Money Cannot Buy Happiness. What Are Your Views? Essay

From my point of view, happiness does not always increase in direct ratio to the rise of money. Happiness is an emotional state-of-mind. Different people’s happiness may vary as their expectations may affect their level of happiness. For example, a child can be easily contented by receiving a toy as a gift. Whereas, an adult may need a bigger trigger, such as a job promotion, to make him feel happy. Happiness can be gained through relationships, such as friendships and kinship which cannot be bought. A relationship between two people is built on the basic unit of trust.

Time and effort must also be devoted in order to maintain a good relationship. Friendships that are built upon one’s wealth may not bring about true happiness as money serves as the pillar of the relationship. Such a relationship could crumble easily and true happiness may not be obtained. Achievements can also bring happiness but certain achievements are priceless. Only when one works hard for something, he will be able to feel accomplished at the end and this sense of accomplishment may bring about satisfaction.

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The greater amount of effort and time put into the work, the greater the sense of accomplishment, hence contentment. In this case, effort and time cannot be merely replaced by money. Money is needed to pay medical expenses and buy medicine but money cannot replace lost health. If a person has a frail body, there will be many things which they would not be able to do. The money will be useless when we get sick as it will serve as no more than the purpose of paying for medical treatment.

That is why it is better to prevent illness than to cure and this can be done through exercising and watching one’s diet. I believe that money cannot buy happiness but it can lead to happiness. In today’s world, money is needed to have access to things. We need money to buy important things, such as vehicles, house, food, clothing and entertainment. Despite that, there are still people living in poverty who live their lives happily despite not meeting up to their daily needs.

It depends on how one sees their life or whether if they are optimistic. Sometimes on the contrary, money may bring about more unhappiness than happiness as it may cause disputes. Therefore, I will say that money brings happiness up to only a certain level. In a nutshell, I believe that money cannot always buy happiness but it does not mean that money totally cannot bring happiness too. It is very important to deal with money carefully and people should be more aware that it is friends, family and good health that truly brings us happiness.