Is Google Making us Stupid? Essay

In the article, “How stupid is Google making us? ” by William Badke responds to Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? ” Nicholas Carr supports his argument by stating the fact that he has totally lost his ability to think and read and that the longer we work online, the less tolerance we have to concentrate and contemplate. William Badke seems to support his argument but not completely. He discusses his opinion on technology and whether it impacts human thinking. He is against the fact that Google is indeed making us stupid.

He stated that there are different versions of stupidity and it depends on how the people use that stupidity. He said that people have the ability to use their intellectual skills to great potential. William Badke’s quote, “…the deep reading capability is never actually lost. ” Prior to that quote, he mentioned that the long-term brain activity is still available to the people but the fact that the internet is meeting most of the people’s needs and deep concentration is not called upon.

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He stated, “This doesn’t mean they are stupid, just their priorities are different. True, it now appears that we can continuously rewire our brains throughout our life-times depending on what we do with them. ” Basically, what Badke is trying to say that we are have not become stupid because of the internet. He is contradicting Nicholas Carr’s idea on the fact the internet has made us become stupid.