Internet: Computer and High Tech Security Essay

It may have been a phenomenon for the ancient generation but in the 21st century the computer is a very common thing. Everybody uses the computer for any and everything. One can virtually multi-task while using this machine. In today’s world the computer bears a number of effects on its users. One of the main advantages of the computer, because of which it can truly be called a blessing, is the amount of information available on any topic. Newspapers and magazines can be viewed online and even books can be read while browsing the net.

The whole world is at our fingertips and it seems as if the world has been brought closer. People can easily talk to their relatives or friends living in another part of the world ; the other way is only through telephone which is costly and undependable. The computer has also given birth to digital photography. Nowadays, people can send pictures to their loved ones living in another country just at the click of the mouse. E-mail has made it easy for people to communicate with each other rather than using the traditional means of sending letters by post which takes a lot of time and is not even reliable.

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Computers perform calculations which may have been impossible for a person even if he were a genius! Computers work twenty four hours a day without getting tired and are very accurate in their jobs. Television programmes are also created using different computer software. Computers may come in handy even for an architect who can view three-dimensional structures. Robots are used in factories which are more quick and efficient as compared to human beings. These robots can ideally perform more than one task at a time.

High tech security systems and alarms used by banks and jewellery stores are also created using computers. Computers are used in forecasting the weather which again proves them more efficient and useful. Natural disasters can be predicted using computers and necessary evacuation of people can be carried out to reduce the damage. The computer serves people and is very constructive; however, technology can prove to be devastating if abused. The major disadvantage of the computer is “addiction”. The youth is especially addicted to the computer because of the Internet.

Although the Internet may seem a blessing in disguise, it has a negative effect on the people if used more than is necessary. Chatting has become very common amongst teenagers which results in a waste of precious time and serves as a distraction from studies which results in low grades in school. The Internet has encouraged people to become couch potatoes. Huge amounts of information may be available; however, there are misleading sites such as those which encourage the use of drugs and those set up by criminals and for pornography.

Communicating may have become easy for us, but it has also been made easy for terrorists who can plan their sinful activities. Children are encouraged to indulge in wrong activities and are deceived by strangers they meet while chatting. While being more efficient, they have increased unemployment and have caused people to suffer in misery. Having said all, I am of the opinion that the computer, despite some of its negative effects, is actually a blessing than a menace.