It Doesn’t Matter How Employees Say They Feel About Their Employers Essay

I agree with the above statement. Nowadays, people are very practical to the point that they are willing to leave their current employment even if they feel satisfied with it when a better opportunity come along. I’ll give myself as an example. I have been working in my current Company for 5 years. I have a good salary, good benefits, a challenging job profile, good colleagues though sometimes conflict arises between each of us, and a very good boss.

I can say that overall, I am satisfied with my Company. But then, there came this another Company who unexpectedly invited me for a series of interviews and later on offered me a position with better salary package and benefits. It was of course a very hard decision for me to resign on my current post. I weighed and thought for so many times the pros and cons of staying and leaving from my current Company. I decided to resign because I can see a better career advancement with the new Company.

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I will get a higher salary to support my MBA studies and professional qualification exams which I have been planning for so long. I will get a more comprehensive Medical and Life insurance which will make me feel secured about my life away from my family. After tendering my resignation, my colleagues (both Filipinos and other nationalities) declared that they are happy with our Company but if there is a better option out there, they will also resign.