Patriotism Essay

There was this one particular day, where we studied about Patriotism (Pagkamakabayan), which is true love for the homeland; and it has changed my views on being a patriotic person a lot. Patriotism grows from loyalty to one’s nation out of love for its citizens and its natural resources, it is a duty that every person must be proud to have; because if it weren’t for our country, then we would be homeless. We owe a lot to our country, and let us give back by giving love and time for it because for all we know, it has given us much more than we can ever give it back.

Let us not be shy that we are Filipinos; instead let’s be proud of it! The Philippines may not be a first-world country but the fact that we are together as one and face the problems of our nation together, hand-in-hand, is what we are supposed to be proud of. Some countries may be rich and well known, but what about us? The citizens of our country always stood up for one another, and we all work towards the improvement of our country. As a scholar, it has given me a lot of opportunities to realize things I never thought I would have.

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And one of this is that the Philippines, and the government has done a lot for us. We would not be in school studying with the best of the best for free, if it weren’t for them. I wouldn’t be living in a home now, if the Philippines isn’t here. I will never be able to reach my dreams, if I have not been given opportunity by the country and the government to study in Pisay. I am more than thankful that the whole country supports those who are deserving of being scholars, those who will lead the country to a better future.

In return, I promise to become more studious and support the country in whatever its endeavors will be. I will always be loyal, and when I finally reach success, I will always look back at the people who has helped me reach the top; especially God and our country. I will show my love and appreciation for the country, from now on. My gratefulness will never be enough to give back, but with all that I can give; I will try to return the favor. I am a proud Fiipino, and I will always be!