Mussel Shell Essay

The study of Cold Mix Asphalt has been established in order to fulfill the repairing methods of the distress pavement. Cold mix asphalt has undergone several commodities especially in its development. This includes the environmental issues regarding of the product availability and the statistic weather in the Philippines due to climate alteration. In line with this, the researcher thought of making cold mix asphalt out of hard shell mussel which is obtained from the garbage of restaurants.

In due to that, hard shell mussel will save valuable landfill space which will support a healthy environment as well as Cold Mix Asphalt economical cost. This research aims to determine the effects of shell mussel when used as an aggregate in cold mix asphalt. In the Philippines there is a wide depression rate when it comes to roads, the design process of roads sometimes depleted in accordance with its design due to improper establishment of loaded vehicles. These overloaded vehicles apply stress which is over the capacity of the design.

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Due to these factors, distress of pavement occurs. In line with this situation, repairing of asphalt pavement must be established. Here in the Philippines we have a great variety of seashells all around the seas of our country because of our rich ecosystem and resources. But aggregate mining is in threat because of its effect in environment. So there is an imbalance between of them. Nevertheless, making Cold Mix Asphalt using mussel shell as substitute to fine aggregates helps a little but it could be one of the steps to reduce the problem. 1. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. 2. 1 General Objective: 1. To study the effects of shell mussel as a fine aggregate in cold mix asphalt. 1. 2. 2 Specific Objective 1. To determine the physical properties of shell mussel. 2. To create the appropriate mix proportion of cold mix asphalt based on the proposed mix designs. 3. To evaluate the cold mix asphalt based on the Marshall Design Criteria, Physical and Mechanical Properties. 1. 1 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY This research study focuses on manufacturing of cold mix asphalt out of shell mussel.

The shell mussel is obtained from the garbage waste from restaurants. The aggregate that was used, was sieved pass though 9. 52mm and retained at 4. 76mm. For the asphalt binder, we used the emulsified cutback asphalt (CSS1). This research will take about 2-3 including the pounding of raw materials, sieve analysis, mixing and compacting of specimen, curing, and testing procedures. It will be conducted at the Bureau of Research and Standard (BRS) – GMA Kamuning. 1. 2 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Currently, there is a wide diversity of advancement when it comes to asphalt technology.

Such advancements bring better technologies but more expensive cost, thus making them unaffordable for some contractors especially on repairing damage roads. This is the importance of Cold Mix Asphalt with Hard shell mussel, to reduce the expenses without compromising the quality of the product. This research study will benefit those companies and departments that deal with cold mix asphalt products. Since the research also focuses in the use shell mussel aggregates alone, the cost of the product will be less and economical in some ways sane on its purpose.