My Best Friend and Me Essay

It’s been said many times that birds of a feather flock together, and if you consider my best friend and me, you would be sure that’s true. Some people have told us that we are like two peas in a pod. In fact, my best friend and I are so much alike that we are practically twins. First of all, our personalities are really similar. We are both a bit lazy. We like to lounge around during our free time, and we nearly always wake up late. In addition, my best friend and I are outgoing. Everywhere we go, we like to meet new people, and last year we joined seven student clubs at the university!

Furthermore, my best friend and I both very frank people. We always tell others our opinions directly. Moreover, both my best friend and I are really honest. We cannot tell a lie. Secondly, my best friend and I look a lot alike. Many people think we are sisters. We both have long brown hair and big brown eyes. We are both a little bit overweight, and some people call us jolly for that reason. We also both have small but slightly crooked noses, and we both wear glasses. We also often dress alike. Both my best friend and I want to be pharmacists in the future. Since we were young, that has been our career goal.

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Now that we are university students, not only are we both pharmacy majors, but we also study at the same university. We have most of our classes together and study together in the library. After we graduate, we hope to get jobs in a pharmacy. Who knows, we might even be able to work together in the same pharmacy! I feel like my best friend and I are almost the same person. Our personalities, appearance, and career goals are almost exactly the same. It’s sometimes hard for me to know where she ends and I begin. I am so happy to have my best friend in my life, and I hope that we will always be best friends.