Is Ellen Foster a Cinderella Story? Essay

A Cinderella Story is a story about a young girl, who is treated badly by her step mother and step sisters. Ellen Foster is about a young girl who is abused by her dad, and was treated badly by everyone around her and until she went into a foster home. Ellen Foster is not a Cinderella story, it does have Cinderella quality’s that could possibly make it a Cinderella story, but it also has many differences. “Ellen Foster” by “Kay Gibbons” is not a Cinderella story because Ellen is an only child, she doesn’t go to a ball like Cinderella and Ellen was physically abused.

Ellen is not a Cinderella story because Ellen is an only child unlike Cinderella. “If I did not feed us both we had to go into town and get take-out chicken” (Gibbons 3). Ellen is implying that she is an only child because the only other person that she feeds is her dad. Unlike Ellen, Cinderella has two step sisters. “This wife bought two daughters into the house with her” (Grimm 1). This is saying that Cinderella now has two step sisters too live with her and make fun of her. Ellen doesn’t find her happy ending at a ball or festival like Cinderella. Ellen finders her happy ending when she goes too new mamas house. Since my first day here all I felt is luck coming my way. I never thought I could have it this good” (Gibbons 121). Cinderella finds her happy ending at a festival with a prince. “When she stood up the prince looked into her face, and he recognized the beautiful girl who had danced with him. He cried out, “She is my true bride”” (Grimm 5). The Prince then married her and they lived happily ever after (Grimm 5). Finally Ellen Foster isn’t a Cinderella story because Ellen gets physically abused and Cinderella gets just gets forgotten. Cinderella doesn’t get hit, but Ellen and her mother get hit by Ellen’s father.

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