How do you know when you are improperly using your personal power? Essay

How do you know when you are improperly using your personal power? How do you know when your life is out of balance? How do you bring it back into balance? A significant indication of misused power will be when you lose the support of your team and start experience insubordination due to retaliation against your behavior. If you are new to a position of power it is easier to get overwhelmed and think that pushing your weight around to show power will be the way to earn respect. This will not always be the case.

Approaching a managerial position, which holds a higher level of power, will earn you more respect when you make yourself part of your team and lead by example. Recognizing when you are becoming off balance within work and home life may be when your attitude and approach towards everyday activities start to change. Little things which did not cause you stress before are now being magnified by the smallest actions of others may be an indicator to re-evaluate where you are and try to become centered once again. When your body, mind, and spirit are no longer in harmony your inner balance will be off as well.

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It will be difficult to recognize and take responsibility when acting against someone who may be in the line of your unhappiness. Bringing yourself back to basics and reflecting on why you have chosen the path in life you have taken will help place things in perspective. Taking one area of your life at a time in order to balance it from the core will allow you to re-center your life. You will go back to having the type of relationships you once did and will treat those around you with the deserved respect in order to receive it back.

It is not always easy, but with the help of a mirror exercise you may recognize when things began to get out of balance. How do we ensure fair treatment, fair administration of rules, fair compensation, fair blame, and ensure due process to allow all opinions to be heard? These questions become tricky since our definition of fair may vary from person to person. In the workplace we have all heard how certain changes or demands are not fair. Are they not fair because of how they have impacted us or do they really carry validity, which may go against labor laws or policies?

A way to ensure fair treatment is to take everyone into account as much as possible and get as much feedback when changes are being implemented. Review policies that everyone agreed upon when hired and reassess if the feelings for following them still remain. Compensation will come with the type of work being performed and depending on the industry the amount of production which has brought in extra revenue to the company. It is fair to award great performance but should not be the key motivator at all times.

We need to always keep the economy in mind and cut backs companies have had to make which will affect bonuses and compensation packages. Fair blame will be easier when we all start accepting accountability for our mistakes and actions. Without evidence of who has done wrong it becomes hard to point fingers without consequences from the accused. Holding meetings with an open forum will allow everyone to say what is concerning them at the time as well as an opportunity to pose a solution to a given problem. When we are allowed to have our voices heard we feel as if we could be part of a solution.

This may add to fair treatment in many situations. What types of systems are needed to ensure that all individuals have access to the benefits of our community as well to bring health and effectiveness to an organization or the broader community? We are seeing many cuts happening around communities and in the workplace that people have grown to rely on. Working together to find out which programs are imperative to the well being of families and the community will allow for better work situations and communities.

With such stressors we affect the health of many since the quality of life suffers. Organizations will not run the same with the same amount of productivity when the work environment does not seem stable, and this goes for broader communities in terms of the economy. We live in a society where it is difficult to relax since our obligations and responsibilities depend on our jobs and how well we unfold within our communities and count on each other.