Management and leadership at the WIPRO firm Essay

WIPRO stands for “ Western India Pine Refined Oil ” . It was started as a vegetable oil trading company in 1945 from an old factory at Amalner, Maharashtra, India. This was founded by Azim Premji ‘s male parent, M.H Preji.

Azim, a alumnus individual in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, when he finished his surveies and so came back to India, unluckily his male parent died and after that he took on the leading of the company at the age 21. He restructured it and transformed WIPRO into a consumer goods company that produced hydrogenated cooking oils/fat company, wash soap, wax and Sn containers and subsequently put up Wipro Fluid Power to fabricate hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in 1975.

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In 1977, when IBM ( International Business Machines ) was asked to go forth India, Wipro entered the information engineering sector.

In 1979, Wipro started to develop its ain computing machines, and in 1981 they started to sell their finished merchandises. This was the first in a twine of merchandises that have made Wipro one of India ‘s first computing machine shapers. Wipro Technologies hired directors who held their employees to strict public presentation criterions.

In 1980 Wipro moved into package development and started developing customized package bundles for their hardware clients. This expanded their IT concern and later developed the first Indian 8086 bit. Since 1992 Wipro has begun to turn its root offshore in United States and by 2000 Wipro Ltd ADRs ( An American Depository Receipt ) were listed on the New York Stock Exchange site. The company ‘s gross grew by 450 % from 2002 to 2007.

Then Wipro started a extremely appreciated enterprise called WASE – Wipro Academy of Software Excellence in 1996. Under this plan, some of the brightest scientific discipline alumnuss are selected and enrolled in an MS ( Software Engineering ) plan in coaction with BITS, Pilani.


IT Services: Wipro provides complete scope of IT services to the organisation. The scope of services extends from Enterprise Application Services to e-Business solutions. Wipro ‘s endeavor solutions serve a host of industries such as Energy and Utilities, Finance, Telecom, and Media and Entertainment.

Product Engineering Solutions: Wipro is the largest independent supplier of R & A ; D services in the universe. Using “ Extended Engineering ” theoretical account for leveraging R & A ; D investing and accessing new cognition and experience across the Earth, people and proficient substructure, Wipro enables houses to present new merchandises quickly.

Technology Infrastructure called as TIS.

In the Indian Market, WIPRO is a leader in supplying IT solutions and services for the cooperate section in India, offering system integrating, web integrating, package solutions and IT services. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

1.2.1 Leadership in Wipro

From the last few old ages wipro has exhibit the leading qualities to the employees every bit good as to the company. Some of the practical illustrations are as below: wipro is service oriented and at the same clip employee centric. i.e. , wipro believes in giving first-class service to its clients and at the same takes a really good attention of their employees.

1.3 Decision:

Presents with the coming of globalization, competition is increasing and the companies are fighting to acquire better market place. All the companies are implementing schemes so as to keep the market place. WIPRO has been so much successful because they are using direction schemes in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life and the company employees are following the schemes in a great manner. The employees at that place truly collaborate and that is another ground behind the success of the company. Management of scheme is really much of import unless the company fails during the execution and the directors should be efficient. Development of scheme and execution is non an easy undertaking. Rather it ‘s really much complicated. WIPRO became successful because of the attempts of its directors and employees in the executing of scheme. Company acquired good consequences on the application of the scheme and other companies are following the scheme applied by the successful companies. This study can assist other companies as they get to cognize the ground behind the success of WIPRO. As competition is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours the companies should work truly difficult in achieving their ends and they should work truly difficult. Management and leading in WIPRO is first-class and the leaders are collaborating with the employees in doing determinations. The employees are given an chance to take determinations by the directors and this gives the employees a good feeling about the company. Thus it can be concluded that the lone ground behind the success of the company is its leading accomplishments and the proper execution of the scheme.

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