Internship Report On Recruitment Process Business Essay

Recognized a high demand of utilizing IT devices and the development of web site, engineering, HPC computing machine ltd was established in the in-between twelvemonth of 2005 and is located in the halfway country of Ho Chi Minh City, at 187 Nguya»…n Lam Street ward 6 territories 10. At first, HPC was established upon passion of 4 pupils of Ton Duc Thang University in the field of IT industry and the company ‘s office was merely a maestro room in a house. In this period, HPC chiefly provided computing machine care services, web design, and web solution and computing machine constituents for concern. Because of little scale company with the charter capital of 40 million VND together with a difficult competition in the market, the company had to repeatedly on the threshold of bankruptcy by the subjugation of larger critical companies. Due to concern acumen and market research, the company had found that most of other critical companies did non concentrate on after- gross revenues and client services. So, HPC decided to travel on different concern schemes in which they take hazards on loans from an investing organisation in order to open widely, increase repute and better client services. Spending 6 old ages of troubles, HPC now is a medium distributer of computing machine merchandises come from celebrated trade names. Some basic information will be shown in Appendix I

Organization chart


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Technology Department

Selling and Gross saless Department

Accounting and Tax section

Human Resources Department

HPC computing machine follows the direction theoretical account of centralised power in which the manager takes over the operation of company from seeking clients, beginning of supply to fiscal direction, human resources direction… etc. the Human resources section is responsible for manage homo, salary and civilization in working topographic point. Following, entering on lists of sold goods, balance sheet and revenue enhancement is the undertakings of accounting section. Third, the selling section has mission of market enlargement and related selling activity. The last section provides fix services. The sections run under the control of manager. By this manner of direction, it allows manager to capture the alterations in the company and the market more rapidly and accurately and it is besides simple and more dynamic. Importantly, it besides helps manager avoid the bureaucratic process in trading activity.

Rivals and HPC place in the market.

The company merchandises have been linked closely together. For the computing machine constituents and IT device market, these merchandises have short merchandise life rhythm, rapid merchandise betterment and high competitory strength. Furthermore, this market is linked closely to other company ‘s market such as printing, softwareaˆ¦etc. in IT engineering ; computing machine constellation will find or act upon the package and associated applications, the velocity of internet entree, publishing velocity and the acuteness of printed merchandises. Many major rivals of HPC in this market are big organisations and they besides have many qualified staffs that have a long experience in industry such as Phuong Dong computing machine, Phong Vu joint stock Companyaˆ¦etc. With a high quality of employees and strong bargaining power of supply in Michael Porter 5 forces, they have competitory advantage in the market. Besides that, free concern licence and trading policy has made menace of new entrywaies become lower. As the consequence of those, HPC is losing market portion in IT industry.

HPC computing machine ‘s development programs

Aware of the importance of client relationship, HPC computing machine determined current places in the market. Besides offering quality merchandises, HPC ever maintain committedness with clients and spouses. To accomplish these, HPC set up schemes in which they will concentrates on supplying best services with sensible monetary value, measuring the sale effectual on points, concentrating capacity on possible undertakings, carry oning selling activity to better clients ‘ relationship and hiking the ingestion of Laptop.


2.1 SWOT analysis for HPC ‘s human resources.

For a general position of human resources in the company, pupil use the SWOT analysis method to indicate out the strengths, failings, chances and menaces in order to offer a general image of human resources in HPC.


– The integrity of the leading and staff.

-Employees are hardworking and diligent

-Assistance and motive of the leaders from the commune, territory and provincial sections in the state.


-Lack of professional behaviour

-Unstable Human resources.

-employees are non trained plenty to cover with fluctuation of computing machine market.


-Outstanding IT and concern pupils graduated yearly.


-Low competitory advantages by losing good employees to equal companies.

2.2 The Situation of Recruitment Process in the company

2.2.1 Recruitment program

Every twelvemonth, on the footing of production and concern undertakings, the sections need to be after recruitment demands together with the concern program under the way and counsel of the company. This clip, HR section carries out “ Human resources be aftering signifier ” ( appendix A ) . When concern programs set out by the company every bit good as the development way, the sections will keep a meeting to discourse and see whether they need to enroll new employees or merely despatch forces. In instance lacking of employees, HPC ‘s sections will make full in the signifier called “ Recruitment petition signifier ” ( Appendix B ) and they send the signifiers to HR section. After that, this section is traveling to see the demand of direct labour or indirect forces of each section to form and be after to enroll staffs. From here, the HR section is responsible for look intoing the content of the signifier and giving extra remarks if necessary before subjecting to manager. Upon presentation on employee demand in conformity with current concern state of affairs, the “ Job description signifier ( Appendix C ) ” ; a short list that describes elaborate information about the occupation and demand for campaigners as follow ; will be conducted to fix for formal enlisting period if everything is approved by the manager. Next, the sanctioned paperss will be returned to HR section. At this point, the HR section is responsible for happening campaigners from internal and external human resources. Internal Human Resources.

Internal enlisting is precedence and it is shortened and non carried out in the same order as the basic enlisting procedure. Recruiter set up internal enlisting information and posts it on the information panel of the company within one hebdomad. Members of the company who meet the criterions, demands and accept the salary and benefits of the place may him/herself use to posted places. Afterwards, HR will roll up the application signifiers and carry on a choice. In instance a staff is chosen for vacancy, he/she demands to subscribe in the “ missive of occupation offering ” and direct to HR for blessing from manager. This instance aims to make development chances for current employees in any section. External Human resources

If the house can non happen suited campaigners within the company, the HR section will seek campaigners from external resources. Typically, the house normally inform enlisting information ( Appendix D ) on a figure of aggregate media such as: Newspapers ( Vnexpress Newspaper, Echip newspaper, IT New Hanoi ) , through wireless, telecasting or the employee service centre. The content of the message is written summarily of the making, conditions for campaigners, saying the figure of campaigners, limited clip for having the sketch or complete profile, location, timetable of interviewaˆ¦etc. The message will be carried out with a certain figure of yearss depending on the specific demands of the occupation. The company conducts the enlisting notice for the lowest possible cost while guaranting the company ‘s enlisting demands. Following, campaigners are required to make full in the “ Candidate ‘s information signifier ( Appendix E ) after subjecting their sketchs and related certificate/degree at security office and those files would be brought to HR sections for choices in the terminal of the twenty-four hours. If the appliers do non fulfill the recruiter, they will be returned to campaigners or retained for other places in progress.

2.2.2 Acquisition and research campaigner ‘s profile

After a sufficient figure of records needed, HR section makes research, categorization and select records. Based on pre-established standards in enlisting program, HR section is traveling to measure for each profile. The appraisal will be based on some standards that include: “ procedure of working, certification, makings, experience, and physical and in which the standard of experience is really of import, if the application does non supply grounds of experience in related field, it would be refuse instantly. Thankss to the closely preliminary choice, HPC frequently choose the best quality records. Besides that, the house still keeps the old profiles that did non employed for the past vacancy and they are besides assessed once more for interview list if they are matched for current vacancy.

2.3 Interview organisation

2.3.1 Preliminary interview

After the caput of human resource section sets up the interview list, HPC establishes an interview council whom include caput of HR section, head proposed to increase forces and may include the manager in instance of enrolling senior employee. So, the council consists of people who have many old ages of experience that is the most realistic with the work required to increase staffs so there will be an overview and most accurate for the campaigners. Afterwards, they base on the occupation demands of the place ; based on the consequences of the survey records, on the note of each campaigner to fix the interview inquiries ( Appendix II ) for the campaigner or for specific members.


In order to hold an effectual interview procedure, the interview president will inform the campaigners about the company ‘s enlisting procedure for a metal readying. With prepared inquiries, the president processes to inquire inquiries for campaigners to reply. To uncover campaigners ‘ full potency, personality, knowledge and desire, the inquiries is frequently open-ended inquiry so that campaigners can joint their ain positions and sentiments. Normally, the inquiries for campaigner are stated on the undermentioned facets: old occupation satisfaction, the work that is already done, occupation motive, future marks, fulfilling occupation factors, personality life, avocation, personal development, strength… etc. As the president carries out the inquiries, other council members can give extra inquiries to happen out more information and consolidate informations. Through this activity, the council can measure general factors such as circumstance, character, life manner, dynamic and crisp, the nisus in the class of work and the capacity to work under high force per unit area conditions. Immediately after the interview, there is a meeting to acquire the general rating of each council member to choose the suited campaigners for following unit of ammunition of interview. HR will advise the applier to allow them cognize the consequence. For passed appliers, HR will denote the day of the month and clip for 2nd unit of ammunition. During this phase, if deficient Numberss of campaigners are selected in the 2nd unit of ammunition as the occupation demands and the enlisting program, the council chooses other records to take topographic point as planned.

Through this measure, the employer cut down clip, cost well for declining once more the incompetent campaigners who are deficiency of experience, makings to be able to step frontward 2nd interview rapidly and salvage.

2.3.2 Second interview ( deep focal point on academy )

In this unit of ammunition, the council will establish on the consequence of first interview to fix academic inquiries for each campaigner. Besides that, there are besides some prepared response programs for some state of affairs inquiries that could be asked by campaigners in order to avoid inactive state of affairs. By understanding the importance of this measure, the council has been really careful, interested in the interview readying so that it can take topographic point comfortably and efficaciously. Besides, this besides helps the interview avoid a tense atmosphere when the council does n’t fulfill any wondering of campaigners.


As clip announced, the board will inquire the appliers several inquiries ( Appendix II.2 ) that relate to intensive work, specific concern state of affairs to see the manner campaigners handle them by demoing their cognition, ability of crisp and experience. By this manner, the council can look into campaigners ‘ capacity accurately for right picks. Thankss to transport out state of affairs inquiries, the council could measure objectively on the affair of professional accomplishments, specialisation cognition and existent capacity of each applier. So, this is the most of import and convincing records for council to engage needful staffs. During this unit of ammunition, the campaigners can advert their ain inquiries to hold a clear apprehension about organisation and operation of HPC every bit good as the maps, undertakings, benefits if they are employed in the company. After the interview ended, the council will besides hold a meeting for general remarks and understanding for a concluding consequence of this work. Following, if the figure of maintained campaigners is non plenty for the vacancies, employers shall instantly have more records and reiterate the enlisting procedure for new campaigners.

2.4 Investigation And Curriculum Vitae Verification

Kernel of this work is a 3rd interview with conditions applied. After the consequence of 2nd unit of ammunition, employer will see make up one’s minding the campaigners whether can take the occupation or they need to verify farther to acquire hired. At this clip, the caput of HR section is responsible for implementing a meeting with campaigners ‘ relation, household to seek out his/her subject, behaviour, and repute in household. The house has realized that household is an of import factor in organizing personality and life manner of each individual so that HR can understand campaigners ‘ behaviour through this activity. Complete this phase, the company has adequate information to choose employee and enlisting procedure of HPC is finished.

2.4.1 provisional period

HPC Company views provisional work for trainee as an of import issue because this is a first measure to make premiss of occupation development in progress. Before traveling on this measure, trainee must make full in Receiving Record signifier ( appendix F ) . During this work ; new employees have chances to be equipped adequate professional cognition, undertakings that need to be done and they can make large outlooks every bit good as the troubles via preparation procedure, To do new employees familiar with the existent work, companies sends employees to work in squads in which new recruits will be accompanied by one other individual with long experience in the work to steer. During the counsel of experient staffs, recruits are besides assigned to specific work in order to accommodate rapidly in pattern and cut down errors. After completing the preparation and trials ( after 3 months ) , new employees can non have official places if the overall grade in the understanding and appraisal of Probation signifier ( appendix G ) is non good. This signifier is designed based on 4 nucleus values that are client dedication, professional, corporation and duty. All of these will assist enroll more confident to transport out their work. When the preparation is finish, HR section propose to engage or non officially. If the recruits are non hired, HR will advise them via phone or direct meeting and point out their limited capacity in covering with the trials and decide the provisional wage. In contrast of this, HR will set up an invitation missive of having occupation and salary understanding for new staffs. Through the procedure of good preparation program, practical work and scientific demands ; new employees rapidly go familiar with the work, good integrating with the working environment of the company and acquire undertakings which are matched their ability.

2.5 Needed accomplishments to operationalize the procedure

The major challenge for concerns today is non merely a affair of competitory trade good markets, but besides a competition of intelligence, competitory labour market. Consequently, the nucleus issue is the apprehension of the nature of human psychological science. The concern, attention and encouragement for employees ; building of endeavor civilization… is to non merely make added value, fulfilling the demands and maximise the potency of employees, and the concluding involvement is in the development and sustainability of the concern but besides The strategic way for the development of human resources, conflict declaration schemes and to prevents emphasis in business.

Part 3 Learning log and brooding analysis

I start working from 8:30 AM and coating at 1:00 PM. It is about 5 hours a twenty-four hours




Brooding on experience

Week 1 and hebdomad 2 ( from 06 June to 15 June )

-I Had a meeting with manager to give missive of offer from Segi university and acquainted with staffs in HPC.

– I learned an overview background of the company, policy and the civilization in working topographic point.

– I learn the current concern state of affairs, understanding merchandises and available services in company.

-I sent electronic mail including my sketch and missive of offer from Segi university.

– After I got understanding from manager, we made a meeting on 06 June.

– greet and acquire to cognize the staff in the company

– learn to utilize office devices and some basic paperss.

– devising java and scanning, copying paperss was my occupations in this hebdomad

-Prepared Communication accomplishment in schools is really helpful for me to acquire sympathy from manager.

– I did non have any counsel from staffs until I take them out for dinner.

Experience: – a good readying is ne’er waste.

-A staff needs to understand the on the job civilization in specific topographic point to accommodate comfortably.

– demand to decline unexpected occupation carefully.

Week 3 ( 16 June to 23, June )

-choosing topic to make the internship based on the acquisition of last 3 hebdomads.

– learn the work of each sections

-lean through the leaders. Beside this, I besides learn related outsources on the cyberspace, internal newspapers to understand clearly about this everyday activity.

– Discus with staffs of each section in the office.

-write study about background of company.

– apprehension basic cognition about making civilization and policy for staffs.

-improve planning accomplishments

Week 4, hebdomad 5 hebdomad 6

Week 7

( From 23 June to 21 July )

-learn the everyday occupation of human resources sections.

Via a counsel of a staff in HR, I did acquire:

– learn vehicle ‘s profile direction procedure of review records, vehicle enrollment, insurance, policy.

– monitoring the testing clip on rental auto enrollment, insurance notice.

-basic debut of purchase direction of office devices and stationary.

– went to post office to pay cost of electricity, H2O, rent and workshopsaˆ¦

-prepare docudrama for blessing admittance.

-Basic debut of package of salary direction

– Basic Introduction to timekeeping.

-Study some signifier of disposal of the company.

– Basic debut of preparation procedure.

– Basic debut of enlisting procedure

– Basic debut of statistic of HR demands.

– Coating study about background of company


-at any occupation, particularly in direction, a staff needs to keep professional cognition in their occupation.

-time direction is a really of import factor that affect straight to the effectual of company ‘s operation. If a work is decelerating down, it would act upon on unseeable value such as people ‘s attempt, reputationaˆ¦ or seeable value like cost. As a consequence of it, it will do loss to the company.

– Self -study about processs related to authorities administrative such as concern licence, jurisprudence of subdivision constitution, representative officeaˆ¦etc.

– There are some paperss, signifier that are merely internal circulation and those are out to internship pupils. ( exp: salary systems from, capturing image at package direction is prohibitedaˆ¦etc. ) .

– papers readying is besides an of import accomplishment when the occupation is related to assortment of documents

– to hold a good public presentation in HR, staffs are required to develop themselves non merely in the field of human direction but besides in many facets of life so that they can hold adequate accomplishments to work out job such as struggle, decisionaˆ¦etc. And be sensitive in the detection/develop endowment.

– Beside necessary accomplishments, psychological science dramas an of import function in covering with people.

Week 8+9+10

( from 21 July to 11 August )

-Decided to do study about recruitment procedure of HPC under the counsel of HR staffs.

– take a deep learn on recruitment procedure of HPC

– prepare the relevant documents

– take portion in the procedure of outlining interview inquiries round 1 and 2

– poster recruitment information on cyberspace and chosen human resources channel.

-join the interview as an audience

– take portion in the meeting on unit of ammunition 3 ( household meeting )

– authorship study.

During the recruitment period, I noticed some issues:

-job missive offer is a missive written by campaigners beside their sketch and most of them are prepared carefully at every individual word. HR considers this missive is one of factor to take campaigner. But in my sentiment, this is a bad instance because the campaigners can use to do this missive absolutely to conceal their existent ability and personality. It ‘s non existent. Beside personal life, veracity is besides really of import in working topographic point to avoid fraud.

– Company should inquire campaigner to look into their wellness before subjecting their paperss because it would take to large loss if employee wants to discontinue the occupation due to wellness. Then, company demand to make a enlisting procedure once more.

-Alternatively, company can salvage clip and money by connoting auxiliary quiz trials in the field of personality, accomplishments, hobbyaˆ¦etc. to back up interview inquiries.

-company should fix an assessment signifier in which the interview council will depend on campaigner public presentation to tag on it. This method is likely more accurately and rapidly.

– company should restrict enlisting beginnings come from debut of bing staffs because it would do differing state of affairs with current staffs in instance of declining their friends. They besides utilize the relationship to do hazards in the company.

– HPC can salvage clip and enlisting cost by pulling internship pupils because during 3-6months of internship, the company has plenty long clip to cognize clearly pupils ‘capacity. So, HPC can enroll them instantly if needed.

– In the review records enlisting, company should be more closely examined the cogency of the enfranchisement documents

– the company should hold its ain enlisting plan on the web in order to pull more labour force, less expensive costs and it has an chance to advance the trade name.

Week 11+12

( from 11 August to 25 August )

-Visiting selling sections

– cleansing activity

– Director ‘s appraisal on employer rating feedback.

– 24h Customer services.

– farewell party

– cleansing

-finish study

– “ client is ever right ” is non right in some other organisation. But in HPC, this is a loadstar for other selling activities in progress because religious value is ever worthy than material value.

– better event organisation accomplishments

– enhance self-denial from little affairs to accomplish big awards.

Part 4: Decision

Recruitment is one of the human resource direction activities contribute significantly to the development of human resources in footings of measure and quality. With society turning invariably with machinery, equipment and modern engineering, there is a demand of good human resources, sufficient to command and absorb modern engineering. Thus enlisting requires uninterrupted betterment and improves. Beside, HPC Company should follow the theoretical account of advanced human resource development in the universe, industrialised states such as Japan, France and Germany combined building and associated preparation of human resources with the enlisting of work force


Degree centigrades: UsersadminDownloadsDSCN3168 ( 1 ) .JPG

Company name: Huy Phuong computing machine company Limited ( HPC )

Address: 187 Nguyen Lam ward 6 territory 10 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Contact figure: 2748911 – 0918385830

Charter capital: 500 million VND ( 500.000.000 VND )

Electronic mail: anhlac2003 @

Web site:

Field of concern:

+provide office devices, photocopy machines, publishing devices, computing machine constituents, laptop.

+provide ink for copying and fax activity, and related constituents.

+ provide electric fix services, computing machine care with experient IT staffs.

+ provide licensed package

+ web design and e-commerce services.

Some undertakings implemented in 2012

+ Installation of computing machine web system for revenue enhancement bureau in territory 9, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Replacement, fix and care of computing machines for salvaging fire centre PCCC, Vietnam

+ set up web system and supply office equipment ‘s for LY Quy Don high school.

+ supplying web confer withing solutions for Khai Nhi building company.

+ supplying computing machine rental services in SAM SUNG GALAXY S3 Olympic event.

+ Retail activity of laptop & A ; computing machine constituents.

I.1 Labor construction of the Company


Sexual activity







Accounting section






Selling and sale section






Technology section






HR section






In entire






( Beginning: HR section of HPC )

I.2 Results of operations and concern over the old ages

Unit of measurement count: VND






1.Net gross





2.Cots of goods





3.Cots of commanding concern





4.Net net income from concern activity ( 4=1-2-3-4 )





5.Other net income





6.Other loss


7.Total accounting 8.profit









10. Net income after revenue enhancement




Beginnings ( HPC ‘s HR section )

Appendix II Interview inquiries round 1

please present yourself

What are your 5 goods avocations?

What are your 3 bad avocations?

What is your dream?

What is you ‘re the most importance in your life?

What is your favourite pet?

What is your graven image?

State me about your state

What is your avocation?

What do you cognize about HPC Company?

Who did you run into in this company and what did they say to you?

What is your letdown?

Family members who influenced you the most?

What company that you have been worked?

Why do you discontinue your occupation?

What do you believe about your co-workers

How your co-workers comment about you?

What do you believe about your ex-boss?

What is your accomplishment at your ex-working topographic point?

Why do you desire to work here?

Do you like subject?

What is your expected wage?

Are you ready to work far from place?

What is your troubles in your work

What do you desire to hold a foreman like?

Do you hold leading accomplishment

Do you hold any inquiry for me?

What is your long term and short term planning?

What do you believe if you are fail in this interview

Are you ready for working over clip

How long do you necessitate to accommodate your work?

II.2. Some Interview inquiry round 2

1. Can you explicate why you do non travel to work for a long clip?

2. How many linguistic communications can you talk?

3. I late interviewed a few people have more experience than you. Why I should I take you

4. Why is there an empty distance in your old occupation?

5. How you will make when you are holding a really pressing demand to reach with the foreman, but you can non pass on with the foreman, run into the foreman, and the foreman is busy and refused to run into? ? ? ?

6. Suppose say you are still in school, instructors can delegate you a subject to the group but your squad merely merely want to go through it while you need a high grade on it. What would you make in this instance?

7. The company has sent a staff member to help the spouse, but after a short clip, this spouse complained about the quality of work of the employee and demanded to alter others. What would you make in this instance? Will you give the employee the chance to make it once more? ? ? ? ?

8. You have a client who does non desire to hear any an debut of specific merchandises / services of the company because she did non hold a good apprehension of the company. What should you make?

9 Previously, Hung is a good pupil, survey good. But from the day of the month that his female parent goes abroad, Hung ‘s household become better than earlier, but Hung is dizzy, what would you make?

Appendix III Recruitment procedure chart

Degree centigrades: UsersadminDesktopfinish
ecruitment process.png