area of focus to grow the business is the higher margin infant and toddler categories such as infant milk, growing-up milk as well as some special products for younger children. This type of infant milk and growing-up milk is very suitable for those children who are in age between 1 to 12 years old. Each of the milk has it category of consumer, this is because, it contain the nutrition and protein inside the milk sources and it can help to develop a person mind and body.

It is very healthy that for the people who drink this kind of milk everyday . Another market the company is eyeing in the next year is dairy products for the family such as regular liquid and powdered milk and low-fat yoghurt. Dutch Lady’s mainly plans to introduce more products tailored for children and young adults in the market. The company knows that there is a huge market for the adult and family, the company is exploring a new avenue – products/propositions to keep people drinking milk.

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Asians tend to stop drinking milk after some time unlike those in the Western countries who drink milk their whole life. Besides that, Dutch Lady not only provide milk’s product but also it come with others taste which such as chocolate drink and joy juice. For the services, Dutch Lady sometimes, it may not be a brand new product but new packaging and making them available in different stores or outlets. Furthermore, the Dutch Lady official website have provide the special program for new mums. This is lesson for who are first time become mother.

Next, it also have a link that show the nutrition advice that help consumer get useful, health-improving information on thier everyday nutritional needs. Competitors Milk industry which also name as dairy industry is a huge and fast growing industry for the Dutch Lady that involved. There is many others competitor company in the market. Dutch Lady face intense competition from competitors such as Nestle (M) Bhd and Fonterra Brands (M) Sdn Bhd, which are also embarking on similar strategies. Nestle plans to spend some RM240mil this year to expand its production capacity.

Fonterra recently unveiled its power brand strategy in line with the company’s aggressive growth plan moving forward whereby the company will focus on three high-performing brands – Anmum, Fernleaf and Anlene – for faster growth, better margins and greater market appeal. The company aims to increase innovation and marketing investments on these three brands by 30% in financial year 2009. Nevertheless, analysts believe Dutch Lady is in a strong position to defend its turf and even grow market share via its growth strategies.