Human Euthanasia Essay

Human euthanasia is an emotionally charged subject for those who argue for and those who argue against. Arguments that support euthanasia include ending of suffering, freedom of choice to decide how and when one dies, and die with some dignity. Some arguments that opposes euthanasia include that it’s a murder and hope killer. People’s lives must be respected and euthanasia must not be the tool for ending patient’s lives. Those who are against euthanasia state that euthanasia is morally and ethically wrong.

Advances in the medical technology today means that people are living longer and suffer for a long periods of time due to illnesses, and yes, this means an agonizingly slow death. However, euthanasia is not necessary when palliative, a medical specialty focused on pain, stress, and symptom relief, is so advanced those days (Economist, 2009). In most cases, the desire to die or suicidal thoughts have been shown to be clinical depression which is treatable. Suicide and assisted suicide is the most logical choice these days when faced with these circumstances.

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As far back as the 16th Century, some people have been arguing for the terminally ill to be aided by ending life by physicians who should not be held morally or legally to blame for assisting the individual. Unfortunately, Attempts to legalize euthanasia didn’t occur until the 20th century, and history did not provide an adequate example to why euthanasia should be legalized. The argument against euthanasia that once the door is open, it become more easier for laws and ethics to be edited, changed, or updated to become increasingly liberal in definition and application.

The beginning of the 21st century saw a lot of bills supporting the use of euthanasia. The fact is that everyone is going to die. The only question that can be answered is how, when, and under what conditions. Some of euthanasia supporters state that everyone has the right to choose the circumstances surrounding their death as they do in choosing the manner in which they live. (Economist, 1997). However, euthanasia is immoral and llegal, it is the ending of person’s life and presents a threat to all people with disabilities, mental and physical illnesses, and other portions of the population (Euthanasia prevention coalition, 2006). The argument for euthanasia always brings a question why should a person live without the ability to breathe, eat, or even think for themselves. Euthanasia is not the ending of suffering, it’s a hope killer. Palliative cares can solve the stress and depression of the patients in there illness. Euthanasia must not be legalized and the case of ending people’s lives would be easier.