L’oreal Takes over the Body Shop – a Case Study Essay

My main focus will be to analyse on the two different values of The Body Shop and L’Oreal. There will be a short summary of The Body Shop history, their values and the reasons why their values actually help in the success of The Body Shop. As well as a short summary of L’Oreal history and their company’s overview values as well. The analysis will also provide the reason why The Body shop owner, Anita Roddick, allows L’Oreal to take over them and the reason why L’Oreal wanted to take over The body shop.

However, there are also disadvantages of both companies willing to work hand in hand with one another. There will be an in depth analysis on why the merging of both companies can actually affect The Body Shop values and result in The Body Shop popularity plunges after L’Oreal took over. Swot analysis will also be used to explain the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of The Body Shop been took over by L’Oreal.

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A survey will also be conducted to show if, people are aware that The Body Shop are been took over by L’Oreal, are they still supporting The Body Shop even though it is been take over. With the survey It can also help to prove if The Body Shop popularity is been affected after been took over by L’Oreal. Project approached Research from newsletter, article, internet on this two company to understand their values and also The Body Shop owner, Anita Roddick, official website to find out the reasons why The Body Shop is been took over.

I will also contact a trainer who work at The Body Shop to answer some of my question regarding The Body shop and also conduct a survey targeting around 30-50 women, age range between 18-50 years old to see if they are aware of this incident of The Body Shop been took over by L’Oreal and the result can also show are Singapore women also against The Body Shop been took over by L’Oreal as well as is this really affecting The Body Shop popularity.