My Great Adventure Essay

Everything in the world is interesting if we think so. My first adventure was planned but surprise to my parents. I have decided to go to Bangalore, Karnataka alone but when I told this to my friends they also joined with me and we all about average 13 years old. In total we were 8 friends. Now, we have to think about reservations. But in real we have to depend on our parents for that. We learned that our parents are our superior helper, supporters,, friends so, we all decided to inform our parents. All parents had reacted different manner but in positive way. They reserved travel packages for us and send one beautiful, young girl with us.

We all enjoyed the journey. We all stayed at my uncle’s house. We have decided to stay . The one amazing moment occurred in Wonderla amusement park. We decided to go in Haunted House. I joined the queue but my friends leaved me alone without informing me and me also did not realize it. There was great car and the room was full of darkness. I sat on first sit and that car divided in 5 parts. It was full of haunted things. The frightening statues of ghosts and they were coming near to me surprisingly. The liquid fall on us as it was the blood of the great ghost.

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The car moved circular and ran down fast to the great slope having red water and ghost floating on it. When it ended I simply looked for friends in nervous mood . they were standing at main door laughing at me. At last ended but I was too nervous about all this things. When I reached at my home I ran and hug my parents and simply said these two sentences, “the whole world is boring without you and you are my best and great adventure. I cannot get best enjoyment rather than my two loving parents and you are best in the world my responsible papa and my loving mom. ’ there for 10 days.