Louis Vuitton Commercial Analysis Film Studies Essay

The Louis Vuitton commercial describes a broad scope of visuals from India, China and France ( Duncan 2008 ) that captures the existent kernel of travel and the journey through life while seeking to at the same time research the true significance of the word ‘journey ‘ . The visuals are backed by textual messages aimed at replying “ What is a Journey? ( Paris 2008 ) ” against a soulful musical mark. The commercial in itself seeks to sell the Louis Vuitton trade name across 13 states instead than a peculiar aggregation ( Duncan 2008 ) . The fact that merely the monogram is shown in the advertizement bears testimony to the same. With respect to the mark audience, the commercial marks all immature lovers of luxury and travel in peculiar and lovers of life in general. Most of the travellers in the picture are immature people although the local crowd is made up of people of all ages. The commercial sought to capture beautiful minutes that travel with one beyond physical journey. The end was to link Louis Vuitton ‘s trade name passion in helping its clients to accomplish true pleasance and luxury during journeys in peculiar and across life in general in conformity with trade name values of luxury and travel. The advertizement is 90 seconds in way to let it to convey the “ true and rich kernel of travel as a procedure of both find and self-discovery ” as per the caput of communications at Louis Vuitton, Antoine Arnault ( Brent 2008 ) . Through a combination of visuals, musical mark and captions, the picture efficaciously communicates the same and reveals the trade name ‘s passion for supplying luxury to its clients as they journey through life.

“ The Journey ” commercial by Louis Vuitton relies on the usage of legion ocular techniques including slow gesture, particular effects, selective focal point through telephoto lenses, blurring, silhouetting, lens flair and superimposition. The commercial is a ocular wonder created by Bruno Aveillan ( Duncan 2008 ) . Harmonizing to the Louis Vuitton imperativeness release the advertizement captures those quintessential travel minutes where “ our senses and sense of awe are surpassed by the absolute beauty of a topographic point, of a minute ( Duncan 2008 ) . ” The same is basically true of most visuals in the commercial. The visuals endeavor to arouse a sense of awe and a sense of repose in the spectator through word picture of the “ passion and art of travel ( Duncan 2008 ) ” utilizing a scope of ocular tools and techniques. One can see a whole scope of close-ups to supply accent on the feelings of travellers when witnessing a minute that surpasses outlooks and their love for travel. Most of the frames use shallow deepness of field or concentrate on a little country of frame to steer spectator ‘s attending to the specific object or individual of involvement ( Brown 2012, 61 ) . For case, in an over the shoulder shooting of a traveller dressed in white, the focal point is wholly on him with the remainder of the frame blurred out. In add-on to a foreground, mid-ground and background, some frames rely on the usage of glass as one of the planes, which, in bend, allows one to see contemplations of objects that are non a portion of the frame as a 4th bed. Most of the camera angles are at oculus degree with small psychological use of the spectator on that forepart. Selective blurring seems to be enhanced in station production and particular effects work. The interpolation of certain contemplations can look to be the consequence of particular effects. The camera is positioned in many frames to make lens flare which once more curtails proper screening of some ocular content while functioning as an aesthetic and delighting ocular technique. Last, slow gesture towards the terminal of the commercial is another authoritative technique used to heighten the beauty of a momemt ( Brown 2012, 73 ) . The commercial does non picture many visuals of Louis Vuitton merchandises simply demoing the celebrated logo and the authoritative LV design. Through the pick of visuals, the trade name efficaciously takes the spectator back to its history set uping itself as a luxury travel trade name ( Lindstrom 2005, 125 ) . The visuals span three states viz. , India, China and France enabling the advertizement to achieve planetary entreaty in consonant rhyme with its intent of functioning as an effectual planetary ad run. In footings of motive, the commercial utilizations certain marks and symbols to reenforce its textual content. The first is the usage of visible radiation, particularly sunlight. As a form, the light normally connotes wisdom, cognition and power. The usage of Sun, the beginning of all life, foreshadows the reply to the inquiry raised by the commercial. In the beginning, the characters are in darkness, like the spectator decoding the reply to the question posed by the advertizement. The characters become increasingly more illuminated as the commercial advancements. A 2nd form is the usage of mist, haze, fog and even blurring, all of which signify a sense of enigma. This can propose the sense of machination one experiences during travel along with the viewer deficiency of lucidity about where the commercial will take him at its oncoming. A 3rd of import mark is H2O once more a mark of nutriment and life and a mark of pureness. The first subconscious reader response to H2O helps to do the reply, that the journey is life, more meaningful. The 2nd response connects to the pureness of the minutes of awe during travel and the true passion for travel. The characters are themselves appareled and positioned in ways that clearly segregates them from the environment set uping them as foreigners. Furthermore, they are more glamourous than others in their environment reenforcing the “ luxury ” value of the trade name. In entirety, the pick of visuals helps to set up a sense of beauty attached to go and a true love for going. Visuals capture one ‘s cloud nine during minutes that surpass awe while traveling, and the demand to handle life as one ‘s most absorbing journey.

The aural technique used in the Louis Vuitton commercial is background score or music. The mark for the commercial was composed by the celebrated music manager Gustavo-Santaolalla ( Terrazas 2008 ) . Since the commercial was portion of a set of advertizements providing to planetary telecasting selling for the trade name, it can be analyzed on two foreparts. First is its connexion to the type of musical mark the trade name has used in the yesteryear for its selling. Second is the subconscious impact it has on the spectator since colour and music are two facets that influence at a deeper subconscious degree. Louis Vuitton commercials in the yesteryear have normally relied on specifically composed Louis Vuitton signature music ( Lindstrom 2005, 125 ) and this commercial is no different. As a consequence, the mark does non hold any anterior emotional intensions attached to it, leting the shapers to act upon consumer perceptual experiences from abrasion. The music is slow and elusive in congruity with the awkwardness and repose of the visuals. The dominant instrument throughout the mark is a string instrument with bells and other air current sounds supplementing it. The commercial begins with a elusive air current instrument instantly arousing a sense of enigma and pulling the spectator into the commercial from its oncoming. Slow bells are frequently associated with feelings of pleasantness ( Meyer 2008, 87 ) . The twine instrument so strikes an even deeper emotional connect through louder and stray notes. The same beat repetitions throughout the advertizement farther reenforcing the Conduplicatio ‘journey ‘ and an effort to decode its true significance throughout the advertizement. Furthermore, the repeat helps to retrieve the advertizement even after sing, through production of deep memory hints that play a important function in consumer decision-making ( Wells 1997, 241 ) . In add-on to music, the absence of diegetic sounds besides draws viewer attending to the commercial. Sounds such as a books pages turning due to the air currents, childs shouting as they run, the sound of H2O sprinkling are all absent from the commercial though some of the visuals are in close up. This deficiency of sound besides makes one wage attending to what is being shown in the advertizement. In entirety, the soothing nature of the musical mark coupled with its insistent beat reinforces the nature of ocular content and brings the spectator into an introverted temper. The deficiency of diegetic sounds further make one notice the visuals by non reenforcing their content.

A 3rd dominant aspect of the commercial is the usage of captions that appear across the continuance of the commercial. The commercial Begins by raising the inquiry, “ What is a Journey? ” It so begins to add one bed of significance over another to to the full reply the inquiry and terminates with the revelation that “ journey is life itself ” ( Paris 2008 ) . The advertizement, nevertheless, ends with another inquiry “ Where will life take you? ” ( Paris 2008 ) . The word ‘journey ‘ is used throughout the picture as a Conduplicatio or a perennial keyword drawing out of import thoughts from sentences and reenforcing them in other sentences ( Farnsworth 2011, 7 ) . The procedure of repeat enhances the chance that viewer attending will be centered towards the repeated word at some phase of sing ( Wells 1997, 241 ) . The word ‘life ‘ once more finds a similar use as it is repeated in the concluding two phrases of the commercial. The words ‘journey ‘ and ‘life ‘ are the premier takeouts of a spectator from the picture. These two forms are aimed at meaning the Louis Vuitton ‘s passion for enabling its consumers to detect topographic points and themselves as they traverse the journey of life.

Overall, the advertisement uses emotional transportation to associate the trade name with emotions one experiences upon sing the commercial ( Kenny 2005, 72 ) . The effort is to arouse one ‘s passion in life and travelling and straight reassign it to a passion for doing Louis Vuitton trade name a life-time spouse along one ‘s journeys. This transportation is achieved through a combination of captions, visuals and musical mark. The captions instantly promote the spectator to chew over upon the significance of a journey. The visuals strive to capture those minutes during travel that extend good beyond their physical being in the heads of the travellers. They depict the blissful province one finds oneself in when witnessing such minutes and that such minutes are non confined to holiday finishs entirely. The musical mark reinforces a sense of repose and awe experienced during these minutes. The emotional transportation effort becomes most seeable through the concluding two captions “ Where will life take you? ” and “ Louis Vuitton ” ( Paris 2008 ) . The balance of the commercial evokes feelings of awe and love for life. These can so be transferred to a love for a epicurean and enriched life that Louis Vuitton can assist one achieve. The continuance of the commercial is merely disposed for researching the significance of a journey. The advertizement efficaciously communicates the passion of Louis Vuitton for supplying its consumers with a epicurean life style along their journey of life.