Mompox does not exists, sometimes we dream about it… but does not exists Essay

That phrase written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, could define Santa Cruz de Mompox. The city takes its name due to the Kimbay tribe, is a warm village founded by Don Alfonso de Heredia, after the colonization and defeat of the native people and the Mompoj Indian Chief. Actually known as only Mompox or Mompos, has almost 25,000 habitants and was declared National Monument and World Heritage for the Human People in 1995. Land of traditions and old customs realized by their people along the year, and surrounded by the Magdalena River, is considered the main colonial village of Colombia.

A lot of religious practices of faith and monuments are there, showing the foreigners the veneration of Christ by all their people. Even all the people efforts and sacrifices to do of Mompox a very touristic place, the village has a lot of poor zones and places. In order to go to Mompox, until now, does not exist commercial flights, and the travel converts into an adventure of at least seven hours. Taking a land trip in Cartagena it costs around $35. Some people are afraid of the touristic visits, because they really don’t want that Mompox lost their charm, magic and peace of the village.

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Considered a very important and strategic place, in the half to the Santa Fe de Bogota powers and Cartagena de Indias in the middle of the ocean, Mompox is a very poor known place with a lot of interest places to visit and convert the village into ours. Whoever want to know Mompox, has to have the open heart and believe that the impossible pass there and that the village and its people is made of the same material of dreams with heavenly colors, like the paradise showing an immortal sky and natural beauty.