Love and Gavin Tyler Poem Essay

In the poem; “The Wisdom of Shelley” by George Elliot Clarke there is much imagery and symbolism used throughout the entire work. The author very rapidly sets the tone of the poem, as well as gives the reader hints of past major events in “Shelley’s” life. Immediately the mood of negativity is created. Everything that is presented to her is received by her in a different light. There is strong imagery based on the contrast. The author draws a picture in the reader’s mind, with his use of imagery in his poem.

An example of an image drawn mentally by the use of descriptive words in the poem would be; “Like a late blizzard, You bust in our door, talkin’ April and snow and rain,” This allows the reader to picture in their mind the very same image the author is imagining and writing about. By compairing the man to a “late blizzard” and saying that he busted in the door, leads to the fact that she, Shelley, does not welcome him or his love. Also, there are several symbols found in this poem. A few of these would be; “poems”, and “Roses got thorns”.

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Poems represent love and feelings, so when the man enters the house “litterin’ the table with poems” he comes in expressing his emotions to her, yet with the use of the word “litterin’” she makes it sound like it’s a bad and fowl action he is committing. Finally, roses and thorns are a symbol which represents, the positive and negative of love. The rose is all about love, happiness and beauty. Whereas the thorns brings things back to reality, with the pain, and downside of love and a relationship. Clarke does an excellent job of incorporating and including much imagery and symbols in his poem.