In His Steps Essay

Louis X1V was not pleased with his home the Louvre. So the king set out to find land that is more suitable for him one that would blow all of the other mansions or palaces out of the water. He decided to move into Versailles, a beautiful country home away from the away from the city of Paris on a remote land. Louis started hand picking the best workers to start working on his new home, Le Notre was chosen for gardens, Le Vau for architecture, Le Brun for painting and decorating.

They started working on the home in 1661. The court was able to move into the palace in 1682, 3 different architects worked on this building, the last architect Robert de Cotte finally completed the building after completing the chapel. Over 300 years ago the Versailles palace you to be alive and exciting with over 5. 000 people of different ranks, and they also had many departures who were in charge of performing court rituals which was the only important task the government did back then.

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The Versailles palace may have looked spectacularly clean but I can assure you the people inside we not as clean. No one had good hygiene. People didn’t bother washing there hands after using the bathroom or before eating, and many people did not bathe for days at a time. A normal day for Louis X1V in the palace was rather extraordinary. When he woke up is was always late in the morning and all of his servants were waiting patiently for him to awake to ask him for his commands or if he needs any attending .

The king then ate breakfast, returned to his council chamber. A couple hours later came dinner, Louis sat alone at his small table but his servants and mistresses were expected to be there with him. Then he would take a nice walk threw his glorious gardens. There usually was a hunt at the end of the day. There were always balls and going on, party’s receptions etc. Everyone always dressed to the best. Louis always expanded his men and his money for war. When he passed away France was in major debt from all the wars and taxes.

French philosophers violently attacked abuses of the old Regime. Especially the unjust taxation and the religious intolerance. The government that replaced the old one was disastrous. The king Louis XV1 was not up for the task to rule a nation, and his wife wasn’t like that much because she was a foreigner, she was originally born in Australia. Instead of saving the country from its debt and economical problems Louis XV1 brought his country to bankruptcy, he did not properly institute reforms. By 1789 France was bankrupt and revolted.