Impact of Fashion on Today’s Life Essay

Each individual has a characteristic way when making a decision on a product they want to buy. However, today, it is rapidly being changed by the fashion, which claims that it advises the most charming goods to them. Therefore, the demand for these products increases enormously to create a lifestyle that is thought by people to make them more handsome or beautiful than they really are. There are certain positive and negative aspects of following the fashion on people as follows. I want to begin with the positive effects.

First, people spend a great amont of money in order to follow the fashion, which, then, leads to a great commercial activity in the almost all kinds of market. It enables the marketers to sell their products in many times to the same people. It is enough for them to change the appearance of the product that is the same as others in terms of quality. Moreover, the capital economies greatly benefit from that situation due to its own market system to sell the similar type of products more and more.

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Second, the companies that sell their product in this way need a great number of employee. Therefore, many people increasingly find a job in this sector that continues to offer job opportunities to many others. Beside the positive aspects, there are also negative effects. To begin with, we can easily see the rapid changes in the style of fashion within a brief period of time. People try to buy almost all new fashionable products as a result of keeping their good image on others.

However, such a big loss of the money leads to a heavy financial burden on the budget. Even some people who do not afford to supply the basic needs prefer buying such expensive products. In addition, it created certain types of cliche, which make people wear the general preferred clothes rather than they like. As a result, personal style that is unique for each person is being modified utterly. Finally, it may cause a creation of negative self-image.

Today, fashion can influence people,especially young girls, to attempt to not only wear the fashionable clothes, but also have a fit body like the models or actress. Therefore, they may start a strict diet, which results in eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. In conclusion, fashion is a new trend among almost all people. One cannot deny its effective place on the people. Sometimes, it can be the cause of the things that make the life enjoyable. However, in some case, it can be harmful on certain people. In my opinion, fashion will keep its value on the people forever.