Living in the Centre or the Outskirt Essay

Living in the city centre and living in the outskirt. Which has more advantages and its’ week points? Nowadays, the living standard is improved considerably. There is more condition to support a better life. People, especially famous singers, actors, businessmen, tend to live in the outskirt, instead of living in the city centre. In my opinion, it has some advantages. Firstly, there are many bigger houses with modern fercilities. Each room is equiped with air-conditioning, refrigerators, lamps, ceiling fans… It is decorated modernly and luxuriously. There is much more space around their houses.

It makes people healthier and live near natural environment. Because, each house has garden with many trees, flowers; swimming pool, where parents and children can play together in the weekend. People can also feed pets or domestic fowls, such as chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, rabbits… That is very helpful for children to make friend with animals. Secondly, during living in the outskirt, the relationship between people is better. Day by day, it is more closer and closer, although, there is a small distance among houses. Having a party, especially outdoor party, while living in the outskirt is easier than that in the city centre.

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Because, people have large space and food is more cheaper. They can use vegetables from their own garden, meat from the poultry they fed before. That’s very interesting. Moreover, people can have meeting in Birthday, Lunar New Year or in some Special Anniversary. They can dance, sing together overnight. That is the thing people difficultly find in the city centre. Because other people do not want to be disturbed. Beside some advantages, there are some week points. There is a far distance from the outskirt to the city centre. Therefore, people have some difficulties in working and travelling.

They must spend much more money on petrol. Sometimes, people feel lazier when driving. That prevent them from attending big social events. Because, big events are held in city centre, not usually in the outskirt. If it takes place regularly, it’ll limit the interest in public entertaining places, such as park, theater, cinema, museums, etc… I think people had better living in the outskirt. Children can live in the nature. People’s health is saved. In recent years, government have had rebuilt many infracstructures to satisfy people’s demand.