Illustration in 21st century Essay

It’s 21st century, and there are many style in the life. Some people follow someone’s style like a famous star, while others have their own style. I belong to the second group, and I have my own way. I do what I think it is right, and I don’t care much about what people think about me. I’m me and only me. That’s why you can’t confuse me with others, a natural hair, flip-flop, simple T-shirts and jeans. I never comb my hair on the morning because I want it look natural. Today hair style is the biggest demand all over the world. Each person has their hair suit with their face.

My friend said that hair is the so prominent part of our body, so that’s why it’s very important to make it good looking. Luckily I have a long, black, soft and smooth hair, so I just use my hair to push it down and make it look briefness. I received my hair from my mom. She has a beautiful hair and many people compliment it. Therefore I feel proud of my hair. I have a fat face, so I always want a long hair. I don’t like my hair in medium size. I try to have a short hair long time ago, but all of my friends said that I look so weird.

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Then I come back to my straight and long hairstyle. I leave my hair be long, thick with almost no layering, and then I try to make it to be side with fringe coming down nearly to the eyes. Even though sometimes the hair covers my view, I still love it. I usually don’t comb my hair several times. I just brush it after I take the shower to make it be side. I want my hair not only look natural but also not look neglect. So I take care of my hair really carefully. I love flip-flop, and I always wear it to school. I think the sound it makes is funny.

My flip-flop is a simple type of footwear, and there is a black base and white big band between biggest toes and the other toes. It was a gift from my parents on my birthday. It’s very simple, but it’s really comfortable than many complex shoes. One reason that I like flip-flop is it’s easy to wear, and I won’t have to spend lots of time to wear it if I’m late for school. Another reason that I prefer the flip-flop than the shoes is my feet usually get sweat easy. So the flip-flop will be airy than the shoes. My parents don’t want me wear the flip-flop to school, and my mom usually said. That’s the way you go to school, with the flip-flop, really? I regret not buying you a pair of shoes. ” But I still wear flip-flop to school because it’s my style. Many of my friends wear the expensive and good quality shoes to schools. I have a friend, and she never wears the same shoes for two days in one week. By my opinion, you are going to school not the catwalk, and you don’t have to show off like that. Therefore, flip-flop is my best choice. Even though most of people want to wear beautiful clothes, I just need it feel comfortable. I don’t need the expensive and luxurious clothes.

I just need the simple and durable clothes. When I go to the clothing store, I just buy something because I need it. Although people usually want to know that the clothes are the new fashion or not, I never do that. For me, a simple short sleeves T-shirt and original jeans are enough. With the T-shirt, I prefer the cotton T-shirt that is not so precious and prominent. It will be perfect with one light color like artichoke, antique white, or blond, and some words or symbols. In other words, I don’t want my T-shirt become a newspaper with too much drawing and writing.

I have tried some long sleeves shirts, but they make me feel uncomfortable. Another reason for me to like T-shirt is that they are easy to wear. For jeans, I prefer the original one than the new fashion. The new one is beautiful, but it make me feel uncomfortable. I have an unforgettable memory with the fashion jeans. One time I bought new fashion jeans and wore it for an important event. Unluckily that was a hot day, and I got sweat. Then the tight jeans took me for more than 15 minutes to take it off while I just need 3 minutes to wear it.

Therefore I plight that I will never buy that kind of jeans again. My jeans are straight and simple, and there is nothing else. By my opinion, wrinkles, lacerations, and drawing just make me look like a homeless person. For that reason, I always wear a simple T-shirt and jeans every day during high school years. By my opinion, your style reflects the way you live, the way you study. Therefore, you don’t have to follow someone’s style because it’s not your way. My style, which is flip-flop, original jeans, T-shirts, is simple, easy and effective. Let’s try to be yourself.