Importance of Cultural Awareness Essay

Cultural awareness, is the understanding of how a person’s culture informs their believes, assumptions, values and behaviour. Cultural awareness has major importances not only to a country but also its children.

To start with, cultural awareness helps preserve the culture of the country, in that, the values and believes of the people, will be passed down through generations by the parents or elders to their children, who will in-turn do the same to their children, and in the long run preserving the culture, however due to the improvement of communication, preservation of culture becomes abit difficult as people travel and settle from place to another, the effect of this is that, the migrating people are forced to adopt other peoples culture so they can fit in and become acceptable to the people of that culture.

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On to the second point, cultural awareness creates a sense of pride and belonging ,in that people value and think high of what they are better in then the other communities, for example in Kenya, there is a community, Luhya, who are good in football, thus when they compete with other communities, they do it with pride because they know that’s what they they are best known for.

For children, this sense of pride helps them value their culture more, and thus do all they can to maintain that pride, and also gives them the idea that they belong to a great community. Cultural awareness, enhances peace between communities or countries,in that because we know the likes and dislikes of a community,we wouldn’t do anything to disrespect their believes and values, because this would lead to feuds,hate anger, community rivalry and in extreme cases even war.

For the children brought up in such communities, they will grow up being in trouble with kids of the rival community, however ,due to social media such as facebook and twitter this can sometimes be used to set cultural differences aside, In conclusion cultural awareness has great importances to the people of a country as discussed above, all in all cultural awareness should be encouraged at all costs so people can respect other cultures and even their own, the major benefit of this would be peace which the world is striving to get.