Personal Responsibility Essay

As people get older, the responsibilities in their lives also grow. Parents are responsible for the wellbeing of their children, managers are responsible for their employees, and students are responsible for their grades. Personal responsibilities are directly linked to each other. If a person takes responsibility for their education, they can get their degree. With a degree they can get a good job. If they are responsible at their job, they make more money and can pay their bills.

If they can pay their bills, they are taking responsibility for their children as a parent by taking care of their children’s wellbeing. Even though some people can get through college without taking responsibility for their education, personal responsibility is directly related to college success because it requires taking charge of your own learning, staying organized and managing time efficiently. Personal responsibility is directly related to college success because it requires taking charge of your own learning. To be responsible means to be dependable and accountable for your actions.

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To me, responsibility is very important. For example, as a parent I am personally responsible for my daughter. It is my responsibility to keep her safe, make sure she eats, and has somewhere to sleep every night. Also, as a student it is my responsibility to make sure I stay on track and finish every assignment on time. Being a responsible student is just as important to me as being a responsible parent. If I do not take my responsibility as a student seriously, it could result in me failing my classes, which ultimately could result in not acquiring my degree.

With a college degree, pay from employers is better, which is directly related to my responsibility for my daughter. With a better paying job, I can better care for her and give her the life she deserves. Another way personal responsibility is directly related to college success is to be able to stay organized. If you can stay organized, you know what needs to be done and when it is due. “A recent national survey conducted by Smead found that more than 70 percent of Americans need help when it comes to being organized” (Smead, 2009).

One way to stay organized is to keep a calendar or planner. In the calendar make sure to include both personal and school commitments. With both commitments written in the calendar, you are better able to visualize your day knowing what needs to be done. Another way to stay organized to keep a notebook or folder for each subject. In the notebook you can include your notes, handouts, or anything else related to that class. With a notebook, you will know where everything is without needing to search for it. Another thing you can do to stay organized is to use labels.

You can use labels for many things. You can label important pages in your textbook; you could use labels in your notebook to divide topics, or you could use labels in your notes to remember important facts. Finally, college success requires the personal responsibility of being able to managing time efficiently. I believe that managing time efficiently is a hard thing to do for most of us. One way to manage time is to time out your day. Estimate time frames for everything that you need to get done that day. However, as you are timing out your day, make sure you leave room for surprises.

Sometimes unexpected things happen and you want to ensure that you have made time for those instances. The main problem I believe most college students experience with time management is procrastination. Procrastination involves putting things off until the last minute. One way to help with procrastination is using the time management of timing out your day and keeping a calendar of when assignments are due. However, sometimes even the timeliest and most organized person can fall into the trap of procrastination. One way to get out of that trap is to take small steps.

Divide big tasks into smaller ones that can be completed fairly quickly. Sometimes, you my even have to push yourself to get the small tasks done but once they are completed you will feel more accomplished. One study that was done stated, “Using university student samples, they found that those who reported more purpose and structure to their time also reported psychological well-being, optimism about the future, more efficient study habits, fewer physical symptoms, and less depression and hopelessness, among other positive tendencies” (Macan, Shahani, Dipboye, & Phillips, 1990).

During the duration of my college career I plan on using organization and time management to help me succeed. I will avoid procrastination and make a time strategy to follow everyday. I will also make sure that I stay organized by keeping notebooks for each subject and labeling the important information. I believe that following these simple strategies will guide me to take responsibility for my own learning. In conclusion, responsibility is an important aspect for everyday life.

Personal responsibility is directly related to college success because you have to make the choice to take charge of your own education. Two very important ways to make sure you are taking responsibility for your own education are making sure to stay organized and managing your time efficiently. Using these two strategies are a sure way to keep you on track and make sure you are headed in the right direction to take personal responsibility for your college success.


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