Organization, Time Management, Effective Communication Essay

Organization, time management, and effective communication are key elements to online learning. Disscuss how you can use each of these elements toward your proffessional career. The main key elements to lead you to be succeed in getting online learning are organization, time management and effective communication. Not only that, these are also the key factors affect you to achieve success in your professional learning. Managing a lot of files through all the course or controlling many documents of the work is very tired, confused and complicated.

Many people feel exhausted to remember the place they located a document, therefore, saving the materials in an organized directory makes it easy to browse through files. The structure of a directory includes naming syle and hierarchy style. Naming a set of folders that contain some subfolders is called the naming style, while the main folders are named in a general way, the subfolder names are more specific. This way of organizing files helps me a lot to working effectively.

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After using a naming style, for further organization, the hierarchy style should be use arrange the order of folders and subfolders. In order to work best, remembering that you should think carefully and decide which naming and hierarchy styles to suit your working files. An online student does not travel as often as traditional student for course related purpose (OR5000-Graduate Student Orientation, p. 4). Therefore, people tend to think an online student has a plenty of available time.

But being a working student, the time I have for learning and working is limited, and as the time pass on, the pressure becomes more and more heavier each day. Hence, a shedule must be planned for balancing the time between working, learning and social life. Time management is the key to succeed in professional career. In fact, finishing job duties on time can only be achieved by doing them systematically without time management skill or delaying job duties until the last minute will stress out, overload them with both working and learning.

So creating a plan to stay on top of work while maintain a work-life balance will bring good job and a healthy life. Besides organization and time management, a key element to succeed in the professional career is effective communication. Many people think they can still get good result when they do not need a communication with their manager, their colleagues and others. But in fact, hardly might a person finishes all of course work without directing and supporting from their anager and their colleagues. Esepcially, communication is more important with a worker and becomes vital from the manager and the staff, from the company and the clients, from the firm and the partners. Having prefferd methods of communication, is the necessity for a big company or a group to solve difficulties about long distance between the head office and the branches, and to scratch out the difference of culture of a big number of staff.

People might choose to communicate directy face to face, by email, by phone or by other communication method due to perform a good communication. In conclusion, either online learning or professional job need three elements to be sucessful in . To achieve a professional career, people should remember organizing, managing their time and communicating effectively for an active role in their job, their life.