Past and Memories Essay

No matter how much we want to forget, we still remember what and how we did it. Sometimes, we regret the things that hurt other people especially our loved ones, friends and even our teachers. We always think that sharing the worst memories is as hard as a rock but after sharing them, we feel a difference in both our minds and body. Memories were our completion to who we are and what we will be in the future. For instance, I had three fears to overcome up until now: the heights, the darkness and the crowd.

I became afraid of the heights in a field trip where my classmates and I climbed a tower case. Each step we took on the stairs, the tower shook. I reached my limit during the fourth stair. I almost cried because the tower won’t stop shaking so I pleaded my mom to go down. The darkness caught me when we were camping in the classroom during Grade Four. At first, I found it very comforting of the silence but when my friends suggested ghost hunting, I felt eyes watching me.

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I was startled when one of my classmates said that he saw one so I vowed not to stay up late at night. The crowd was something else. I had my first humiliation in singing during first year high school. When the music started, I forgot the timing of the lyrics. I felt like I was being swallowed by a whirlpool because everyone was staring and waiting for us. It took forever that I realized my mistake – that is to enjoy and be a good sport. These memories made us stronger than we realized and gave us direction in our life.

For me, memories do hinder or help people in their efforts to learn from the past and succeed in the future because they may keep us from reaching onto our dreams but not our stand. Memories are hindrance because we are afraid to show to others what gifts and talents bestow us. They are also our guidance to whatever roads we have chosen for they will lead us to a success in the future by applying what we have learned so far. “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. ” ? Mark Twain